All the Doodles!

I can't tell you how handy my Doodle Letters have been in creating fun little cards (like the one above) for family and friends. I often mix and match letters from the sets I have made, but I am looking to add a few more colors and themes. 

I'd love to know what doodle letter themes you'd like to see added to my shop this new year. Let me know in the comments below and feel free to save the free Instagram image post graphic I created below as my gift to you. 

Layer doodle letters from the sets below or your own text to create a message of your own to share on your own social media account. Credit is not required, but I do appreciate credit or just tagging me (@3amteacher) to see what you created <3

Get my Doodle Letter Sets at a discount this week...use the links below purchase these sets if you don't already have them. 


Click the image below to grab a FREE social media post image background. The image is a square, so it works best for Instagram posts. Just upload the image or save to your phone, add text (or layer the image with doodle letters like I did) and post.

Credit is not required, but always appreciated when using this image as a background for social media posts. Please tag me in your posts (@3amteacher), so I can send you some love. If using the image as clip art in products, my normal terms of use applies.

Hope you're having a great weekend! 


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