TpT Conference in Vegas 2015 Attendees: Mock Design Panel Q&A All Week!!

tptvegas 2015

As many of you have probably heard or read, I will be teaching a session at the upcoming TpT Conference in Vegas this summer!!  I will also be sitting on the design panel to go over a few key design tips and to answer your questions!!  

I am currently working on the takeaway notes for the design panel and my brain and I have been running into a few snags along the way. The topic of "design" has such a huge range that I am finding it difficult to choose just a few key points to address. 


I am depending on all of you to help me focus in on what key points would be most relevant to you. I want to make sure that you all get the MOST from me while you're there and I can offer and share knowledge that you can actually put to good use when you go back home and begin working to improve your blogs,  products, and/or shops. 

I am asking all of you to think of this post as a "mock" design panel and I would like for you to pick my brain with all of your design questions pertaining to selling on TpT, creating digital products and clip art, taking custom work, or maintaining your blog or websites. 

Your questions will help me to determine what I will choose to focus on so you get the most from the time we have together. I would like to keep the discussion going for the remainder of the week. Please feel free to ask me more than one question in the comments section below, but keep the questions limited to one question per comment (I hope that sentence makes sense.. I am pretty tired right now). 

Example Topics for the Design Panel:

Investing in Your Business
Creating Clipart
Using Clipart in Digital Products
Maintaining a Blog
Blog Design
Website Design
Time Management
Font Questions
What Programs are best for creating........?

Your "mock" questions will be invaluable to my planning and preparing and I am so grateful to those of you willing to ask questions below!! BRING 'EM ON!!!

Thank you so much everyone!!

Gold is the NEW Black...

I don't know about all of you, but I am loving the color gold this year!! It always adds a little splash of goodness to any design and I love the way it pairs up nicely with bright or darker colors. 

After posting my Black and Gold Glitter and Glam Digital Papers set, I got many requests to create more color options. I decided to create a few more options and I am even offering a bundled set that includes all of the colors. When you purchase the bundle, you will save more than 50% or pick and choose your favorite one. I will provide the links to each set below:

Black and Gold Set
Both navy tones are included in one set... 

Or... get the entire bundle and save more than 50%!
I am not going to offer the bundled set on Etsy because the file size is too large.

I have been trying to post little peeks of my work each day on Instagram, so please feel free to take a peek at what I've been up to and see some of my sketches before they become design elements or digital clipart. It's been a lot of fun to share little bits and pieces every day with everyone. I also share other things, but I have been doing my best to share more and more of my work each day. 

Below is a quick snapshot I took of some sketches I finished today. I was getting some practice drawing facial expressions, so these images will never make it to any of my shops. I like to try to get a little sketching in everyday. Believe it or not, I often do not have time just to play around and enjoy sketching on paper. I spend the majority of my time sketching digitally. In facr, I often get annoyed if I have to erase anything when sketching on paper.. it is so much more work to do so.. haha. I am fairly new to Instagram, but I am enjoying it so far. 

You can follow me on Instagram @3amteacher or click the image below...

Happiness is... 25 Things That Make Me Happy and Helping Those We Love...

Today is National Day of I hope you are all having a very Happy day!!

Before I share two fundraisers that are going on right now and dear to my heart, I want to share a few pictures that always bring happiness to my heart!!

My 25 Types of Happiness...
These are old pictures I had to scan, so the quality won't be great, but the memories ARE!!

1. Forced to wear silly hats by my mother-in-law kind of happy..

2. Big sister got baby brother to smile for that ONE shot! He still does not like to get his picture taken, but at least he doesn't cry about it anymore.. haha  Meet the two MOST precious people in my life... My daughter and my son!!
3. Disneyland "back in the day" kind of happy!! I bet you can't guess which little one is ME!!

4. My first day of Kindergarten kind of happy!
6. Mommy let's me PAINT kind of happy...

7. Sexy husband at the beach kind of happy!

8. Irresistibly cute kind of happy

9. Both kids got mommy's curls kind of happy!!

10. Teaching Kindergarten kind of happy!

11. There are no words to describe this kind of happy.... happy.

12.  Grandma and Grandpa B. kind of happy!

13. Charlie fell asleep while I was sketching in a notebook, so I decided to include him in the sketch kind of happy...

14.  Forcing my kids to pose so I can sketch kind of happy...

15.  The kids chillaxing with cucumber eyes kind of happy...

16.  Proud of my son's art kind of happy!

17. Ice cream in the middle of a fountain kind of happy...
18. Memories of the cat that GOT me & other fluffy kinds of happy..

19. Family photo at church kind of happy!
20. The house that I decided to paint a mural on every wall even if it didn't match kind of happy

21. Unfinished art kind of happy...

22. My daughter's sweet 16 kind of happy!

23. Lego drinks with my son kind of happy...

 24. New shoes kind of happy...

25. My daughter submitting her college application kind of happy...

Now that I am literally bawling my eyes out, I would like to share two fundraisers that are happening right now and could really help a few of the people I love!

Fundraiser #1: Mary Kay for College!!! How can we not help these two hard-working beautiful girls!! And I am not just saying that because one of these lovelies is my daughter!!
My daughter and her best friend are hosting a Mary Kay party online TODAY at 5pm to raise money for their first year of college!! My husband and I are completely committed to helping my daughter get a college degree, but we are going to need a little help. So.. the girls have come up with a way for them to make some extra money for tuition and books by selling Mary Kay. They would like to get 1000 orders in by tonight.... I know... big dreams these girls have.. hmmm

Because I can't use Mary Kay products on my face, I am going to order the Satin hands because I LOVE how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel. I actually use it on my legs after shaving... tehehehe

Let me know if you got the invite I sent everyone on Facebook and if you will be attending. I would love to know what you love from Mary Kay!! With the girls now running their very first business, I am going to need to find some other things from Mary Kay that I can order from them.

If you are interested in helping my daughter and her friend.. while getting goodies for yourselves, please click the image and/or links below to sign up or visit the site to place an order. Thank you so much!!

Click the image if you will attend the Spring Cleanse Party to Raise money for college for these lovely girls!!
Can't join the party today at 5pm (MST)? That's alright, just visit their page any time to place an order. 

Fundraiser #2: For the Love of Jackson
If you haven't noticed, I placed a fundraiser button at the top of my sidebar to help raise money to pay for a genetic test that Jackson is in need of and not covered by their insurance. It is a genetic test based out in Germany. Jackson has now been in the hospital more than he has at his home and doctors are still completely lost as to what is causing his issues. This week he had a shunt placed into his brain to help relieve the pressure and fluid that continues to worsen. At this point, the genetic test is the ONLY test that will actually tell us what problems Jackson has so that doctors can finally treat the underlining causes to all of his symptoms. My sister has also been living at the hospital during this time and I know how badly she wants to be able to just spend those quiet moments on the couch in the morning staring at her baby boy, like I did with both of my kids. If we can raise the $40,000 for the test, Jackson might have a chance to to enjoy life outside of a hospital. If you feel compelled to donate, please click the link at the top of my sidebar or click on his image above. Every dollar counts and the quicker we can raise the money, the quicker Jackson can have this test done. I pray for him and my sister everyday!!

I hope you all have a very HAPPY day today!!
Please share below what makes YOU happy today...

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