Winner, Winner & Charlie, the EATER!!

Well, HELL-OOO bloggers!! I can't believe that Halloween is already here...holy cow!!! This year is going by so fast!!
Before I get into anything, I have 2 winners to announce from my Bloggiversary fun last week!!
Winner #1

And the FUN Continues: Excuses & a RAFFLE!!!

I can't believe it's Friday!!!
I have been teaching my son how to create graphics in Adobe Photoshop! Click on the mug to grab a couple of his very first FREEBIES!! My son, Brody (He prefers Brody over Broden), is 11 years old and definitely has the art bug (-;  Enjoy a few images created by my clone (-; hahaha
I will be making more rounds and finishing up reading through everyone's posts who linked up...can't wait!! I had other posts planned for this week, but I was without internet after Tuesday!!! The internet was slow over the weekend and then kept cutting out. At first, I thought it was my computer, but there was nothing wrong there. I finally had to call out Cox yesterday and they had to replace the main modem/router in my house. 

You see, we actually pay our internet through our HOA  and we have a "special" Cox department for our neighborhood. If we call the regular line, they have no record of us paying for internet...weird, I know.. Well, they just said that their modem was not working properly, so they replaced it with a new one!!  I can't even tell you how frustrating it was to be without internet!! Holy batman!! Because we live a little a part from the world  in our neighborhood, we do not get internet service on our phones or the ipad when our own wireless is down!! We can get calls through T-mobile, but the internet signal is so low that I can't ever load anything!! We have AT&T for the ipad, but we don't even get that to work either!! Needless to say, this might be a long post..hahaha
I don't know who was or the kids!! 
Actually, I thought I was having the biggest withdrawals, but I think my daughter won the "Precious" Lord of the Rings, award yesterday!! hahaha....She was actually not even on speaking terms with me because she could not get internet on her was HILARIOUS!! Yes, I can fix the computers and replace computer parts....and...typically figure out any of the computer issues in our house....however......I am not a miracle worker..hahaha...
She was actually trying to argue with me over the if I had intentionally taken the internet away from her..LOL!!! Her attitude got so bad that I told her to hand over the cell phone until she could be respectful.....and...if you want to see how dramatic a teenage girl can get.....take away her cell phone...hahahaha
 She refused to even eat dinner...YES, it was that dramatic. She is in both drama and choir, and the last few weeks have been her practice and performance weeks. She leaves the house at 7:30am and does not get home until around 6:30-7pm at night....I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was very tired..hahaha. After dinner, we all sat down to watch Prometheus, which I picked up at Costco, and it wasn't long before she was laughing again and hungry enough to eat. I am not sure how I feel about the movie yet, but I was able to give my daughter her phone back before the end of the night...thank goodness!! Today, we have internet, so I might even get a hug...hahahaha
  Because of the internet interruption this week, I will be posting a winner for the giveaway tomorrow. I want to, at least, read through most of the posts and send out my gifts to everyone who participated in the giveaway and helping me celebrate my one year BLOGGIVERSARY!!! Thank you everyone!!
I am keeping track of the emails of those who have linked up, so if you haven't added your email, please do, and I will send you a special gift!! I have been sending out the email gifts in waves; however, if you do not receive an email after today, please let me know by emailing me (  (-;
Now for the fun stuff!!!

I have a very special friend to introduce to all of you!!! This is a fellow artist that I connected with a little while ago and I have had the pleasure of watching her talent take off!!
Meet Tammy @
And her clip art blog:

I love supporting fellow artists who love what they do and appreciate other artists' work as well. I had attempted to have some quest posts from fellow artists; however, not all artists are team players...sadly...We all have something unique to offer and I love connecting with other artists!!

To continue my Bloggiversary celebration and Tammy's newest clip art set (that is ADORABLE by the way), I have created a Rafflecopter & one lucky winner will win Tammy's newest clip art set:

You have until Sunday, October 28th to enter to win this set (-;

Follow the steps in the Rafflecopter to enter this giveaway. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will be posting something from me tomorrow morning!! I figured I would give the Rafflecopter the spotlight today!!

Good luck and Thank you for following!!!
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Day 2 Celebration: Linky, giveaway, and more free graphics!!

Thank you everyone for all of the bloggy wishes & encouragement!! This has been such a fun experience! I hope you have all enjoyed the freebies so far!!
To add some more fun to the mix, I am adding a fun linky & giveaway!! Let me introduce to you....
I know that everyone has a first year blog story to share. For this linky, all you have to do is share a favorite memory from your first year of can share something funny, a moment of enlightenment when you learned how to do something, or tips you would like to share.

The Linky begins today (Oct. 21) and ends on Wednesday, Oct. 23. All you need to do is grab the poster above, share your memory on a blog post and then come back and link that post in the Inlinkz  tool below. 

I have enabled the ability to vote on the links, which should be very fun. I have never used the voting feature before, so this will be another new experience...hahaha

There is also an incentive for linking up!! Everyone who links up will receive something special from me & one lucky winner will get to choose any one item from my TPT store! The winner will be announced on Thursday, October 25th.

 In order to receive your special gift from me after you link up, you will need to include your email address in a comment below. I will be sending out the gifts as soon as you start linking up 

I can't wait to read your stories!!

I know this is a bit off topic, but I just had to share this. If you love TPT, then you will love this product (not mine). I ordered one today after I accidentally stumbled upon a Rockin' TPT store belonging to Laura Torres. She has the cutest hand-crafted keepsake bracelet for sale - I can't wait to get mine (-; Click on her name above to check out her TPT store. 

And no blog post will be complete this week without something special!!!
Thank you for always "filling my bucket" with are a couple of buckets you can fill...
These would be great printed very large on card-stock. Once printed, you can cut a slit at the top and use it for activities in your classroom...just an idea..haha

Please read my Terms of Use before using my graphics for personal and/or commercial use. 
Thank you for respecting and protecting my art (-;

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Week Long Celebration!!! Happy 1 Year Bloggiversay to The 3AM Teacher!!

I am thoroughly excited that I get to use my own cake!! I have a ton of things planned for this week and today is only the beginning. I am kicking off this Saturday with a sale, a deal & a couple of cute freebies!!!
Fell free to spread the word using this poster (-;
I can't believe it was only a year ago that I created this blog and had to force my children to follow me...hahaha I only had 44 followers on my TPT store and I would have never dreamed that I would be making money selling my digital art - WHAT A BLESSING and adventure this has been!!

Frosty, 3AM Featured, & SEVERAL Free graphics...

Frosty has landed!! He arrived at his first destination Wednesday afternoon and I can't wait to see what he's been up to!!  Someone recently told me that what I am doing is a bit like Flat Stanley. I hate to admit this, but I did not know what Flat Stanley was. Sure, I have heard of the series, and my son actually sent one to his grandparents from his class one year, but I really had no idea what it was. 
I looked it up..and sure enough, it is a bit similar...except that frosty is not flat and his name is not Flat Stanley...hahaha...
After reading about the Flat Stanley series, I am even more excited to see Frosty's journey unfold!! Flat Stanley even has his own site that includes updates and resources, which is exactly what I was going for!! How funny!!! The site is really cool (much more detailed than Frosty's..but he is new to the travelling scene).
You can click the link above to check it out. I want to figure out how I can get a live map update for Frosty!!   I can't wait to begin to start uploading pictures, resources and stories! I may have to create a website..opposed to a blog...we will see. I am pretty strapped for time, so I am trying to stay focused (fat chance at that..hahaha).
Onto some REALLY excited news...
I just found out that LAURA CANDLER will be featuring MWA in her newsletter this weekend!!! I feel so honored!!! It all started with a little bit of silliness and some images to go along....get graphics..hahaha... To celebrate this news, I am going to kick off my Bloggiversary early...with a sensational FREEBIE this Saturday when her Newsletter goes out!!! 
Please check out and sign up for Laura's newsletter! It is amazing and her site is so professional - it quite frankly puts my "always under construction" blog to shame...hahaha... The newsletter is free and she is brilliantly talented!!!
You can see what her newsletter is all about and sign up if you feel that it will benefit you (-; I am jumping up and down like a teenage girl at a Justin Timberlake concert!! Needless to say, I am so happy (-;
I can't wait to show you the Freebie I have in store for you!! I will be very busy tomorrow!!
I am working like a an Egyptian slave!! ...Except, I am not working outside...
And, I'm not being forced - and I am not building a I guess I will just have to say that I am working more like a nerdy video game developer....staring at a computer screen for HOURS....little to no social life outside of the virtual world, pale skin, and a LOT of caffeine ...YEP...that sounds a little more like my life at this moment...hahaha. I REALLY do not like the taste of coffee (I do love the smell), so I drink Diet Red Bull....and don't even try to convince me of how unhealthy it is...I am aware of that and I still drink it..hahaha Not all day and only I am going to die a slow death...hahaha..Just Kidding! I plan to live until I am bout 120 years old...I am going to be that silvery-haired lady on the news, celebrating my B-day and still not too old to fake a seizure- just to have some firemen around in my last hours...bwahahaha!!
I have been working on MANY projects and I thought I would share what I have done so far...I created some of these sets after getting requests - just in case you are wondering why in the world I would make blocks instead of Thanksgiving or Winter graphics..hahaha

You can check out these blocks HERE
While finishing up this set, I experimented with a few options and created a cute GOLDEN block....You might be able to use this one for special math activities...I only made one sparkly one because I couldn't decide if I liked it..hahaha
You may enjoy this one as a FREEBIE...Please read my TOU before using this image...
The other set I don't make fun of me....I really do not have a thing for these little buggers, but - they did turn out cute...hahaha..more of a Spring theme...HERE YOU GO...

I had a few of the images that I couldn't add to the set (due to the limited size), so here is a cutie bugger text frame just for you!! Enjoy!! 
Now onto some more art that suits this time of year!!
I have been on Facebook quite a bit, actually, I am on it whenever I am at my desk...I know -I have a problem..hahaha..
This is a frame that you will see in my new Winter set....I will have quite a few new sets out this weekend!! Woo Hoo!!
Please remember to read my TOU  before using any of my graphics. All of my graphics are for personal and/or commercial use (single user)...
Have a GREAT FRIDAY!!! Thank you for stopping by!
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When C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y Calls! Free Halloween Kitty Graphic

When Creativity Calls...
Well, I didn't get inspired in my dreams, but I did get some inspiration while in the shower...bwahahaha!! And that is not even the funny part…

While in the shower, I was thinking about Laura Candler- -Okay folks...get your minds back in heaven - I was thinking about her because I am a
SERIAL multi-tasker - 
I can't help soon as I am "aware" of my awakeness (I just made that up...I'm a writer, so I'm allowed to do that) brain starts multi-tasking...hahaha

Well, while thinking about Laura I was telling her that I am trying to get a free (YES, FREE) clip art set out by Friday, I was going through my to-do list and....
she just happened to be first on my list (well, after Krista Miller......of whom I have become a stalker of....not sure that she knows please keep this intel on the DL..haha)....
And I created a set of (well, it is a secret.....) "WATERMELONS" (not really...)...and a children's story popped in my head - JUST LIKE THAT!!!
I was so excited that I yelled for hubs (who has selective hearing...and couldn't hear my voice)...he wouldn't budge and I had creativity that NEEDED to be written down or recorded's a girl to do???

Run out of the shower in the nude...searching for write down the creative juices that I do not want to forget...the first thing I spot.....MY CELL PHONE!!

I grabbed the cell phone....searched for my awesome "voice recorder" app and got back in the shower..cell phone in hand!  I have a really big shower...called a "snail" - it is great for when I want to have shower parties...hahaha..just is breezy and huge and not great for when I am cold...but, I had my cell phone and I was ready to record...I pressed the record button and professed my new children's book (the entire thing) -

The reason I am telling you this......well, I have decided that this one will be my first FREE Children's e-book that includes a set of FREE clip art images to use in your resources!!!! I have three children's books completely finished, but the one that I am most excited about...I have not had the time to finish the art for.....I am going to have to take...possibly January to myself, to get my own illustrations finished...

 When my creativity is flowing....there is nothing I can do about it-  except to just go with whatever is in my head..
I will be posting this fabulous Holiday-themed (Woo HOO), story and clip art set by Friday or Saturday.....) The new book will be dedicated to Laura Candler...hahaha....

Oh- the things my brain is capable of never ceases to UH-MAZE me!

I would love to know what inspires all of you & what do you get inspired to do???

The remainder of the day was fairly productive...My lack of time is beginning to feel like having an expensive car, but never  quite enough money to make the monthly payments! I have so many things to do, but never enough time!! I really need to have a super-power...
I need to be able to freeze time at will...


possess the ability to complete tasks faster than the speed of light!! I keep asking God for just one of these gifts; however, I keep waking up exactly the same! 

I SUH-POSE that I could spend less time pondering the thought of possessing a super power and more time on the tasks at hand.....BUT my brain does what it wants....

I think RIGHT and write LEFT

hahaha..who's scratching their head??? 

I went to the post office this morning to mail out Frosty and I had a blast!! I asked if I could get Frosty's picture with the employees, and one out of two volunteered....the second girl was a bit of a party pooper!! She was NOT having any of it...even when every single customer in the store asked about Frosty and took mental notes of his blog...hahaha...

Oh well, ya can't win them all. At least I snapped the most awesome picture of Frosty with a vibrant postal worker named, Katherine.....WHAT A DOLL SHE WAS!!
She even posed....I couldn't have been more happy - I think I thanked her a million times. I told her that she could become famous from the snapshot one day when Frosty reaches celebrity status...I tried sounding convincing enough by raising my voice...AND my eyebrows at that other gal, but she wasn't interested a BIT!! She avoided having any eye contact with me! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!! hahaha
This one's for you Katherine - the best postal employee in AZ  - as far as I am concerned!!
I am also very happy because I found some cute black and white contact paper - FINALLY!! I am going to beautify my Blah, Blah, filing cabinet in my office...I will let you know how it goes & keep you updated on my progress....once I get some time to spare...hahahaha!!

Before I let you go, I will present you with a little gift....
Enjoy the Halloween Kitty!! Who said black cats have to be scary??..hahaha

Please read my Terms of Use before using this image - thank you for respecting & protecting my work (-;
P.S. Update: I have 9 new followers this week thus far...that is $9 towards beast cancer awareness - thank you for following!!

Have a Happy Tuesday!!
The More you PIN, the More you WIN....
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Something New, A TRIO BOO, & a FREEBIE TOO

I am so excited to announce that I am a part of this new collaborative (anything goes) teaching resource blog!! You are going to be overwhelmed with all of the resources we have planned to post here. And...check out the cute blog design by Nancy Messenger...sooo cute!!
Check out the new blog below....

Tips for Top Teachers: A Smorgasboard of Teaching Resources

In another announcement.....FROSTY IS BEING SHIPPED OUT TOMORROW MORNING!!! Woo HOO!! I am so excited to watch how this little dog's adventure unfolds and I wish I could contact all of my previous students who got to spend a weekend with him while in my classroom, to tell them he gets to travel the globe!!
You can check out the blog I created for him to see what this is all about. Everyone who is participating is very excited, which makes me even more excited!! I am going to see if I can talk the post office into letting me take a picture of them with Frosty before he is shipped to his first destination....hahahaha....I will tell them it is for the children, of course...tehehehe!!! His trip might actually take about a year.....hopefully, each person only keeps him a few days before shipping him to the next destination...I have to admit that I am a little jealous that he gets to travel and I don't....Next year, I think I will have "The 3AM Teacher takes on the Globe" linky and ship myself in a box from classroom to classroom around the globe...hahaha...

                Well, Today's post will be short, but I did post...

I've Been Boo'd
The only time to get excited about that!!! hahaha
Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad
Much thanks to 
Realistic Teacher
For boo'ing me (-;

I was also boo'd by Kate @ The Wise Owls, but I could not find her blog....if you are out there - I would love your link (-;

Here's how to play. Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers, another that has about the SAME number of followers, and last, someone that has LESS followers.

Highlight their blogs with links to encourage others to check them out. Don't forget to let your fellow bloggers know that you shared about them. 

Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."

Here are the three blogs I am choosing to BOO!!
Hopefully, they have not been Boo'd yet..hahaha

My fist choice...
She is full of ideas, but her blog is always colorful and I love reading her posts (although, I have to has been a while since I have had some free reading time)
One of my first followers and favorites...Jen from...

Who is not afraid to get down and dirty...hahahaha!!!

And my newest obsession (and not just because she has posted so many nice things about my graphics..LOL)...
You must check out these blogs if you haven't already!! I am going to need a super power to keep up with all of the blogs I love!! It was hard to just choose three!!!
Well, these three lucky bloggers get a free gift from my store!! I hope they are paying attention..hahaha!

Well, with all the colors on the trees beginning to change and the beautiful Fall resources everyone is posting...I am sending you off with a Fall tree trio graphic from my Autumn Trees Graphics set....

Just right click and save as...
Please read my terms of use before using the image....

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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