Milk Jug Igloo

     One of my favorite projects I accomplished (with much help from parents bringing in milk jugs) was building a reading igloo for my kiddos out of milk jugs and HVAC glue. I actually got the idea from someone's website (I can't remember what one) and I read through the instructions and thought it looked fun and easy...

    The directions called for regular Elmer's school glue; however, that along with several other glues, did not work at all. Since my husband and I own Frigid Air Heating & Cooling, I naturally asked him to help and he suggested the "pooky" binding. Although this worked out well, each layer used up an entire jug ($20).

    After about 6 jugs of pooky and well over 100 plastic milk jugs = TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!
I was able ti implement this into my daily routine quite easily and the kids loved it. I threw in a few small reading pillows and the kids loved to read in it. We could fit about 4 students, but two allowed for enough room to get comfortable to read.

Sometimes I really miss being in the classroom )-;

 This pictures shows our troubles. I ended up using our easel and the bag of plastic milk jugs we had saved to prop up the igloo as it dried. We had the most problems I began having to create the rounded curve for the top. The only thing that really bothered me while working on this project was the messy look it created. I didn't have a large classroom at the time because my class was partitioned. 

 Here it is in the background. This is a picture from our "Oreo Cookie" themed day. I pushed all the desks together and covered them in black paper, then set up special centers for them to rotate through. I am currently working on completing the unit to post on my TPT store. Some of the students were not in the classroom and I can't remember why at the moment. This was my last year teaching at this school and at the end of the year, my classroom always got collapsed and stored until the next year. The teacher after me preferred empty walls and few materials. Needless to say, I had to tear it down )-: I had no place to store it at the time and it was ginormous & awkwardly shaped.

Memories are priceless!

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