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This is my son's version of posing our dog, Roxie...poor Roxie.
This is a really long post...lots to share.

 Before I go Further...I realized that my "promo" ad says..."Get ME new heart-shaped..." Well, aside from being grammatically incorrect, I may just be a pirate! LOL!

     Today we went on a nice long hike on the mountains behind our house & had a blast. We climbed higher than ever, but by the time we were ready to go back down the mountain...well...things got a bit trickier! It did not seem as steep going up, but we had fun despite the pricks and bumps. I took some pictures; however, my camera is not great and it had my sons' SD card, which by the way, I found Hilarious! Here are some pictures of our journey and a few funny pics from the perspective of a ten year old boy! LOL!

This is where the journey began. We hiked up the valley between two mountains and hiked up then down the left side & hiked again up and down the right side. This is my hubby and his father: two Geeks (oops, I mean GREEKS).

John wanted to make sure he got a "pose" to send back to his family in Greece - the pic turned out pretty nice...considering my camera.

The left mountain had huge rocks protruding everywhere, but we made it up pretty quick & still had some umph left in us for another side.

 This pictures appears to be perfectly normal; however, no one would ever suspect that my father-in-law insisted on standing on a rock to "appear" taller...LOL! Leave it to the GREEKS!

After getting stuck to a cactus halfway up, I had to use my teeth the pull the spines out of my husbands' shoes - a great technique by the way. I had to perform the same "surgery" to my son after he walked right into a cactus on a hike. I had been warning him for a while to be careful, but after getting stuck pretty bad, I don't think I will ever have to remind him again. The poor little guy had spines all over his socks and through his was very tricky getting those little boogers out!

Once we reached the top of the second mountain, I discovered a fire pit and cleared area that had not been touched for who knows how long! It was so cool to find this little treasure in the most unexpected of places! To think...natives could have sat there hundreds of years ago! I am definitely positive we are going to head beck up there again...once we forget how hard the hike was.

This is the view from the mountain top overlooking our neighborhood in Verrado.

This is overlooking our my dreams....(-:

This is me with no make-up, bad hair, out of breath & after pulling out cactus spines with my teeth. I liked this cactus because it looked like the big one was about to take a bite out of the little one. 

I had a good time - the weather was absolutely beautiful in Arizona!

As I was telling you son had some VERY interesting pictures on his SD card from his camera! He had well over 200 pictures, so I will only share a few. I could probably start a blog to share his perspective on life, what he thinks is funny and what he sees aesthetically appealing from his little camera lens.

I don't really have to explain why he decided to take this picture...he's a 10 year old boy...

Poor little Roxie! She looks like the mouse from Feivel Goes West, singing...somewhere out there...

And last, but not least...this is my favorite. My dog, B.J. (BlackJack) passed away last year and I had a really hard time. I was with him when he took his last little breath and I don't care what anyone says...he was a huge part of our family...animal or not. My son really captured his demeanor & I love this photo!

I can't end on a sad note, so here is my mom...roller-blading in our kitchen in December! We all decided to get roller-blades and skates on and skate around the kitchen. My mom wore my daughters, which sparkled as she moved & she was happy as can be! hahaha! My mom is a Kindergartner at heart!

My son is in the background. If only I could get the video uploaded...LOL!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Cute doggy woggy. Best of success with your new blog. I am also a new blogger. My recent blog posts include CD Learning Centers, Shopping for the Author's Purpose, and Water Bottle Learning Centers.


  2. Thank you! I just browsed through your site...very cute! Thank you for sharing! I did not see a button to you have one? I try to help with promos of other great teachers by adding their buttons to my blog. You are more than welcome to grab mine as well (-:

  3. I am a new follower. I have a Chihuahua, too. He is 12 and a half! I also have two cats and a Havanese. Love my fur children. Sorry to hear about you B.J. I was so upset when my 9 1/2 year old guinea pig died (she was a classroom pet). I could not imagine losing a dog.
    Erica Bohrer's First Grade

    1. Thank you. My dog was given to me by my best friend, Helen from New Zealand (but was my neighbor in California). I took his death REALLY hard...he was a part of my family and was the most awesome dog ever! My other dog, Roxie cried for a week after he passed, which made my coping even harder. I never thought dogs could or would do that...she would just sit where he died and tears would fall from her eyes...whoever says dogs don't understand...are crazy...

      I have never had a guinea pig, but my mom had one in her classroom when she taught.

      Thanks for stopping by...

      The 3AM Teacher


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