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     I have been looking through some older units I have put together and placed on my Teachers Pay Teachers store & I came across the BFG Novel Unit. I looked through it and decided it definitely needed some renovating. I always add ideas and different things I want to do into an "idea" ONENOTE workbook, but I seem to forget how many great ideas I have stored in there. After one day working on the BFG revisions, I have only completed the cover page and a REALLY CUTE Reader's Theatre Play with large posters and many activities.  I haven't even really cut into the meat of the unit, but I am having fun with this one. As always I have some FREEBIES for all of the marvelous ladies and gents that follow my blog & those of you who are just visiting.

Here is an Elkonin Box Template Freebie

Just right click, save, and add into any Word Doc.
Some FREE clip art from the current project I am working on. You may use the clip art for Commercial Use; HOWEVER, please make sure to add a link back to my blog or TPT store for reference.

Completely OFF topic...I FINALLY caught my cat on videotape having one of her "attention-getting" tantrums..hahaha. I will post it on the blog tomorrow. She has a tendancy to do whatever it takes to get my attention while I am working & her new thing is to start pulling (more like pawing) out all of the paper in bins on my desk, nest to where I work. She even kicked my drawing pen off the desk today...the little stinker! I hope the video comes out clear - I had to use my ipad2 because it was the closes thing with video capabilities. The last few times I tried to videotape her, she stopped as soon as I got the camera out...I think she knows! My Bella is quite the Character (and yes, we have named all of our animals after movie names except for my dog, Roxie...whose skin looks like desert rocks under her white coat).

As always, thank you so much for visiting & make sure to follow for more FREEBIES and new resources!

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