Happy New Year!!

The beginning of each year is always exciting. It puts a closed door on the things that didn't quite work out and opens new doors of what may be possible for the upcoming year. My husband and I have made a new year's pact to begin jogging every night beginning tonight. I have a strong feeling that I will end up doing more walking than jogging - it has been a while since I ran. I got on the elliptical yesterday and had to stop after 15 minutes because I thought I was going to die...

     I have been working on so many curriculum projects and I really need to focus on one at a time and get them all completed. I am about half way through the Breadwinner Novel Study unit and I am almost finished with the K-3 Iditarod project. These have taken me so long because I have insisted on creating my own graphics and pictures for the units, which takes time...especially when my computer is acting like the "little engine" that COULD...N'T. I am not really sure why, but it seems that my external hard drive has been trying to take over the CPU - go figure! I am making it my goal to really push forward and complete projects so I can purchase a new QUAD-CORE computer and a the

Cintiq 24HD Pen Display awesomely nerdy it would be!

I have the largest Wacom tablet for drawing; however, this would take my art to a whole new level indeed!

Well, I will be posting a few sneak peeks of the units I will be uploading onto TPT this week and here is a free preview of my drawings. The Alaskan Malamute took me quite a while, but I am really satisfied with the result. Please let me know what you think ( The unit will include black outline masters of all graphics for creating coloring pages, crafts or printing.

The graphics above are protected by copyright laws. I give permission for PERSONAL USE ONLY, as I use these in the products I sell. Don't take credit for someone else's hard work and time please.

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