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Happy Saturday!! It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas around these parts...hahaha
We have been S-L-O-W-L-Y working on getting the house transformed for Christmas and it is beginning to feel a little more like Christmas here in our home. Not so much outside though. We have had pretty warm weather here in AZ. 

  The other night, the hubs and I dragged (literally) the kids from their rooms to make some candy holiday characters. We even had a fire - thanks to Netflix fake fire!! Bwahahaha... The film is an hour long video of an actual even get to hear the popping and crackling....Way to go us for creating the ambiance ourselves! Who needs winter weather and snow when we've got Netflix...hahaha

This picture is not good at all, but I couldn't deprive you from our awesomely home-made candy characters. I got the idea from Pinterest, but I think ours have a bit more character..hahaha

We have created a "Christmas Vacation" right from our home; complete with "Mr. Fix-it" funnies.

For the last couple of years, we have used a prosthetic Christmas tree. I miss having a real tree, but this tree has already taken quite a beating and is beginning to look more and more like a real Charlie Brown!

If you all read my last post, then you might get a nice giggle from what I am about to tell you:

Hubby DIY (#2)

My husband AND SON decided to surprise me and put together the Christmas tree a couple of days ago. Some time between taking out the pieces and the process of assembly, the tree got knocked over and the base broke. I heard a loud thump and a few choice words (not bad ones). The choice words I am referring to (when I know something is pretty bad) are, 

"OH NO!!" immediately followed by "Shhh, don't tell mom!" 

Even though our house is 3200 square feet, and the assembly of the tree took place on the opposite end of the house from my office, the boys still think I can't hear them. They always underestimate the power of a woman's ability to hear and sense danger coming from afar... hahahaha
I took a field trip out of my office to assess the damages, but when I got there, a Mr. Handy-Man Rig-a-Fix had already begun and nothing  appeared to have severe damages. 

Apparently, the base of the tree broke all by itself out of nowhere. To fix it, they broke the base off of the old prosthetic tree and placed it under the newer-ish prosthetic tree (which didn't quite fit snug enough). The un-natural tilt told me that there might be something wrong with the tree; however, the lump in the cute snowman skirt told me that my hubs may have already begun damage control.

I was pretty impressed with the fix...that is..until we tried to hang ornaments on the tree this morning. As you can see, there are just some lights (put on during the rig-a-fix), the candy canes and a slightly damaged shining star. I brought out the giant box of ornaments and started getting them ready for the kids to hang up. It wasn't until my husband stuck out his finger towards the tree as my daughter raised her hand to place an ornament and muttered, "I wouldn't do that if I were you," that I realized the damages were more serious than I had previously thought.

My daughter (being the lovely 15 year old girl she is, rolled her eyes and ignored the warning). She places one porcelain ornament on the right side of the tree and


the outcome inspired me to write this post...hahaha. 

Upon further investigation of the repairs; which included the words, "Don't worry- I fixed it!", I found that one lucky Arizona rock had been the savior of our Christmas tree...
YES, there is ol' faithful right there hiding under the snowman skirt...holding up our Christmas tree.

It was initially difficult to spot with the "fake" presents they (my son and my hubs) had been placed under the tree. 

Hmmm...Does that bag say, Happy Father's Day? Why YES, yes it does....The "Father's Day" bag should have been the first red flag to alert my senses that something was wrong; however, I was busy and  didn't feel the need to ruin the Christmas spirit.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Father's Day Everyone!!


I am not sure if we will be able to place more ornaments on the tree this year; however, I will keep you posted on the progress.

If all else fails, I'll be drinking Mai Tai's with Charlie and enjoying the simple pleasures of life....sleep.

Also, my good friend Katie is having a celebration giveaway with tons of goodies!! Go check out her giveaway and enter to win one of several prizes!!
Teacher to the Core

I won't let you go without letting you grab a few Free graphics!! Please read my TERMS OF USE before using any of the free graphics from my blog. If you would like to share about these freebies, please link back to my blog using my button or pin the image on a Pinterest board - 

Please do NOT post the images on your own blog to share or claim them as your own. Thanks a bunch!

Here is a label that I created; however, it would make a cute gift tag.

Christmas Themed Tags...

A few cute backgrounds to use for various projects...

Here is a FREE scroll from one of my most recent sets

Click HERE to see this set on TpT
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There are still a few more days to enter this giveaway as well...

Thank you for stopping by (-; 


  1. Thank you for the freebies! Really like the scroll packet.

    Apples and Papers

  2. Lol, I love your Charlie Brown tree! I am a bit jealous of your 3200sq foot house!! But I left AZ to live in Hawaii, one of the most expensive places to live. I am the proud owner of an 850 sq foot cottage, lol!! Nothing gets past me here;) Mahalo for all the great freebies!

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. I would trade space for beauty by the beach any day!!! I would love to live in Hawaii!!

      Out of people typically buy trees out there or is there a different tradition??


  3. Men (of all ages) are so funny! :) Thanks for sharing and also for the great freebies, you are so generous!

    Fun in PreK-1

    1. Tehehehe... Thank you and I am glad you like the freebies!!


  4. Oh, the joys of Christmas! Love the DIY repairs! My son and I say, "Shhh... Don't tell Mom", but it usually involves sneaking extra treats! Merry Christmas!
    Writing Pad Dad

    1. My boys do that with the candy too, but that is more of a regular occurrence ..hahaha

      ideas for some upgraded repairs include "securing" the tree to the wall...bwahahaha!!


  5. Thank you for the SHOUT out! You are a joy.

    1. You are very welcome!! Your giveaway post turned out great!!


  6. By the way, I think the tree looks great!

    1. We will be buying a new fake Christmas tree during the "day after Christmas" sales..hahaha


    2. We got a new tree a couple of Christmases ago. A word of advice: we ended up buying the new tree a few days BEFORE Christmas. With the economy the way it is, we have noticed that some things go on sale way earlier than normal. This was at Target. Wanting to get the cheapest price, I stopped by almost every day for 2 weeks. Then one day, not only was the tree 75%, there was only one box of the kind we wanted! Good luck!

    3. I have definitely noticed that over the years. We used to be able to hit up the black Friday sales, but for the last few years, people are camping out days ahead of time! I am not THAT motivated to get a deal..hahaha

      However, I will start checking Target.

      Thank you for the tip! As the faux trees improve and look practically real, the prices also go up. The one I was eyeing last year was $600.00 and can no longer be found. This year, I think I will be able to find one...I am now more determined than ever, that is, with the rock holding up the tree and all..hahaha

  7. Thank you for sharing the pretty papers, Michelle! I'm in the same boat as you with the Christmas tree. The whole bottom layer of lights went out this year! I do love my "faux" tree though!

    I'm working on a landforms project and the scrolls are perfect! Have them in my cart!

    1. You are such a doll Linda!!! Thank you so much! I love how you have used gingerbread letters - watch out, because today is my Pinterest-Fest day!! hahaha

  8. Thank you!! This post made me laugh out loud...prosthetic Christmas tree-HA! Also, I have used your free frames in nearly everything I've made for my TpT store (um, just 6 products so far, but I think you are an awesome artist:-)

    The candy characters have inspired me. Easy peasy gifts for my teammates!

    1. Ha! Thanks a bunch! I needed a word that would describe the condition of the tree at this time and, prosthetic, seemed like the perfect fit. haha It is looking more and more like a Frankenstein project at the moment, but we will let him live another year...tehehehe

      We made the candy characters for my daughter's gift exchange. There are so many things to buy for now that I must get creative. Even thought the candy was only a few dollars, her friends loved the characters. We will be making a set for my son's classroom this week, so I think I might post templates for the characters tomorrow. I will try to have them finished, so people can use them before the month is over. I think they would be REALLY cute with student pictures on them as well. Hmmm...that gives me an idea!!

  9. Thanks so much for the freebies! Your stuff is always awesome. BTW the tree looks great.

    1. Thank you! It really is the time of year when all things (even the not-so-great things) are more accepted....hahaha

  10. Yay! I was hoping for a scroll freebie! The tags are gorgeous too! Thanks! ;-) You're da best!!

    Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL

  11. I just talked about how much I adore you on my blog!!!


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