Valentine's FREEBIES!

   I have been working on a Valentine's Themed Game & I have some clip art to share with you. This is free for commercial use so long as you reference my link. You can grab my button to the right (-: Sorry for all the frames...I have been using them a lot lately for various projects and I often will make some that I never end up using.

Completely off topic...I ran into the principal of a school I worked for and she hinted that the 7th grade Language Arts position is going to be available next year. I am REALLY considering going back, but I am a little worried as to why they have not been able to keep their teachers this year. They went through two in that same position. Maybe...God is saving a place for me. I keep thinking about being in the classroom again and I think I will definitely consider it right now. We just need God to provide a vehicle - nothing fancy, just something for me to get around in. We will see. I really loved teaching 7th grade and I absolutely loved the administration at this school - the principal and I clicked right away and she has been keeping me informed of the positions available. I am excited over the thought of it (-: What do you think?

    I just want to say thank you to those of you who downloaded the new e-book while it was free & rated me on TPT....thanks a bunch! I have high hopes and am really spending a great deal of time putting more units together. I had five teachers sign up to review my products and I will see how that goes. They will be getting all of my stuff as it becomes available.

As always...right click & save the picture into your files...ENJOY!

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  1. Just found these today!! Thanks so much- very cute.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

    1. I'm glad you found them...just in time (-; I have freebies all over the place (-;



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