Tech-Tip: OH NO! I Accidentally Closed My Browser - Now What??

OH NO!! I ACCIDENTALLY closed my browser - NOW WHAT???

Let me take you on a side journey before I give you the tutorial!! Ha! I have completely switched to using Google Chrome and use NO other browser at all!! I can't stand FireFox (it is S-L-O-W), and Internet Explorer won't even run (since about 6 months ago). If you use anything other than Google Chrome, well you will have to find another 3AM'er to get a quickie self-help tech tip from...sorry..haha I am also a PC user and not a MAC user. This tutorial may vary slightly if you are using a MAC. 

I am sure that we all have experienced the following scenario...

It is a cool winter-ish night & you are in the mood to create, explore, & get stuff done (even if that includes pinning)! While you are working on multiple projects, the number of tabs in your browser begin to pile up - but you just can't let even one go. They are vital to what you are working on!! If you are like me, you will have a tab for Facebook, Pinterest, TpT, TN, Etsy, Blogger (for the post you have been trying to finish for a week now), Paylodz (this is my absolute must have solution for sending all of my large files), and whatever else I am working on.

All of my store links are simultaneously open when I am uploading a new product. I make sure to upload my files to each store at the same time. I have made the mistake of waiting before!!
Any-WHO, you get the idea. It doesn't matter what you are doing because it is important to you at the moment you are motivated.

As you get deeper in your zone, you ACCIDENTALLY click the X on your browser & LOSE EVERYTHING! What do you do??

1. Panic & completely criticize yourself for being a moron or a failure?

2. Take it as a sign to procrastinate and get a bite to eat from the kitchen?

3. Freeze in a moment of shock because you just realized that you didn't bookmark ANY of the pages you were working on & you can't remember the links?

4. Go directly to your browsing history, sift through the mess,  hope to come across the right sites, and take precious time in the process??


Do what I do - GIVE GOOGLE CHROME A GINORMOUS HUG, because they have a solution that only takes seconds...AND will bring back everything (I mean EVERYTHING..) you were working on?

 I hadn't realized that some of you may not be aware of this until I was having a conversation on the telly with one of the sweetest, cutest bloggers.. Missus Katie Knight from Teacher to the Core!! I am honored that she was brave enough to allow me to work with her on new design for her bloggity, blog!! So far, the only changes made that are visible are the NEW and Improved Comments design (through coding) that isn't fully functioning as of yet. I have to change some code to get the reply link to work in her threaded comments, which will make her blog look temporarily nak-ee!! I am not sure if she is ready to strip for her followers quite yet..tehehehe.. don't think dirty now!!! I am referring to the bright and cheery elements on her current blog design..hahaha!
Teacher to the Core
Anyway, I can't (for the life of me) remember what we were talking about... we can be pretty chatty - us girls!! However, that is not the point...hahaha. While we were talking (and I think it might actually have been work related..haha), she accidentally closed out her browser and lost all of the windows that were open. It was a TOTAL devastation. All I hear on my end is "OH NO! I just closed out my browser by ACCIDENT!!"

Then, hearing her mumble that she was going to try to FIND the pages that were open, my techy mind jumped right into play and I said to her... STOP!! HALT!! Who GOES THERE? (okay, erase that last phrase...I didn't say that..haha). After I told her to stop, I proceeded to give her the quickest remedy to get all of her windows back in just a couple of clicks!! After we got them done, she said... and I quote,

"You have your next tech tutorial right there!"

Before this, I had never really considered that many of you might no be aware of the full potential of your Googy Baby Chrome!! There are so MANY cool features you can gain from learning about the browser you use. Sure, you can just open it, learn to type in the search bar, and some may even learn to print from a browser...BUT.... Google Chrome can do so much more!!! Ready to learn something REALLY easy??? Won't you please follow me to the next paragraph.....

OH NO!! I just ACCIDENTALLY closed my browser..... NOW WHAT??

Before the accident, your browser may have looked something like mine below...

Okay, well maybe you weren't on the same websites I was on...hahaha...CLASSIC!!

Take a deep breath & smile (The 3AM Teacher & Google Chrome loves you)...

1. Open a NEW Window (re-open your browser)

Double click on your Google Chrome Browser icon. If you are having this problem, then I will assume you already know how to open a new browser window.

You should see the Google Chrome Start page. If not, find the two links located at the bottom of the browser labeled "Most Visited" & Apps. Make sure you click on the APPS option. 

If you have set your browser to open to a specific page and you do not see the Chrome Tool bar at the bottom of your browser window... NO PROBLEM!!

Just move your cursor (your mouse) to the very top of your browser window. The top "border" of your browser.

   2. Choose to RE-OPEN CLOSED TABS 
      *You can also use the shortcut 
         Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + T

If you choose this method, then once you click to re-open the closed tabs, GUESS WHAT?? You ARE FINISHED!! 

If you would like further directions that are complemented by my pretty pictures and antics, then keep reading...

2. Look all the way down at the bottom of your browser and find the AWESOMELY simplistic link that is labeled, "RECENTLY CLOSED". 

3. Once you click on the "Recently Closed" link at the bottom of your browser....

GOOGLE CHROME will GIVETH what your FINGER had TAKETH AWAY (don't even start about me not being grammatically correct here..hahaha)

I am sure that you can probably right click and re-open closed tabs in any browser, but I cannot give you a 100% green light about that. 

If your browser does not have this option (just in case), you can always download a Google Chrome extension that will give you a speedy short-cut. All Browsers have access to third party  downloadable extensions; however, proceed with CAUTION!! Be absolutely certain that the extension is safe. If you download an extension and end up having problems, just delete it or disable it from your browser settings. 

I REALLY hope this little mini tip helps some of you out and I didn't just waste a bunch of cute pictures for nothing...hahaha!!

Now I need to get back to work... or Google Search School! I am amazed by the amount of things I can learn from the comforts of my home...

Dear Google Search, I want to be a millionaire just like Deanna Jump!! hahaha

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you didn't learn anything, I hope you giggled!! I love reading your {puffy} heart notes below...


  1. What would I do without you?!
    Best tip yet!
    I am slowly easing into Google Crome myself.
    Love it so far!
    Thanks so much for making our techie world easier to navigate!

    1. Thank you!!! I had an AWE HA moment about tech tips and I think I might be on to something here..haha

      I LOVE Google Chrome, but it has its faults as well..hehe
      You are so sweet for stopping by!!

  2. That is the best blog post ever!!! I love it, and you did save me from ToTaL heartbreak!

    1. Hahaha!!! Thank you for the idea friend!! hahaha

      LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I loooooove your tech tips annnnd Chrome. And your hilariousness, Michelle!!!

    1. THANK YOU!!! I am actually pretty pathetic and was laughing out loud at my OWN JOKES in my office while my husband was working across that room at his corner. I am quite the character indeed..bwahahaha!!

  4. Great story! I have considered changing to Google Chrome as well. At work we use XP, and the only way to check gmail is through Chrome because we can't update IE anymore. {They don't like us to use it because their filters don't work well on it.} I like the look of it too. I did find that you can do it in Firefox. Just click on "history" at the top and then "restore previous session" or "recently closed tabs". I didn't know you could do this! My son is always closing my browser when I have so much open! Thanks for letting us know this simple trick! Love it!
    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. Windows XP???? Your work desperately needs to update their systems!! My goodness.. Just accidentally drop some hints through little sticky notes....hahaha

      Thank you for letting me know about the other browsers!! That is very helpful and I will add that to the top. DO you mind if I leave your link?? I don't use any other browsers anymore becuase having too many will slow down the computer's processor....I need lightening speed processing for what I do...

      Thanks again!!

  5. I sort of knew this, but had forgotten... and it comes right in time for me to share as a tech tip with my grade 8s. Thanks!!

    Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL

    1. Awesome!!! I am finding that the little pleasures of online comfort are often the major things that people are unaware of that can prove to be so useful. Thank you for stopping by and I am excited that this can be a tip for students as well!!


  6. I can't thank you enough!I've done this so many times and had no idea there was a fix! Michelle, not only are you an enormously talented artist, you are also funny, AND tech savvy. Sigh...why can't we all have it all? ;)
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Darlene!!! You are such a sweetheart!! We all have our own talents and it doesn't matter if we tend to whisper our faults..hahaha...
      With a blog name like Meatballs in the Middle, I am assuming that you have some amazing awesomeness up your sleeve as well!!! hahaha

  7. I just LOVE your tutorials! By the way, I went C-R-A-Z-Y buying your graphics a couple of weeks ago and am so excited to use them!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby


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