Friday Five: Freebie, Find, Frazzle, Funny & Feature!!

Hey everyone! It seems like Friday just comes around at the end of each week so FAST!! Maybe not for all of you, but for me....I seem to be missing my mid-week posting opportunities quite often...yikes. I know I am publishing this post early, but consider this my early Friday present..hahaha

This is a MUST watch that everyone can appreciate! I LOVE realistic art and this video is incredible. I wish there was a disclaimer at the bottom that stated the actual time it took to finish this piece... I know for a fact this process took WAY longer than a couple of minutes..hahaha... I can't wait to get my Adobe Presenter, so  I can begin making videos to share with all of you!!

Frazzle: excitement and stress!! I have so many things to do and NEVER enough time it seems. I will be finishing my website soon and fixing the kinks in my blog, so bear with me if you experience some display issues with my blog. I promise, it will be fabulous once I am finished!!

I am working on quite a few projects, but I will have some new digital graphic sets up this week. One of which is some cute new backgrounds, a polk-dot and stripes theme, kites and kids, and a few more. These all might hit you at once, so I will try to spread them out a bit!!

I have entered to be a part of an art contest this next month as well as the Red Bull Collective Art Project!! I know  what is wrong with me that I feel the need to add more when I don't even have time for the things on my current to-do list?? Well, the answer to my own question is simple- I really want to venture out of just creating digital clip art. Not that I don't love it, but I want to make my little mark on the world I guess..hahaha. I am venturing out of the box and entering some things that will help me to refine and improve my artistic abilities. The Red Bull Collective Art Project is confusing me just a bit as there is not much about the details and what is expected for this project. It is a way to express ones creativity and not a contest; however, I want to have some sort of plan ahead of time. I would hate to not finish in time...yikes!! These little projects are just for fun and I hope to connect with some new artists along the way!!

I am working on two pieces that I have already named even though they are still just two ideas in my head...two very vivid ideas in my head at this moment.

1. Pieces of Me
2. Only a Teacher

I will not give you any more that just the titles, but I would love for you to guess what I might be drawing for these two pieces..haha I am hoping to make a little name for myself as an artist - but only time will tell.

My pricing and sample sheet for blog design elements is almost finished and I should have it up and taking orders by the end of next week!! I need a "mini me" and I am not referring to a cute avatar drawing either..hahaha.

For this weeks funny, I must apologize for the poor quality of my photos and the mess in my office..hahaha. I think I want a nice camera for my B-day tomorrow!! hahaha... I hope it's not too late to ask..tehehehe 

Do you notice somthing peculiar in this photo?Aside from the mess and my GINORMOUS Cinitq, which is now housing my post-its..hahaha

Try this image and see if you can spot the NOT.... (again, ignore the clutter)

No? How about now??

Did this get your attention?? What is this might you ask... it is the NEWEST edition to my office furniture!! This has become my office chair! I ordered this several weeks ago (About the same time I got my Cintiq) and I have held out o posting about it because I wasn't sure I liked it.. Now I am VERY sure that I like it!! hahaha This is my FitBall Office chair!! I have been experiencing extreme back pain from the hours I spend at my computer -I also have developed a squishy tooshie and added poundage, which I have been freaking out about lately. I ordered the FitBall brand because it is adjustable and had the highest reviews. I am very happy with my purchase indeed!! It has helped tremendously with my back problems (as well as my leg cramps - since I can't sit with my feet up in my chair anymore..haha).  I also LOVE the fact that I can lean all the way back and stretch when I feel the pressure or bounce when I realize that half of my toosh is hanging of the edge.... I know some of you TpT sellers will be ALL over this one!! hahaha I purchased it from Amazon and the image does not do the chair justice at all. I am glad I read through all of the reviews. 

Here is one more funny for ya!!!....
I couldn't resist posting another pic of my Charlie boy!!! I snapped a quick photo last night when I noticed that he had fallen asleep hugging his "foxy" doll (missing a head by the way). He is so stinkin' cute!!! I can't resist him!!! His full on grin tells me he is having happy dreams..haha

Freebie Fridays

Okay, well, this is the area where I slacked a bit this week - I know how much you all LOVE freebies, so I am posting a few freebie birdies!! Perfect for Spring!! I will have these available on TpT and Teacher's Notebook very soon. For now, just right click and save. For you MAC users, there is a different method to saving these images that I can't right now remember..hahaha...
Please make sure to READ MY Terms of USE BEFORE using any of my free or paid graphics. Always be kind and rewind with a link back to this freebie as opposed to offering them for free directly from your own blogs...

Enjoy these Polka-dotted Spring Cuties.... 
(A complete set of cute Spring birdies is to come and will be available for sale on all of my digital shops)
 photo 3am_KB_pink_zps4b34ef12.png

 photo 3am_KB_Orange_zps5dd356d1.png

 photo 3am_KB_blue_zps6b55dd9f.png

I have two features this week!!

I noticed that there was not much activity on my collaborative Pinterest board, so those of you who are already on there - please don't be shy and feel free to pin anything you create using my graphics!! If you would like to be added to this Pinterest board, please leave your Pinterest link in the comments section below and I will make sure to add you to the board. I will feature a product every Friday from the board!!!

This weeks feature used graphics from my "Ay Chihuahua Tacos and Chips" Clip art set!! This was a random bit of fun, but Pam DAlessandro put these cities to good use in a fun Math Resource (aligned with CC) named, Crunchin' Numbers!! Clever!! haha This looks like such a cute resource for firsties and priced at ONLY $3 bucks! You can't go wrong there!! The image is a bit fuzzy because I snagged it from Pinterest, but click the image to see the real deal!! Thank you Pam for all of your support and for using my graphics in great resources!!! She looks like a newbie to the education blogging world, so please give her a warm welcome!!

Teaching By The Sea

Crunchin’  Numbers for First Gradeby Pam D'AlessandroChallenges and Differentiates A fun “processing” assignment that you can give as morning ...

Check out the graphics set by clicking any one of the images below...

My next feature is more of an update really....

This Saturday is my B-day and I am turning 34!!! Holy Cow, did I just say that out loud? Well, I am offering a 34% discount (now I seem young, don't I..hahaha) in honor of my fun day at my Etsy Shop! Enter the code: HAPPY at checkout and you might be happy I am getting a bit older..hahaha. Please spread the word!
Click the image below to visit my Etsy shop!!
The discount will be good ALL Day February 23rd!!! I know that every once in a while some of you may have a difficult time trying to figure out where to enter the code on Etsy. I am including a link just in case any of you get stuck at the checkout!!

Click HERE for Discount Code Entering Help..hahaha

Have a great Friday everyone and come back Saturday for much more from the B-Day girl!! tehehehe.. I only get to say that once a year, so I am going to try to savor the moment here..hahaha Thank you for visiting and please feel free to share, ShArE, and SHARE!!! 

Feel free to create your own Friday Five using my images above or not and link up below....


  1. Happy birthday!! I am the same age as you (starting Saturday) until July!! :O)

    Thank you for the cutie birds!! Precious!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thank you!! It is funny, but I am not so bummed about my age this year. I was really bummed when I hit 30 and 31, but I think I am getting used the the idea... as long as I don't have to think about 40..hahaha

      You are very welcome and I am glad you like the birds!!


  2. Happy Birthday! Loving the spring chicks! Now to get some spring weather! Have a wonderful birthday!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. Happy Birthday!! I'm heading over to Etsy to check out your shop...I love your designs!! I'm also going to try to link up for the first time. FUN!! :)

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. Thank you so much!! I am going to visit the link ups in a few!!!

  4. Happy birthday! I LOVE the little birds! They are really, really cute :) Also, here's my Pinterest link - Hopefully I'll be loading up on some of your clip art tomorrow :)

    1. Thank you so much Faith!! I just added you to the Pinterest board and I am about to activate the code (-; Have a great weekend!!

  5. Always love your stuff! Thanks for the freebie. I've heard great things about using those balls for sitting around and stuff to help with back pain and tension. Hmmm..may have to try that! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. Thank you!! I actually really like the ball chair (as I call it..haha). It is really quite comfortable, but sitting for as many hours as I do... any little bit helps.

  6. WHAT A GIFT FOR ME...your blog! I'm your newest follower!

  7. Happy bday! I loved reading this post! I hope to link up next Friday if you're planning on doing it each week! By the way, what is a Cinitq?

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  8. Happy Birthday! I love your post! What an interesting chair! I love your artistic quirkiness. At least that is the impression that I got from your post. I am your newest follower.


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