Listen like Spring and talk like June....and some FREEBIES!!

The 3AM Teacher is back in the atmosphere!!
Here is a little freebie to set the tone of my post this morning. This is my crow from my Crow with a Bow set.

There is nothing better that waking up happy on a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning, turning on Pandora and the look on my kids' faces when we tell them that we are cleaning the house today......PRICELESS...hahaha
Actually, I can think of many things that are better..hahaha

If you haven't already noticed, I am listening to the song, Drops of Jupiter, by Train. There is this line in the song that struck me off-guard a bit. Maybe because I never really listened to the words of the song. Here is the line...

"She listens like Spring and talks like June"

Most of you might be thinking how sweet this is, but in reality, he is telling us a lot about this girl in what he does NOT say. For instance, us teachers (I still consider myself a teacher.....) know that Spring is the time of year when it takes every bit of effort to focus. The weather is nice, the birds are chirping, and the last thing ANYONE wants to do is Standardized State Testing. 

I believe the idiom, 

"You've got your head in the clouds"

literally comes from our "Spring" mentality. How can anyone focus when the weather is beautiful?

The second part of the line, talks like June, is the equivalent to being bouncy, happy, and all things "summer-y". In essence, the girl he is talking about is a bit ditsy and unable to focus... still think it's sweet???

On the topic of ditsy, here is a doozy for ya.

 Some things in our home have begun to break down from normal wear and tear. My husband can fix is his natural gift! He is the "air conditioning man" but he is also very creative. Creativity is not always a good thing...hahahah
The fridge was making a weird noise, so I elected the hubs to investigate and clean out the motor. The thing husband is not as savvy with fixing things as he used to be - and I am not so sure I should be asking him to fix stuff anymore..hahaha...

He cleaned out the back of the fridge and the noise stopped; however, when he was "fixing" it, he accidentally pulled the water hose on the fridge and now we cannot get ice or water from the dispenser....

Today, the motor on the garbage disposal broke. Winters are always a bit slower for our HVAC business, but the last couple of years have been brutal! My business continues to grow, but I do not make enough to support my family. We do live in an expensive area, but I would not trade kids are safe and happy. 

I responded with, 
"Well, we have enough in my business account to fix it"

His response..I kid you not is, 
"I don't want to spend the money..I am hoping that it will fix itself.."

WHAT??!! And...the scary thing is that he was actually serious!! 
This is a perfect example of when creativity is not such a good thing. I am beginning to feel like I am living with a real-life, Tim the Tool-man Taylor! hahaha - Except, it is not as funny in real life. I hope nothing else breaks..

Good NEWS: I got my November Birchbox! I actually got it a couple of weeks ago, but I have been a very busy girl!! I love getting these little boxes full of goodies!! To be honest, I love the boxes more than what is inside of them - hahaha.
The boxes are super durable and very cute. I have accumulated quite a collection this year. I am now keeping my eyes peeled and my brain open for any ideas on how I can use these to make something awesome. Too bad I couldn't create a working garbage disposal motor! 

I spend so much time in my office, that I can't believe how fast December arrived! Happy December 1st everyone!!

I want to share a painting that I have been working on for a while now. I had quite a few people on FB ask about my art and I realized that I have never posted pictures of any of my paintings or murals. Well, folks, here is on that I am working on. I love the ocean and I LOVE sitting outside by the ocean on a beautiful day. I am not finished with the little house, the foliage and the table/chairs. This is a work in progress, so please be gentle (-;

I never stick to one medium or artistic style. I like to change things up and explore. The canvas above is a combination of oils AND acrylics..... I am not one to play along with the conventions of modernity. I pull from many eras of artistic styles and I paint what I like and I paint how I am feeling.

Here is another one that I was inspired to paint after purchasing a red couch for the kids playroom

I call this one 

I know this is not a great picture, but I am having to take pictures with my ipad. My camera broke quite a few months back and I just haven't purchased a new one..

I am not really one to paint abstract art, but I was feeling inspired that day....who says that an artist must have a "genre" or specific style to stick to?? Well, whoever did has never met me..hahahaha

Here is an example of my randomness...

Just weird and uneven circles...hahaha.
If you haven't noticed, that frame IS, in fact empty and it has been since I bought it at the World Market (my favorite store by the way) LAST YEAR! I will fill it someday, but for now it makes for a great conversation piece...hahaha

Before I show you some things that I have been working on, here is what Charlie has been up to..tehehehe...
I have a little craft corner in my master closet and I truly believe that Charlie has a creative side. 

This is only a small portion of the mess, but I went into my room to change the sheets and well, it was not presentable at that moment (tehehee).

When I asked Charlie what happened, this is what he had to say...

He wouldn't even look at me...bwhahahaha!! I love animals!!
My dog, Roxie has become the "Old Lady" of the house and she is not very pleased with Charlie's behavior on most days...hahaha

Sweet Prince Charles...

Onto the wiles of is my custom order might now understand why I am not taking on more custom orders at this very moment...except that I did...
Everyone gets their own file; including a hard copy..hahaha

I couldn't turn down the opportunity to do some custom designs for a MAN BLOG!! I LOVE the design as well. It is a nice creative break to create a design that is very similar to my own taste.

I will be adding the design elements later today to Justin's blog, but please check him out! He is a fantastic writer, 5th grade teacher, and has taken up cooking! You might be familiar with his other half, Katie, from 
Teacher to the Core
She is also a teacher and her products are AMAZING!! One of my friends, Christine, has started teaching for the first time this year and she was having a hard time thinking of ways to implement centers in her classroom. What did I do?? I turned the the BEST group of teachers in the world in our FB group and asked them for advice and help....
There were so many teachers that immediately offered help and I began getting tons of emails with great resources!! My friend could not believe the amount of teachers that offered to help her. I couldn't be more proud to have such wonderful friends! 
Katie was one of the first to send over some resources and my favorite one was the American Symbols Resource
It is super cute & you can link up to it from her store link on her blog.
Her Justin from Writing Pad Dad
I am including his new button in this post, which he doesn't even have yet...hahaha....Nice button, huh??
I love both of their blogs!! Please check them out when you have some time to read. 

Now for some FREEBIES!! I is about time I posted some for you all!! I have been experimenting with shadows and lighting lately and here is a digital paper airplane....
Please read my TOU before using any of my graphics.
I am going to be making a set of counting are the first three (-; Enjoy!!

Here are a few NEON borders to end this blog with a GLOW..hahaha


Thank you for stopping by! Please keep spreading the word about my blog - I plan to have a huge, HUGE giveaway when I reach 2,000 followers! 
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I LOVE your ADHD painting! Hope you got the house cleaned. ;)

    1. Hahaha...thanks! I hope it gets cleaned up too...I just figured I would let it fix itself..hahahaha...

      Actually, it was just the kids rooms that needed cleaning.


  2. Michelle- I know it was at your expense, but thanks for making me laugh;I really needed it today! I love your paintings! I adore abstract art and my 5 yr old has a naturally abstract style ( and me, well, I have no style at all! LOL). Happy cleaning! Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

    1. Thanks! I am glad you got to giggle (-;

      You should get some canvases at Michael's craft stores at this time of year because they are often 50% would keep your daughter busy.


  3. Loved your blog title today - I adore Train & was also listening to them this morning!! You are so creative - thanks for letting us in on your projects :)


  4. Michelle!

    Thanks for the shout out to the Missus and myself! MY NEW BUTTON LOOKS AMAZING! You are a talent! Love the dog stories! Keep them coming!
    Justin K.
    Writing Pad Dad

    1. I just got back from my hike...onto blog buttons (-;

      I hope you get some blog traffic.


  5. Hi Michelle! What a great title for a post! Oh how I wish my husband was handy! Do you think yours would come over to my house? (he he)

    Your painting is wonderful, you're an artist through and through girl! I love reading about all of Charlie's antics. We lost our beloved "Good Girl" this year and haven't had the heart yet to get another. :0( He is so lucky to have found you!

    The counting cards are A-DOR-ABLE! I love the style you drew them in!
    (BTW...Check out the new cover I made for one of my products with your (so stinkin' cute!!) gingerbread alphabet, I pinned it to your board :0)

    Have a great week and I hope the garbage disposal fixes itself!! LOL

    1. I just noticed your post in TpT forums!! Thank you and the letters look so good in your resource!!!

      I changed my username on TpT and my old posts are nowhere to be found & I do not get the notifications....darn!!

      I am not so sure you would want my husband fixing your stuff; although, he would be much more careful with someone else's house..hahaha!

      I am so sad to hear about your puppy!! We lost one of our last year and then along came Charlie - the happiest dog on the planet!! I can't help but smile every time I see him.

      I will visit your blog....

      Thank you for stopping by!!


  6. I hear you on the garbage disposal! lol My fix it boyfriend is in Chicago right now so he can't even try to be Mr. Tool Time so I am going to have to hire someone. Love your doggies. So cute!

  7. I love the ADHD painting! It is beautiful!


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