The Great Outdoors & Some Free Clipart

     We went for a really long hike this morning in our area. We live in Verrado (in Buckeye, AZ) and the hiking is great. I think we were gone for about two hours and we must have walked over 6 miles, but the weather and view was perfect! I wish we could find the cord to charge the camera!! Brody brought home a bag full of rocks to add the the collection overflowing in the backyard next to the stinky shells he picked up at the beach in Cali two weeks ago.

     I found out the kiddos had brought home shells because I kept smelling this god-awful stench coming from the front porch.  When I looked in the bag...well, I will spare you the aroma pictoral....but you get the picture. He didn't want me to throw the shells away so I decided to spray them off and let them dry out. I am thinking about possibly boiling them until the stench is gone, but I don't want to risk smelling the inside of the house....too risky! My son and I are going to pick some of the bark that is peeling off of the trees tomorrow and attempt to make a frame...we will see how that goes.

 I worked on my gross-o-logy classroom recipe book and I have finished most of the clip art for the file. I thought I would share the clip it will just be to add to the recipe files. I have so many things I would love to do right now, but one of them is relaxing a bit with my hubby. I spent the last hour on the phone with my sister & laughing so hard I thought I would definitely pee my pants. I think I am ready for a little cuddling and an episode of Bones. Enjoy the clip art and I will be back tomorrow!

The 3AM Teacher


  1. Thanks for your cute clip art. Can't wait to use it..

    1. Thank you so much!! I almost forgot about these ones..hahaha (-;


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