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   I think it is almost 4am here in Arizona, so my grammatical errors are inevitable.  I have completed the Classroom Friendly Recipes & Activities 4 Little Fingers E-Book & I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This e-book is filled with convenient play-dough, slime and classroom clay recipes & activities to go along!
I have pasted the index below so you can check out everything that is included. The student tracing mats are really great and there are so many things included to keep kids stimulated through sensory learning. A little Math, writing, spelling, & reading is included in this e-book. I hope you print & bind it and keep it handy in your classroom. The book includes customizable pages for you to add or paste your own recipes in, create customizable fraction matching cards and find creative ways to integrate play-dough into early learning. This book took so long because I did ALL of my own graphics, clip art, borders, and backgrounds that are included in this file! Phew!

As a Spe. Ed. Major, this is great for teaching life-skills (cooking) and using tactile teaching methods to improve reading, spelling & math skills. There is really so much you can do with this. ENJOY! I really need to get to bed.

Get the new e-book: Click here to see my product on TPT

P.S. I have only just read one reply for my free product review list. I will begin responding tomorrow afternoon...and I will be ready with FREE stuff for the first 7 to reply to yesterday's post and become a follower. Thank you for those of you who did....I am loving the opportunity to connect with teachers around the world - how wonderfully amazing!

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