My Favorite Line-Up Song...

Here is a  line up song that I used to sing with my kiddos when I taught Kinder. The kids Loved it!

Hey! Hey!
What do you say
Let's make this a happy day...
Hurry, Hurry
Get in line
We are Ready &
LOOKIN' FINE! (I would do a little wiggle and fluff my hair)

Follow that with...

Hands behind your back & a bubble in your mouth
Let's show them what we got!

After a couple of times, the girls would always follow my lead and the boys would pretend to slick their hair...SOOOO CUTE! I wish I had video-taped it - at least once!

Have a Happy Saturday & Don't forget to grab my Freebies (-:

Kindergarten, 6th, 7th, 8th -
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