Funny Puppy: The Hungry Chihuahua & a THANK YOU graphic for you!

First things First, I woke up this morning to a TON..and I mean a TON of Thank you's for freebies on TpT!! You are all so awesome!! I was in complete shock  -  I had no idea that so many of you actually read through my ramblings!!  Thank you so much - You all made me feel very loved and appreciated!! Just to show my appreciation, I made a cute little graphic for all of you. I even added a little splash of glimmer and some sparkling bling to emphasize how excited I was to read all of the thank you love!!The graphic also sets the tone for the video of my Hungry Chihuahua.
Feel free to use it or pass it along
(so long as it is linked back to the source of course)

Well, the fact that I have two cute puppies is no surprise to any of you, but not many of you really know much about my Chunky Chihuahua. I picked her up when she was just three weeks old in front of a Wal-Mart about a week before our first Christmas in Arizona. A girl, about 12 or 13, was standing out in the front trying to get rid of the dogs. She told me that her dog kept getting pregnant and that they didn't have time to get her fixed before she went and got herself knocked up again (I added my own words for dramatics..haha). I took her in my hand and that little white Chihuahua had me at, hello. At the time, we had another puppy (a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) and I thought that Roxie would make the perfect companion to our little black and brown B.J.  BJ has since passed away, but Charlie has filled the void for Roxie. 

To get on with the purpose of my puppy story...All you need to know is that my little chunky Chihuahua can EAT!! We recently bought some dog treats called Pup-eroni (or something close to that) and I have never seen her eat something so fast in my life!! She is able to gobble one of these up in seconds, while Charlie takes his time and savors his. We even have to keep her away from Charlie when he is eating his treat, because that little chunk cleverly distracts him while stealing his! Anywho, I finally decided to get it on video! Please ignore the annoyance of my is weird to hear my own voice..I have no idea why, but I apologize ahead of time..LOL Now watch how fast our Chunky Chihuahua can eat...or rather...GOBBLE up her treat...
The 3AM Teacher

Enjoy the midnight matinee! Thank you for visiting!!

2012's Blog Best & Brightest!! Something New & a Few Free Backgrounds!

I am linking up with Christina. Bainbridge @
Bunting Books and Bainbridge
To join in on the fun of reviewing the best and brightest blogger moments of 2012!

My Most Popular post this Year is my post labeled: It's A-L-I-V-E!!! & a Freebie...
This post contained my PDF or Portable Download File that I created, which included a list of most of the FREE frames and borders I had posted on my blog! This file was so popular that it was featured on several big network blogs and people seem to really like the freebies!! hahaha
On TpT, I have over 65,000 downloads of my Free frames and Borders; however, I realized that I only have about 200 thank you's...that is a lot of UNthankful people...bwahaha! Thanks a million to all of you who do take the time to write a little, "thank you" for the freebies I post and upload onto TpT! It really does mean a lot to know that my hard work can produce smiles and joy! I hadn't realized how many people don't say thank you. Knowing this makes me extra blessed by those who take the time to leave some kind words...thank you to the THANKFUL..hahaha! Just because I may put something up for free, does not mean that it was easiest to create or that it was not the best quality. I always try to put forth my best and offer good quality freebies that you will actually use - I have a giving heart and your thank you's and excitement is the best complement someone can give!!
This year has been full of ups and downs. I laughed with some of you, I cried with some of you & I joined many of you to celebrate milestones and giveaways. A couple of my blogging friends lost loved ones this year & their well being is always on my mind.  I am so proud to know how many of you rise, without even blinking, to help when someone is in need and even if they don't ask. I love that we are here for one another, to bring each other up, and to celebrate in each others successes. 

I have so many wonderful blogging friends who have had amazing successes this year as well! Krista & Julie from Reading Olympians reached their goal this year and have had tremendous growth and success with their program! Come mid January, The Reading O girls and I are going to be "Passing the Reading Torch" with a really fun linky! We will have the sign up for the linky up in a couple of weeks and I am really excited for this one!

Deanna Jump, the sweetest darn TpT millionaire, made headlines all over the place & brought a wave of positive attention to teachers who are not just teachers, but who are professionals in their field and published authors helping people around the globe!! Many successful TpT sellers have had to struggle with some jealous co-workers or ignorant comments from the public who believe that teachers should not make money for their professional knowledge and talent...I say BOO TO YOU who BOO MY FRIENDS!! They are the most dedicated and hard-working men and women I know & I am SO PROUD of their accomplishments! I love working with other women and men who go to great lengths to put forth their very best of themselves!! 

Erica Bohrer from 
is one sweet lady of whom I am always inspired by. She published another book through Scholastic this year and I see her influence all over the education blogging world! Congratulations Erica!!! She is another blogger friend who is whole-heartedly dedicated to her work and contribution to education! Her heart is bigger than TEXAS and her talent is...well...UH-MAZING! 

I could go on and on... I will give mention to one more friend...
My ARIZONA B-Gal Pal (B stands for blogger..hahaha) has soured to the top ten list on TpT in the state of Arizona and she has more than surpassed her goals! Congratulations Linda, from
I am so excited for the successes you have had this year!!  Her resources are well put together and I LOVE her creativity!!! Thanks for making me laugh, friend!! more... duo actually. This is a husband and wife FIREBALL blogging team!! They are such a cute couple and I loved working with both of them this year!! Meet Katie & Justin Knight...I am amazed by their talent and dedication & I am obsessed with both of their blogs! Katie is also very lucky, because her other half  is quite the chef!! I love Katie's giving heart and nurturing words as much as I love Justin's humor and his boldness to take on subjects in education that many bloggers might tend to shy away from! I am so glad to know you both!!

Teacher to the Core     
Another ongoing piece of goodness is my Frosty Linky....
I had a huge positive response to my, "Frosty Takes on the Globe" linky and Frosty is now making his way across the United States! He is visiting classrooms all over the world and allowing us to connect with each other and take a peak into the lives of hard-working teachers and their blossoming students. 
 As this year comes to an end,  I am finally happy with my own personal blog design - I have to say that it has continued to develop into something quite spectacular really. I am always learning more and discovering how technology can transform something ordinary into something exquisite!

The very last accomplishment for this year is my newest digital background sets, which I call...
I uploaded several sets yesterday, as well as a full-blown mega set with 190 backgrounds to choose from!! I know from personal experience this year, that the cover pages of your products make the initial impression on someone browsing for resources and products! If you can "flash" them a little bit, then you have a better chance to increase your sales. What is a better way to flash potential buyers than with my CUTEST BACKGROUNDS EVER...tehehehe!!!  I included all of my favorite colors in this set (minus grey) & I love how colorful it is!
You can find this set, along with the smaller sets, on...
You can also purchase them directly from me by sending me an email... Sorry, I have not put these up on my blog store just yet. With a 91MB sized file, you can imagine the time it takes to wait for this baby to upload onto these sites...hahaha... 
Here are a few FREEBIES from this set that didn't quite make the cut. I actually created them specifically for all of you.. Enjoy!

Please read my TERMS OF USE before using any of my graphics for personal and/or commercial use... thank you! 

Have a Safe & Happy New Year!! Thank you for visiting!

Giveaway Goodness, The 3AM Home Happenings, & 40% off for one more day!!

I am officially announcing that my friend, Alessia 
is having a HUGE NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY!!! I love spreading good news & this giveaway is full of goodies from some favorite education bloggers!! Click on the image below to get the details...

In other news, I will let you in on some things that I have been doing while the kids are home..
Christmas day was very nice and we had a lot of fun! We did not go out a buy a bunch of gifts this year for the kids. All they wanted was money, so we bought them a few little gifts, filled their stockings and then gave them hard cash!! hahaha

Here are some cute little pics & YES, that is a birchbox box that I used to place the money in...hahahaha!!! I found a use for those little boxes! My son was hilarious when he unwrapped it and saw the "Birchbox" logo! He said, "Isn't this for a bra!!?? You got us bras for Christmas??!!  Bwahahahaha!!! Oh, the darndest things kids say...

My sweet "almost" 16 little girl - sick for Christmas morning, but still pulled out a smile. I think Roxie (our little white Chihuahua) was scared of the mess that was unfolding.
My Son in front of the "Charlie Brown" tree that we will retire this year & his fan of Christmas cash!! Look at those blonde curls!! ADORBS!! I think he might kill me once this goes public..hahaha
Even Charlie had some fun unwrapping presents this year! What a funny dog we have...he was sooooo excited!! Although, he was not about to let anyone near that big bone of his..bwahahaha!!
I love this time of year in our neighborhood!! We can take walks to Main Street to see the lights and drink Hot Chocolate by the lights (actually, the kids were freezing, so we only stayed for a few second so I could snap a few photos...hahaha)
Look at how pretty that is!! I just love it!!

Okay, this is probably the best picture my phone would get... I JUST LOVE THIS!!
And while my kids were actually spending time together, I opened my son's present and built a Lego House!! hahaha!! One of my secret guilty pleasures is playing with Legos!!!
Take a look at the pics and my beautiful creation 

Here is a up close of my guy!! hahaha!! P.S. I followed directions from kit to build this house...tehehehe!!

And to end this post, I have a few pictures of Charlie's silly smiles!! I encouraged the smile by rubbing his belly...what a goof!! I know these pics are bad, but Santa didn't bring a new camera this year....but I still have my phone (-;

Thank you for stopping by! And just a quick reminder...TODAY (technically, tomorrow / 12-29) is the last day of my 40% off Etsy Sale!! Click the image to visit my Etsy shop & use the code at checkout to get 40% off!!

Friday FIVE is HERE AGAIN!! (Freebie, Find, Funny, Frazzled, & Featured)

Another Friday Five is Here!!

1. Freebie

Freebie Fridays

This Week's Freebie.... Some Mustache Lovin'!! I know these are silly, but I just couldn't resist bringing the image in my head to life...tehehehe....anywho....
Take a peek at my sale button below (in Frazzled) and you might see that I used one (-;

Please read my TERMS OF USE BEFORE using any of my graphics for personal and/or commercial use.

2. Find
Did you know that there are some pretty long, unused words in the Oxford English Dictionary?? Here is one, which Wikipedia claims is the longest word recorded or to appear in the English dictionary...


"It occurs chiefly as an instance of a very long word.[2] The 45-letter word was coined to serve as the longest English word and is the longest word ever to appear in an English languagedictionary. It is listed in the current edition of several dictionaries.[3]" WikiPedia

Now THAT is a BIG word! This next week, I am going to give you a challenge. Try to find a time during any conversation where you can use this word as though it is part of your everyday vocabulary. THEN, share your story...hahaha! The most important part is that you may not let on that the use of this word is all part of a 3AM scheme to get you to behave strangely...bwahahaa!

3. Funny
This weeks Funnies:
Christmas Group Therapy

Here are some guilty pleasure epic School Fail funnies...ENJOY!!

Close Enough

And the last one...A bulletin board/door you might NOT want to create...just sayin'
My Little Brother's School Project

I shared all of these funnies from Cheez Burger Fail Blog...

4. Frazzled
Just a little reminder that I am having a sale!! I will be a little frazzled as I do my best to keep up with the task of sending digital download links as the sales come in. Okay, truth be told...I am hoping to be frazzled...hahaha  Click the image below to visit my Etsy shop & if you happen to fall in LOVE, then you can use the code below & get 40% off of your entire order at checkout!!

5. Featured...
PhotobucketI created a collaborative Pinterest board where I allow people to share/pin resources, crafts, and products they have created using my graphics. I can't tell you how much I enjoy being able to see all the creativity on one place. I am blessed by how many people are now using my graphics & to show my appreciation to those who have joined the board, I am featuring 1 to 2 pins a week! 

This week, I am featuring TWO great products...
Here is a great product created by Mr Greg Smedley from one of my favorite blogs to stalk!

The product I am featuring from my collaborative Pinterest board is called, Snapping Numbers: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

This unit was created to introduce my students to composing and decomposing numbers. I also created these activities to use a very specific type of...
This product is packed with great activities and resources to incorporate into math centers. It is also Common Core aligned!
Click the picture to the left to visit Greg's TpT store and check out this product!

This next product made me very happy when I saw it.  I LOVE my Alpha letters with character, but they are not one of my best sellers.
Letter Clippy Cards The letter "C" is my absolute favorite character of the set! The product is called, Uppercase & Lowercase Letters and Intial Sounds - Clippy, and has received very positive reviews!
Lindsey from...
used images from several sets in this goodie & it is only $1.75!! You can't beat that!!

Clip art sets used in these products


Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you 
come back soon & bring some friends along with ya (-;

Holly Bloggy Exchange, A FREEBIE, & A 40% Off SALE

Christmas Secret Boggy Exchange!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

First things first! I signed up to be a part of the Holly Bloggy Christmas Exchange this year, because it was such a fun experience last year. I forgot to take a picture of the present that I sent out; however, I did take a picture of my shipping receipt:
As you can see from above, I sent mine out a couple of days AFTER the December 10th deadline and paid for overnight shipping...YIKES... It really does pay to be on time..hahaha!!
Another hint I can give to you is a cute chevron background and a frame that I created for my gift. Feel free to grab these and use them. Please be sure to read my Terms of Use BEFORE using any of my graphics.


You might have already suspected that my secret exchange partner may or may the color purple! hahaha!

I received mine in the mail at the end of last week; however, with everything going on, I did not feel it was the best time to post about gifts....
Here is the thing....when I found my gift, it was open and sitting on one the of office desks. Peculiar, right? Well, some sneaky elves tore into that box. They, at least, left me the best part of the gift... I was able to take a quick picture of one of the sneaky elves....
Hmmmm, that elf looks familiar. And is that something from my gift? Why yes, yes it is.... DARN ELVES....hahaha
Thank you bloggy exchange partner, 
Mrs. Hoffer's Spot

There were remnants of peanut butter chocolate trees and other chocolatey goodness, but I was just uber excited that the best stuff was kept in-tact... Check IT OUT!! I just about died laughing!! BEST GIFT EVER!!

Trashy romance, cute penguin goodies & the thought of chocolates!! And here is the cutest hand towel - that I already hung to cutify my oven!!

If you haven't already, you should definitely follow the Blogger Exchange and participate when the next fun exchange is posted!! I can't wait until my secret exchange partner receives the gift I sent...I am hoping for some laughs!!

Thank you for stopping by & I would love to hear about the worst gift you ever received from someone. One year, my husband bought me a sauce pan. I know what you might be thinking, but this particular sauce pan was purchased at the 99cent store! I wouldn't let him live that one down for a while - but that is not even the funniest part of the story!! That saucepan (which he paid about $3.00 for) has lasted the longest of all of our other "name brand" cookware!! Bwahahahaha!! He never lets me forget it!! hahaha

2012 is almost over....SOOO....
I will be having a 40% off SALE at my ETSY store this FRIDAY & Saturday!!!

Click on the image above to visit my Etsy shop and start filling your carts to be the first to checkout this Friday and Saturday!!

New sets recently posted...LOOKY HERE....




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