A Day in the Lens...

This is my son's version of posing our dog, Roxie...poor Roxie.
This is a really long post...lots to share.

 Before I go Further...I realized that my "promo" ad says..."Get ME new heart-shaped..." Well, aside from being grammatically incorrect, I may just be a pirate! LOL!

     Today we went on a nice long hike on the mountains behind our house & had a blast. We climbed higher than ever, but by the time we were ready to go back down the mountain...well...things got a bit trickier! It did not seem as steep going up, but we had fun despite the pricks and bumps. I took some pictures; however, my camera is not great and it had my sons' SD card, which by the way, I found Hilarious! Here are some pictures of our journey and a few funny pics from the perspective of a ten year old boy! LOL!

Free Valentine's Letters & Clip Art: 2 Days Only!

Valentine's Alphabet Letters Here! Find Out How to Get Them FREE!

     Today was a fun day (actually yesterday now). I got to take my teenage daughter shopping and buy a gift for my hubby for his birthday -the BIG 3-1! No one would guess, but my HVAC hubby LOVES to cook so I got him a really nice pan and some other goodies. I love birthdays!

Well, this next project took me a while. I had no idea that these Heart-Shaped Alpha Letters would be so time-consuming! BUT....they turned out REALLY cute! I included a cute frame & my new Valentine Kitty. Everything in the product includes a blackline master for printing on any color paper you choose (very important for a busy teacher).

Cute FREEBIE Frames

I came across this quote and just HAD to share it. I hope everyone had an AMAZING Friday! The weekend is finally here. I have not been feeling very well the last couple of days, but I am still hard at work on completely renovating the BFG novel study unit. I have had so many really cute ideas that I thought I would really take my time one this one. It is turning out really cute & I will be offering for FREE for the first 12 hours prior to posting it on my TPT store. Here are some frames I worked on (commercial Use Ok - just link to my blog or TPT store). Have a great weekend & keep an eye out for the revised BFG novel unit - it's going to be great!

Update on teaching: I think I may take the 7th grade Language Arts position next year...we will see (-;

In with the NEW & Newly Revised

     I have been looking through some older units I have put together and placed on my Teachers Pay Teachers store & I came across the BFG Novel Unit. I looked through it and decided it definitely needed some renovating. I always add ideas and different things I want to do into an "idea" ONENOTE workbook, but I seem to forget how many great ideas I have stored in there. After one day working on the BFG revisions, I have only completed the cover page and a REALLY CUTE Reader's Theatre Play with large posters and many activities.  I haven't even really cut into the meat of the unit, but I am having fun with this one. As always I have some FREEBIES for all of the marvelous ladies and gents that follow my blog & those of you who are just visiting.

Here is an Elkonin Box Template Freebie

Try "Voggle" with Your Class!

   Today has been a really weird day! It seems like the day has moved so slowly, which might be a good thing. My son picked me roses from the backyard yesterday and they are beginning to bloom. He is just too sweet! He put together a vase with two roses and even placed a small heart decoration in the vase - so creative. I will have to post a picture. He placed it on top of a flat rock that he had painted for me and placed it on my desk...what a motivator!

Click here to see a larger image

I have been hard at work on a Valentine's themed unit that will include a ton of fun activities for the classroom. I have decided to go ahead and post one of the games I call, VOGGLE (really it is just Valentine's version of Boggle). I have included 7 different game boards with matching letters that are really cute printed out & cut. The game also includes student bookmarks with Valentine's words, student worksheets, cute printable heart awards and a large themed word list. I am going to offer this for FREE until midnight tonight! and then only $2.00 for the remainder of the week. Please rate the product on TPT & become a follower - I could really use the support. The file includes all of my own graphics that you are welcome to use! I hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for visiting!

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Valentine's FREEBIES!

   I have been working on a Valentine's Themed Game & I have some clip art to share with you. This is free for commercial use so long as you reference my link. You can grab my button to the right (-: Sorry for all the frames...I have been using them a lot lately for various projects and I often will make some that I never end up using.

50% off Iditarod Unit

    I am offering the Iditarod Bulletin Board Set & Activities for 50% off. All you'll pay is $3.00. You can get the set for 3 bucks until Monday at Midnight! This is a great unit to follow the Iditarod race in your class for the month of March. Enjoy!

Here are some FREE frames I made for another project I am working on. Commercial Use OK - just link back to my blog or my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

My Favorite Line-Up Song...

Here is a  line up song that I used to sing with my kiddos when I taught Kinder. The kids Loved it!

Hey! Hey!
What do you say
Let's make this a happy day...
Hurry, Hurry
Get in line
We are Ready &
LOOKIN' FINE! (I would do a little wiggle and fluff my hair)

Follow that with...

Hands behind your back & a bubble in your mouth
Let's show them what we got!

After a couple of times, the girls would always follow my lead and the boys would pretend to slick their hair...SOOOO CUTE! I wish I had video-taped it - at least once!

Have a Happy Saturday & Don't forget to grab my Freebies (-:

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Free E-Book until 12pm Sunday!

I am offering my new e-book, Good Sense Teaching: Classroom Friendly Recipes & Activities 4 Little Fingers, for FREE until midnight tomorrow. Please download the product from my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking on the picture above.

           Thank you for visiting!

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Flap Book Template - FREE

I have been going through my ole files and external hard drives to organize what I have & I have found some great templates that I created and used in the past. Here is a flap-book template I used for story re-telling, comprehension and sequencing. Enjoy the Freebie! The PDF includes three templates. You can download it from Google Docs by clicking on any of the previews below.

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FREE Clip Art...


  I am thinking that I may need to go to bed a little earlier. I went to bed at 5am this morning, got up at 7am to get the kids ready for school and I felt like I was in a daze for the first half of the day...yikes! I did...however, make a yummy dinner - spanikopita!!! (I have no idea if that is really the correct spelling - it is...phonetically speaking).

     I want to thank Kristi Cushman, Mary Burgess, & Jenn Stuck for being the first three to participate in my product review trial run! I REALLY appreciate it! I just sent them the new E-Book, Good Sense Teaching: Classroom Friendly Recipes & Activities 4 Little Fingers, for review. Although I thought I was done with that e-book, I scratched down a whole bunch of other ideas to add to the book a little while down the road. I have some really great Math activity ideas I would like to incorporate into the file. I still have 4 more openings for review participants. If you teach..and you're interested...just reply to any post and become a follower. I will request an email from you and begin to send you FREE STUFF! Everyone loves FREEBIES!

With that in are some graphics for you to use (Commercial Use OK just link to Michelle Tsivgadellis Have a great night and enjoy the FREEBIES! Thank you very much for visiting! I have included some small borders, traceable heart and some cookware clip art I just finished...
I think I might take the rest of the night OFF (-:

Check Out the New E-Book!

Click to enlarge

   I think it is almost 4am here in Arizona, so my grammatical errors are inevitable.  I have completed the Classroom Friendly Recipes & Activities 4 Little Fingers E-Book & I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This e-book is filled with convenient play-dough, slime and classroom clay recipes & activities to go along!
I have pasted the index below so you can check out everything that is included. The student tracing mats are really great and there are so many things included to keep kids stimulated through sensory learning. A little Math, writing, spelling, & reading is included in this e-book. I hope you print & bind it and keep it handy in your classroom. The book includes customizable pages for you to add or paste your own recipes in, create customizable fraction matching cards and find creative ways to integrate play-dough into early learning. This book took so long because I did ALL of my own graphics, clip art, borders, and backgrounds that are included in this file! Phew!

As a Spe. Ed. Major, this is great for teaching life-skills (cooking) and using tactile teaching methods to improve reading, spelling & math skills. There is really so much you can do with this. ENJOY! I really need to get to bed.

Get the new e-book: Click here to see my product on TPT

Get Free Products from The 3AM Teacher


     I am in need of about five people who would be willing to test and use my products so I can improve them for classroom use. I would like an overview, a suggestion, how it was used, a wish _____ was included, price review & a photo in use. I will post about two to three new products a month (sometimes more and sometimes less), and I will give you as much time as you need to review and test the product. I can only choose 5-7 people. The first 7 people to reply to this post and become a follower will get to test the Iditarod product today. You may also request a product to test as well  I am open to constructive criticism on all of my products (-:


Conditions :You MUST currently be teaching or actively involved in a school where you can test the products with kids and take photos (not of the children - of course). Home-school parents welcome!

P.S. - If you're not in the first 7 to reply & follow...don't worry, I may still need to choose someone.
If you already follow this worries...just reply to the post (-:

Thank you very much for visiting!

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 I have been working on my sensory classroom recipe book (almost finished) and I have created a ton of clip art for the files. The recipe pages will allow teachers or parents to paste a picture on the recipe page of their results. I have also incuded a notes page for any revisions to recipes that teachers think of. This will be a book that you can print out, bind, and keep on hand in your more searching for hours to find sensory recipes or how to's.

 I am really excited to get it finished and published - hopefully tomorrow. I have a day to myself and I can completely focus - so long as my cat, Bella, doesn't throw anymore "attention getting" fits. She has become an annoyance every time I work. She will actually lay right on top of my wacom tablet, keyboard, my hand, my mouse, or shove her way between my desk and my lap to sit right in front of my face. When I move her, she has actually begun to throw tantrums by using her paws to pull the papers and files off and out of the organized racks! And....she'll be looking at me the entire time. I have found that she really does not like the sound of the dust off spray for my computer, so I now keep a can next to me and I spray it when she begins to get too needy. The other day, I didn't have a can next to me so I pretended to pick up a bottle and make the sizzle-hiss sound  - and - sure enough, she ran for her life...funny little kitty!

Here are some FREEBIES you can grab from the file I am working on. I will not use all of them, but they are still for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Thank you so much for visiting & I could really use some followers (-:

Why We Teach...

 Please check out my new page, Why We Teach and post a picture or letter of your own that has inspired you and kept you going while teaching.

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A Better Sampling...Iditarod Unit

     I have decided to go back a few files and make sure to show a more detailed sample of what is included in the Iditarod Unit. When I upload to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I can only choose from the first few pages as thumbnails. I hope this gives everyone a better idea about what is included in the file. The Iditarod Race begins in March & this would be a fun way to follow the race and teach students about colder climates. Thank you for visiting my site!

Click on the picture to link to the unit on TPT

Click on the image below to enlarge...

Much more to post..until then
The 3AM Teacher
Mrs. T.

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Testing...ONE TWO THREE (just my buttons)

Good Morning (Afternoon)

I am just testing out some code I inserted for my blog posts.

All Work! Much thanks to


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A Free Set of Bakery ClipArt

Freebies & Goodies!

Well, I have spent most of the day working in my office in my pajamas. My husband made me a really great Salmon dinner with rice...SO YUMMY! I better spend some time with him tonight - so this will be a short post with a lot of FREEBIES to GRAB! Thank you for visiting my blog!

 I am well on my way to completing two more units and I thought I would share some clip-art that I have finished. As always, just right click and save.

The Great Outdoors & Some Free Clipart

     We went for a really long hike this morning in our area. We live in Verrado (in Buckeye, AZ) and the hiking is great. I think we were gone for about two hours and we must have walked over 6 miles, but the weather and view was perfect! I wish we could find the cord to charge the camera!! Brody brought home a bag full of rocks to add the the collection overflowing in the backyard next to the stinky shells he picked up at the beach in Cali two weeks ago.

At Home & Sick

I will take....PATIENCE & LOVE...please

     Well, my son has been home sick since yesterday and I am not getting as much as I would have liked accomplished (as far as work is concerned). He is really quite cute when he's sick though. He loves doing crafts and making things, so he has been creatively active in his spot on the couch. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with his sewing abilities and level of creativity! For a ten year old boy who loves to get dirty, ride bikes, play goofy jokes and toot...he sure can sew!

FREE 6-Trait Writing Rhubric

This is my 6-Trait Student Writing Rubric I used when teaching LA to 7th grade. I had the idea from a teacher who used something similar, I just chose to put it into a different format and change much of it around.  Give each student a copy to keep in their notes and have them use it during writing projects. 

The 3AM Teacher 


I found this site tonight while browsing some tech sites and it is really great! The site allows you & children to sign up and read books for free while donating real books to an organization of your choice (there are actually three choices to choose from). There is free online access to many popular books ranging in levels (based on the site) from 0-10. There are some really great choices and I just had to share the site with you! Enjoy!!

Teacher...enroll your class (yourself) and set a goal and allow students to work towards the goal and help children in other countries to have access to books like these ones.

Everyone can always use new resources to motivate students to read, write, listen & speak

The 3AM Teacher
Mrs. T.

Milk Jug Igloo

     One of my favorite projects I accomplished (with much help from parents bringing in milk jugs) was building a reading igloo for my kiddos out of milk jugs and HVAC glue. I actually got the idea from someone's website (I can't remember what one) and I read through the instructions and thought it looked fun and easy...

    The directions called for regular Elmer's school glue; however, that along with several other glues, did not work at all. Since my husband and I own Frigid Air Heating & Cooling, I naturally asked him to help and he suggested the "pooky" binding. Although this worked out well, each layer used up an entire jug ($20).

    After about 6 jugs of pooky and well over 100 plastic milk jugs = TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!
I was able ti implement this into my daily routine quite easily and the kids loved it. I threw in a few small reading pillows and the kids loved to read in it. We could fit about 4 students, but two allowed for enough room to get comfortable to read.

Sometimes I really miss being in the classroom )-;


I realize that the title does not really flow well, but I just had to anyway. I am going through every file and I am getting rid of the out-dated materials, refreshing and adding to the needy & getting ready for a whole new line of teaching materials this month. The first file I decided to revamp was the Welcome Bulletin Board Set (Chick-Chicka, Boom-Boom Style). As I slowly looked through all of my old files, I realized that some files were no longer even usable (due to the dates). I am determined to go for the GOLD! I have been reading other top TPT blogs and getting some really motivating ideas and tips. I am so excited to get to watch the progress.
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