A Top Teacher Giveaway You Won't Want to Miss!!

To celebrate the holidays Top Teacher-Style, Tips for Top Teachers is having HUGE GIVEAWAY just in time for the holidays! 

Tips for Top Teachers: A Smorgasboard of Teaching Resources

A bunch of Top Teachers; including myself, have contributed to this BIG GIVEAWAY, so we could offer the BEST giveaway prize ever!! One lucky winner will get a BRAND NEW NOOK COLOR HD!!!  This would be perfect for your holiday reading! 

As if that weren't enough, you will also receive OODLES of TEACHING RESOURCES from the FABULOUS TOP TEACHERS!!! Click the link above to enter the giveaway. The LAST day to enter is December 15th!! If you enter, feel free to grab the awesome button above and spread the news (-;

This is going to be a short post friends - Due to the nature of the giveaway, I don't believe there will be any excitement left for ramblings. Maybe for another post.

Thank you for stopping by...Oh, How do you like the new layout of my blog?? I have learned some new CSS coding tricks and had fun adding some cool things the other night. 


  1. I would read and read and read. I'm a librarian, what can I say? :)

    1. I have an ipad and I use the kindle amazon app!! I love it!!

  2. Michelle, this is a wonderful giveaway! I am pinning it now! Your blog looks fantastic! The high-tops are my favorite! Stop on over and link up when you have time!
    Happy Holidays!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. Although I'm not a teacher yet, it is so nice to see that there are some chances for teachers to earn prize. I was so surprised when I heard that some American teachers have to their supplies for students instead of school. Thus, I think this a really good news for teachers.
    P.S. I love your new layout of your blog even though I don't know what the old one looked like. ~_~


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