At Home & Sick

I will take....PATIENCE & LOVE...please

     Well, my son has been home sick since yesterday and I am not getting as much as I would have liked accomplished (as far as work is concerned). He is really quite cute when he's sick though. He loves doing crafts and making things, so he has been creatively active in his spot on the couch. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with his sewing abilities and level of creativity! For a ten year old boy who loves to get dirty, ride bikes, play goofy jokes and toot...he sure can sew!

     Every time I get to the office and sit down to get some work done I hear his little sniffly voice call out, "Mom...look at this!" What can I do but affirm his creativity...oh well. Then he'll say, "you can go work now if you want to?" What to do??? I decided to get busy on the Breadwinner Novel Study unit and post his cute picture I noticed on pinterest (the exclusive blog club that I signed up for a day ago and still have not received the special invitation to). I hope you like it...just a bit of encouragement before it dissipates (-;

Have a great Friday!
The 3AM Teacher
Mrs. T.

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