All's Well that Ends Well

     My TPT one day freebie has ended, but do not fret, there will be more! I had about 40 downloads, which is not that many for a freebie - but a good first run. If you were able to download the Love2Write Unit I would love to get some feedback.

     It is 1:30ish in the morning and I am feeling pretty sluggish. I have completely re-designed my link tabs from scratch and I am really pleased with the results so far (I can read them now). I apologize that I am afraid to write too much in fear that I will wake up, re-read, and discover a post filled with grammatical errors. I am first to admit that I am no good at catching my own grammatical mistakes at first glance...and yes...I have a Duel Masters Degree in Education. Well, my eyes are slipping away into the abyss and I am looking forward to getting an early start tomorrow (actually...later this morning...HA) and completing the novel study I have been working on...I really love the book! I have cried out loud while reading and my husband can never understand how I can completely get lost in literature, but I think the only books he has read since I have known him are HVAC resources and magazines (also very interesting).

Well, I really hope those of you who were able to download my freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers enjoy the unit! I will be posting more education resources as well as free clip art soon. I have a canvas that has been 1/3rd of the way completed for almost two years now, but I can't bring myself to drag out the messy oils and acrylics when I can design all day in Adobe CS5!

Have a Wonderful Day,
The 3AM Teacher

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