Friday Five in February!! Freebie, Find, Frazzle, Funny, & FEATURE!!! Come Join Me!

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I find that waiting until last minute to do this is my weakness; especially when I am enthralled in another project!! I have been working on a cute custom blog design for a fellow blogger, but I have some new stuff I will finish up today and post by tomorrow!! I am totally excited (valley Cali Girl voice - I grew up in Cali by the beach...) (-; 

I have been working and customizing some code to create custom comments sections on blogs!! Have you checked out my new additions to my comments section? It is so per-dee now!! I will be offering a deal for those of you who would like a custom comments section on your blog. I have been getting quite a few requests for blog design elements & I want to put up my pricing, terms, and the various customization's/ packages I will offer before I announce it. 

I am not really into doing complete blog designs, because they are so time-consuming; however, I tackle about 1-2 a month. I will be creating a few custom blog designs and offering them for sale. The designs will be exclusive, so once a design is purchased, no one else will have the option to buy it. I will also offer a few generic designs for free and a few at a low cost without customization's or exclusivity. You will have to give me some time on this project though.... I have quite a stack of work to tackle... WOO HOO!! 

I have really been trying to be more business Savvy and charging for my services. Since this has become my full-time job, I have to use the time I have wisely and have set hours for the projects I work on, so that I actually make enough to bring home some bacon (actually, I really do not like bacon at all..haha).

Well, three cheers to more time!! hahaha

Here is a Friday Frazzle for ya!! It has been a while since I starred my dog, Charlie in a blog post!! Well, Charlie has become such an amazing part of our family!! I absolutely LOVE this dog!! 

(And this week, Frazzle means...excited..or happy)

Well, sometimes, Charlie can be a little bit of a trouble maker because her LOVES... and I mean, LOVES to be the center of attention! Of course, we waited until the night before to put together Valentine's cards. I used my V-Day Fuzzie Cards & they turned out full of cuteness!!

Notice Charlie trying to snag the ribbon because I was giving the goodies a bit more attention that him..haha You can't tell in this picture really, but my other dog, Roxie (or the Chubby Chihuahua) is always in the background somewhere just giving him this look as if to say, "You are so stupid!".. hahaha She just sits back and watches...unless there is food involved, in which case, she will take over and dominate the force through her Jedi-like reflexes!! hahaha

I printed out the images on bright white card-stock and set the printer option to "Best Quality". The color turned out AMAZINGLY!!! I used my personal slicer (a must-have thing I bought when I was teaching) and here are the cutest cuties!!

We bagged them and added some cute ribbon!! Voilla!! No more buying chinsy (not sure how that is really spelled) V-Day cards from the grocery store that NEVER come with the correct number! We always end up having to buy three boxes, which leaves us with almost a complete set for next year... What a Waste!!

And to leave you with a little Frazzle, here is the last pic I will share with you.. This is my cute son trying to tame the beast from stealing the V-Day Fuzzie's thunder and if you look behind my son, you will see our Chubby Chihuahua, Roxie and that look I was telling you about. The one that makes her and Charlie seem like a married couple ...hahaha!

I found this little quick snack recipe on Pinterest the other week and thought I would give it a try for the kids. It seemed SOOOOO EASY!! YEAH RIGHT!! I wish I would have video-taped this.... it was like watching an 80 year old figure out how to turn on an ipad..hahahaha
Mini Tortilla Pizzas
 First off,  I could not find anything to cut a perfect circle.. and at the moment, it had not occurred to me to use the can from the sauce...hahaha. We managed to find a round cookie cutter that worked out just fine. I was now happy to move forward. 

My son and I cut out some circles and placed the circles in the cupcake baking sheet, but the size of the tortilla was a little bit too large. I decided I would smoosh it in a little and create a dip to hold the sauce and cheese better. Well, while smooshing ( I spelled this un-traditionally to get you to kiss the air and look ridiculous while you are reading my blog..hahaha) , folding, and trying to get it to stay in the cupcake crevasse, I ripped the tortilla. About the 3rd time, we got the tortilla in there, added s bit of sauce, excitedly added a sprinkle of cheese, and then opened the pepperoni... 

OH *&%^!! Was I supposed to get the mini ones?? Oh YES, I guess I was!! Oh well, we can make it our own... hahaha. Well, the pepperoni took over the entire mini pizza and at that time, I called it a quits and here is what I did...

I took those large tortillas, slapped on some delicious sauce, added a good amount of cheese, and piled on the pepperoni  then folded those suckers in half!! That was the best darn recipe gone bad!! Everyone LOVED them... Goodbye cute and petite think, cracker-like mini pizza... HELLO, big mama and and big half-smile stuffed with yumminess!! hahaha

I didn't take a snap shot, although I wish I did. You can just imagine what you think my tortilla pizza suffers looked like and I will have to make then again and post the recipe... for mom's who are work-a-holics and can't seem to get the cure recipes to look, well... cute!! hahaha

Maybe we should do some sort of Bake-Off "gone-wrong", but so good linky!! hahaha

Today's feature is someone new for you!! (Well, maybe). I am featuring her because she incorporated my NEW CANADIAN COINS as well as some of my "Cutest Backgrounds Ever"!! What a special gal from...
Special Teacher for Special Kids

Please welcome Viki from Special Teacher for Special Kids to my blog hall of FAME!! hahaha... Browsing through her stuff, I am feeling so honored to see how much of my graphics she uses!! I hope she is making some good money!!

Here is her product feature that I just love!! Sorry for the preview... I had to pull it off from TpT. Like is said... last minute blunders..haha. She has this on sale for $4.50 on TpT right now and with over 50 pages of resources and goodies - you might want to check out this Canadian Jewel!!! Please check out her cute blog, like her on FB (if you like of course..but how could you not??), or follow her on Pinterest!! Thank you Viki for using my graphics!! You are amazing!!
CANADIAN Coin Classroom Visuals and Math Games
If any of you use my graphics in products, free resources, or crafts that you make and would like to be added to the board, just leave your Pinterest link below in my cute comments section & I will add you!! You can pin as much and as often as you like, so long as everything you pin is something made using my graphics. It does not have to be something using ONLY my graphics... you are allowed to post the stuff that includes a combination of artwork or a MUTT as well..hahaha. My graphics must be noticeable on the preview is all that I ask.

Here are links to the sets she used in this product if you would like to check them out.

You can check out the board by clicking the image below. Be careful!!! There are some AWESOME resources!!!! I have some talented fans I tell you!!!

Sorry this post was a bit late, but please feel free to link up below..even if you do a Saturday or Sunday post - I hold no judgement... how could I?? hahaha. This link will be open for the entire month of February!!!!

Thank you so much for visiting, pinning, loving, laughing at or with me, and leaving some love below!! You all rock my blogging world!!!


  1. I love that you made the recipe work for you! Thank you for the Store Banner Backgrounds. I don't have one but now I will get one up. Can't wait to see your prices for blog elements. I really want the custom comment section.

    Thinking Out Loud

    1. Thanks Jana!! Let me know if you need any help customizing or uploading the banner!! (-;

  2. The mini pizzas look quite yummy! Warm up the tortillas in the microwave so they do what you want them to do without destroying your amazing round shape. They are stubborn!
    My Second Sense

    1. Tania - I wish I had had you on the phone..hahahaha!!! I had not even thought about warming them up a bit.... maybe next time!! Bwahahaha!!



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