Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

The other day, I spotted a beautiful butterfly while out walking in my neighborhood. It's not easy getting a nice picture of a wild butterfly in open spaces, but I got really lucky getting this picture and decided it was the perfect photo for a Mother's Day note for all of you... Feel free to use the images below to send a nice Mother's Day note on any of your social media accounts. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day and you all have someone to tell you how important and beautiful you are!!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!

From Sketch to Digital Masterpiece to YOU: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Over the weekend, I took a little break and was doodling in my sketchbook. I really didn't have a specific thing I was going to create, but I ended up deciding (after aimlessly doodling on several pages) that I wanted to make my work quote into a fun doodle. I liked how it turned out so I snapped a quick photo and shared it on my Instagram page.

After sharing the image of my sketch, you all showered me with so much love!! Thank you!! I was not planning on creating a digital version, but after receiving so many requests for a printable version of this, I decided this would make a fun Teacher Appreciation Gift!! 

I do realize that the quote has little to do with teachers or the appreciation of teachers, but I will be forever thankful to all of the teachers who inspired and believed in me as a young girl. 

My entire shop will be marked down for the TpT Teacher's Appreciation sale as well. Everything is 20% off and you can get an extra 10% off from TpT using the code: ThankYou at checkout. Don't forget to use that code before you checkout to get that extra 10% discount... 

Click the image above to visit my TPT shop and grab the free printable. 

I also created a free set of cute Doodle flowers for Mother's Day crafts or even special Teacher Cards!! Click the image below to grab the Doodle Flower Freebie Set...

Or you can grab the entire set for under $3.00 during the sale!! The big set includes all of the flower pieces in a variety of colors to build and use.  Click the link to find this set in my TpT Shop.

Thank you so very much for all that you do and I hope you enjoy these little goodies!! Have a wonderful week and I hope you are all blessed!!

End of the Year Memory Book is HERE! Plus Flowers & a Gift??

I recently finished my End of the Year Doodle Memory Coloring book and I just love how it turned out!! Every page is hand drawn and completely unique. Because the memory book is not "year" specific, you can purchase it only once and enjoy it year after year with your students or kids. I created this more for students who can write, however, younger students can easily illustrate the information with a little direction and help from an adult. 
What's Inside???

1. Inside Title Page (2 versions to choose from)

2. School Rocks 2-Page Spread (Image preview above): Allow students to complete two pages all about their school, teacher(s), and class or choose other things about school your students can save as memories using the alternate versions without text titles.  If you print the memory books on card stock, students can paint the pages with watercolor as well as illustrate the images using pencils, pens or even add real photos once the paint has dried. Using a mix of artistic mediums will really make this little memory book pop. Allow them to get as creative as possible!

3. About Me: This page includes one version with specific titles and one without titles

4. Several Writing/ Illustration Pages 

5. Beginning & Ending of the Year Work Sample Pages

6. Project Pride: Allow students to write, illustrate, and/or glue pictures of a special project, assignment or fundraiser they completed this year that they are especially proud of. You can also come up with something completely different to direct your students to focus on for this page or allow them to come up with their own ideas.

7. My Top Three: Students can choose three favorites to feature on this page. Anything from top three subjects, assignments, days, activities, etc.

8. Teachers Say the Darndest Things:
Probably my most favorite page. I decided to add this page because I have had previous students remind me of some of the quirky things I said while they were in my class and I thought it would be fun for students to write down some of their own favorite teacher quotes to remember.

9. Inspirational Quote Coloring Page: Allow students to color this and frame if if they choose to.

10. Best Friends (2-Page Spread) with one variation to choose from:

11. Things That Inspire Me: a Pinterest inspired 2-page layout that students can make their own.

12. Thoughts: A fun page for students to record their own thoughts about life, school, or other things. These will be fun pages for them to look back on as they grow and blossom over the years.

13. Summer Bucket List

14. 2-Page Signature Page: allow students to write words of encouragement and messages to one another on these pages.

15. Congratulations: A page to glue a graduation photo. This page does have a blue colored border and a blue graduation cap.

BONUS: Printing & Assembly Tips: I have included several pages with some helpful printing tips to eliminate white borders for those of you who prefer to print the full pages. That is what I did for the one I have in the preview images. I was still able to bind it without covering any of the important graphics or content on the pages.
Here is a picture of the Bucket List page that I colored using Crayola Washable Markers (the mini ones)...They weren't ideal for blending colors, so it is a little choppy.. haha
My completed About Me Page: I painted this one digitally.. I know.. I cheated..

Feel free to share pictures of your finished Doodle Memory Books on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the Hashtag  #3amteacherdoodlebook
You can find my new End of the Year Memory Coloring Book at my Website and my TpT Shop using the links below...

I also have a cute little flower heart set that includes separate pieces for you to grow your own combinations. Create a hand-painted love bouquet to a home-made Mother's Day Card. 
(Only $3.50 for 22 images)

AND... I am not even finished yet... I also have a free mini set of love flowers for all of you to enjoy!! Thank you so much for all of your support & feedback! I'd be lost without all of ya!

Thank you for stopping by! Let's get the conversations going by commenting below... 
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