All's Well that Ends Well

     My TPT one day freebie has ended, but do not fret, there will be more! I had about 40 downloads, which is not that many for a freebie - but a good first run. If you were able to download the Love2Write Unit I would love to get some feedback.

     It is 1:30ish in the morning and I am feeling pretty sluggish. I have completely re-designed my link tabs from scratch and I am really pleased with the results so far (I can read them now). I apologize that I am afraid to write too much in fear that I will wake up, re-read, and discover a post filled with grammatical errors. I am first to admit that I am no good at catching my own grammatical mistakes at first glance...and yes...I have a Duel Masters Degree in Education. Well, my eyes are slipping away into the abyss and I am looking forward to getting an early start tomorrow (actually...later this morning...HA) and completing the novel study I have been working on...I really love the book! I have cried out loud while reading and my husband can never understand how I can completely get lost in literature, but I think the only books he has read since I have known him are HVAC resources and magazines (also very interesting).

Well, I really hope those of you who were able to download my freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers enjoy the unit! I will be posting more education resources as well as free clip art soon. I have a canvas that has been 1/3rd of the way completed for almost two years now, but I can't bring myself to drag out the messy oils and acrylics when I can design all day in Adobe CS5!

Have a Wonderful Day,
The 3AM Teacher

TPT products: 15% Mark-down for 2 Days!

I will be adding and deleting some products from my Teachers Pay Teachers store at the end of the week. I will be having a 15% off 2-day sale: starting today and ending on December 15, 2011. Most of the products are marked down and you will now get an EXTRA 15% off of the products listed. Follow this link to grab some deals...

The 3AM Teacher

Christmas -Clip Art Gift for you

Being that it is a time of giving, I would like to share some new Christmas clip art that I created for some products I have on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can copy, print, use, and share the clip art images: all that I ask is that you do not use them for commercial use please. My designs are made with much time and thought - please be respectful.

Just right click & save as...

Happy Tuesday!
The 3AM Teacher

100th Item on TPT Freebie: 1 Day Only

Good Morning!

     I have been a blog slacker this past week, but I have been very busy... I have had so many ideas that I am having the hardest time staying focused on one project. On top of that, I LOVE this time of year! Although busy; making cookies, listening to Christmas music, making crafts and the smell of apple cranberry candles make me delightfully unable to focus. I am working on putting together my writing unit series called, Love2Write, for grades 5-8 and to keep things flowing, I have just published my 100th item on Teachers Pay Teachers this morning! I will be offering this holiday-themed essay lesson unit for FREE...that's right...for FREE  until tomorrow at midnight! Follow this link to download the file. Please rate my product if you love it and become a follower - I want to reach 100 followers by the end of January!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday Everyone!
The 3AM Teacher
Mrs. T.

Novel Study

While my computer is on stand-by slowly creating back-up files, I have been working on a novel study of the book, "The Breadwinner Trilogy" by Deborah Ellis. I read the last bit this afternoon and I have to say I cried more than once while reading this book. Although fiction, the novel takes an in-depth look into the lives of children who were uprooted, alone, and starving in Afghanistan. I don't really have the energy to explain in complete detail; however, it is a great powerful story that can be used to create a powerfully integrated reading/language arts lesson plan unit that integrates multicultural studies, geography, women's rights and more. I am very excited to get started on this unit. My only problem now is that I have so many projects I am working on at once that I have barely spent any time with my husband and kids the past two days )-;

We did; however, decorate the Christmas tree today!!! I love Christmas.
Not much to say tonight

Have a great Monday
Mrs. T
The 3AM Teacher

Losing my Memory at 30 Can't be a Good Sign...

Today was fairly productive; however, I am turning in a little earlier tonight. I took a little break and went to the "Fall" Festival at my son's school. It was supposed to take place several weeks ago, but was canceled due to a storm that never took place. I cannot believe how freezing it was. My son ran around with his friend in the freezing cold with no cute to watch!

   I saw a bunch of teacher's I hadn't seen in a while and I kept getting asked, "Are you working this year?" As if taking some time for other things besides teaching was a crime (although, I do miss it). So, I decided that every time I was asked I would make up a new way too answer the question. I admit I had a little fun. I got to see my 7th grade students from last year (now in eighth grade) and I felt so bummed after having a huge group of boys run up and talk to me as if I wasn't that uncool. I felt so horrible that I couldn't remember a few of the boys' names. I am not really good at remembering names, especially kids from the other teacher teams, so I often make up nick-names for some of the kids with more difficult names and tonight, I couldn't even remember a students' nick-name! I felt so bad watching his excitement go from extreme joy to a hint of disappointment when I couldn't remember the nick-name I had given him, which had apparently had a positive impact on him. I realized how important the teacher-student relationships really are to children. Some of the boys I hadn't even had in my classes, but they remembered me and really wanted me to remember their names.

   I felt so good knowing that I had connected with those students after all (-: I love to get to know my students even though there isn't a great deal of time in middle school. I devoted to having lunch with the kids once a week and taking time in-between classes and before and after school to listen and find their strengths, which I could later use to motivate them in class for writing. I can't believe I couldn't remember not a single name tonight!!! Actually, that is a lie, I didn't remember two names (Lathan and ???) I still can't remember it even after he reminded me (oh Lord, I dread what my memory will be like as I get older...YIKES!). I had given Lathan the nick-name, Sneezy, because he would get these huge sneezing fits and I always felt so bad for him. I would always just tell him, "God bless you a thousand times" (and yes, I said God...apparently a curse word in some public schools; depending on the administration). I think his feelings were hurt because of my bad memory...I just want to cry!

New Goal, practice remembering peoples' names by my old technique..
1. Hear the name
2. Make sure to look at the person's facial details
3. Repeat the name back to the person
4. write the name down
5. Try my hardest not to forget, and if I do...don't refer to them as, "Hey, you!"

I can remember each one of my Kindergarten students' names of the four years I taught teaching Kinder, but somehow, I lose track in middle school...go figure! I remembered the names of the kids who got in trouble, but I couldn't remember the honor student, Lathan (Sneezy), I really hope I didn't hurt his feelings; although, I am an expert when it comes to reading people's emotions and body language and my experience tells me that I did hurt his feelings. Am I the only 30 year old (okay, I'm 32 - but I round to the nearest number for crying out loud) that can't remember names well?

Well, I am not so sure I can sleep now...but I think I am ready to try (-:

Happy dreams,
Mrs. T
The 3AM Teacher

Cool Beans!

It is now 3:41am and I am almost done with all of the designs for my blog! My husband is fast asleep on the couch and I am looking forward to cuddling up in bed with him after this post. It is about 50 degrees outside, which is pretty much freezing for Arizona. I can feel the cold numbness of my nose...pretty strange considering I am inside with a heating blanket on. I am always cold though.

I am looking forward to posting some new products in the next couple of days and working on updating our HVAC business website (I have been lacking in that department lately). I have business templates, curriculum and websites that will most certainly consume my days. I am pretty wired even though my eyes are burning at the moment, but I really need to get some shut eye.

Have a wonderful morning & COOL BEANS for Blogging!

Mrs. T
The 3AM Teacher

Here is a custom tab I designed for my blog. I thought I would give you a freebie! Use it as you like...just don't try to sell it. Not all the embellishments are my own designs, but they were free. I will add the link once I can remember what it was (-; (as always, right click and save)
Okay, so I fibbed! I can never add just one. These will sit in my computer and I would rather share them, than to hoard them (-:


Wow! I can't believe that it is already December 1st. This year is going by so fast. I have decided to change the name on my blog. It was cute when I had the original idea; however, I don't think that it really suits my purpose (which I am also working on). I have come up with a creative new title and I will be posting it sometime today. I just want to get the remainder of my buttons designed before I completely do a make-over. I have only been blogging for about a month and I am already redesigning everything...sometimes, being creatively intuitive and a knowledge geek gets me nowhere because I often have so much I want to do (-: I'll take it one goal at a time.

Happy December 1st!
Mrs. T
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