Holly Bloggy Exchange, A FREEBIE, & A 40% Off SALE

Christmas Secret Boggy Exchange!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

First things first! I signed up to be a part of the Holly Bloggy Christmas Exchange this year, because it was such a fun experience last year. I forgot to take a picture of the present that I sent out; however, I did take a picture of my shipping receipt:
As you can see from above, I sent mine out a couple of days AFTER the December 10th deadline and paid for overnight shipping...YIKES... It really does pay to be on time..hahaha!!
Another hint I can give to you is a cute chevron background and a frame that I created for my gift. Feel free to grab these and use them. Please be sure to read my Terms of Use BEFORE using any of my graphics.


You might have already suspected that my secret exchange partner may or may the color purple! hahaha!

I received mine in the mail at the end of last week; however, with everything going on, I did not feel it was the best time to post about gifts....
Here is the thing....when I found my gift, it was open and sitting on one the of office desks. Peculiar, right? Well, some sneaky elves tore into that box. They, at least, left me the best part of the gift... I was able to take a quick picture of one of the sneaky elves....
Hmmmm, that elf looks familiar. And is that something from my gift? Why yes, yes it is.... DARN ELVES....hahaha
Thank you bloggy exchange partner, 
Mrs. Hoffer's Spot

There were remnants of peanut butter chocolate trees and other chocolatey goodness, but I was just uber excited that the best stuff was kept in-tact... Check IT OUT!! I just about died laughing!! BEST GIFT EVER!!

Trashy romance, cute penguin goodies & the thought of chocolates!! And here is the cutest hand towel - that I already hung to cutify my oven!!

If you haven't already, you should definitely follow the Blogger Exchange and participate when the next fun exchange is posted!! I can't wait until my secret exchange partner receives the gift I sent...I am hoping for some laughs!!

Thank you for stopping by & I would love to hear about the worst gift you ever received from someone. One year, my husband bought me a sauce pan. I know what you might be thinking, but this particular sauce pan was purchased at the 99cent store! I wouldn't let him live that one down for a while - but that is not even the funniest part of the story!! That saucepan (which he paid about $3.00 for) has lasted the longest of all of our other "name brand" cookware!! Bwahahahaha!! He never lets me forget it!! hahaha

2012 is almost over....SOOO....
I will be having a 40% off SALE at my ETSY store this FRIDAY & Saturday!!!

Click on the image above to visit my Etsy shop and start filling your carts to be the first to checkout this Friday and Saturday!!

New sets recently posted...LOOKY HERE....





  1. The best part was left in tact! I had to hide them so I would send them and not read them:)
    So glad you and your elves enjoyed it!


    1. Bwahahaha!! We thought it was hilarious and the kids got a giggle too...

      Thank you so much & I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!


  2. Love, love, love the 99 cent store pan!

  3. Too cute!!! Love it! & Thank- you for the freebie! :)

  4. I love that little towel and thanks for the freebies!
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