Novel Study

While my computer is on stand-by slowly creating back-up files, I have been working on a novel study of the book, "The Breadwinner Trilogy" by Deborah Ellis. I read the last bit this afternoon and I have to say I cried more than once while reading this book. Although fiction, the novel takes an in-depth look into the lives of children who were uprooted, alone, and starving in Afghanistan. I don't really have the energy to explain in complete detail; however, it is a great powerful story that can be used to create a powerfully integrated reading/language arts lesson plan unit that integrates multicultural studies, geography, women's rights and more. I am very excited to get started on this unit. My only problem now is that I have so many projects I am working on at once that I have barely spent any time with my husband and kids the past two days )-;

We did; however, decorate the Christmas tree today!!! I love Christmas.
Not much to say tonight

Have a great Monday
Mrs. T
The 3AM Teacher

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