And the FUN Continues: Excuses & a RAFFLE!!!

I can't believe it's Friday!!!
I have been teaching my son how to create graphics in Adobe Photoshop! Click on the mug to grab a couple of his very first FREEBIES!! My son, Brody (He prefers Brody over Broden), is 11 years old and definitely has the art bug (-;  Enjoy a few images created by my clone (-; hahaha
I will be making more rounds and finishing up reading through everyone's posts who linked up...can't wait!! I had other posts planned for this week, but I was without internet after Tuesday!!! The internet was slow over the weekend and then kept cutting out. At first, I thought it was my computer, but there was nothing wrong there. I finally had to call out Cox yesterday and they had to replace the main modem/router in my house. 

You see, we actually pay our internet through our HOA  and we have a "special" Cox department for our neighborhood. If we call the regular line, they have no record of us paying for internet...weird, I know.. Well, they just said that their modem was not working properly, so they replaced it with a new one!!  I can't even tell you how frustrating it was to be without internet!! Holy batman!! Because we live a little a part from the world  in our neighborhood, we do not get internet service on our phones or the ipad when our own wireless is down!! We can get calls through T-mobile, but the internet signal is so low that I can't ever load anything!! We have AT&T for the ipad, but we don't even get that to work either!! Needless to say, this might be a long post..hahaha
I don't know who was or the kids!! 
Actually, I thought I was having the biggest withdrawals, but I think my daughter won the "Precious" Lord of the Rings, award yesterday!! hahaha....She was actually not even on speaking terms with me because she could not get internet on her was HILARIOUS!! Yes, I can fix the computers and replace computer parts....and...typically figure out any of the computer issues in our house....however......I am not a miracle worker..hahaha...
She was actually trying to argue with me over the if I had intentionally taken the internet away from her..LOL!!! Her attitude got so bad that I told her to hand over the cell phone until she could be respectful.....and...if you want to see how dramatic a teenage girl can get.....take away her cell phone...hahahaha
 She refused to even eat dinner...YES, it was that dramatic. She is in both drama and choir, and the last few weeks have been her practice and performance weeks. She leaves the house at 7:30am and does not get home until around 6:30-7pm at night....I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was very tired..hahaha. After dinner, we all sat down to watch Prometheus, which I picked up at Costco, and it wasn't long before she was laughing again and hungry enough to eat. I am not sure how I feel about the movie yet, but I was able to give my daughter her phone back before the end of the night...thank goodness!! Today, we have internet, so I might even get a hug...hahahaha
  Because of the internet interruption this week, I will be posting a winner for the giveaway tomorrow. I want to, at least, read through most of the posts and send out my gifts to everyone who participated in the giveaway and helping me celebrate my one year BLOGGIVERSARY!!! Thank you everyone!!
I am keeping track of the emails of those who have linked up, so if you haven't added your email, please do, and I will send you a special gift!! I have been sending out the email gifts in waves; however, if you do not receive an email after today, please let me know by emailing me (  (-;
Now for the fun stuff!!!

I have a very special friend to introduce to all of you!!! This is a fellow artist that I connected with a little while ago and I have had the pleasure of watching her talent take off!!
Meet Tammy @
And her clip art blog:

I love supporting fellow artists who love what they do and appreciate other artists' work as well. I had attempted to have some quest posts from fellow artists; however, not all artists are team players...sadly...We all have something unique to offer and I love connecting with other artists!!

To continue my Bloggiversary celebration and Tammy's newest clip art set (that is ADORABLE by the way), I have created a Rafflecopter & one lucky winner will win Tammy's newest clip art set:

You have until Sunday, October 28th to enter to win this set (-;

Follow the steps in the Rafflecopter to enter this giveaway. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will be posting something from me tomorrow morning!! I figured I would give the Rafflecopter the spotlight today!!

Good luck and Thank you for following!!!
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  1. I love Tammy's new set! It is so cute!

    Your son definitely has the art bug! What cute clip art! I can't wait for winter!

    So glad you have internet back! I am hoping we don't lose power with the approaching hurricane but it isn't looking good!
    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

    1. At least there is one other artist in this family. I am so glad that we don't get hurricanes....and I hope you stay safe...scary...


  2. Yay for Brody jumpin' on the art train like mama!
    (p.s. - I can't see any of your pictures besides his cocoa cup)

    1. Thanks....Hopefully you can see them now.


  3. My son has helped me many times. I wish I was artistic like he is! It is nice to meet Tammy and have another source for good clip art...Thank you!
    Owl Things First!

  4. Can you teach me how to create clip art in Photoshop too? lol :)

    1. I am working on creating tutorials...hopefully, in the near future, I will have them all up (-;


  5. Replies
    1. Thank you!! He will be surprised when he finds out I posted them....I wanted to surprise him first..hahaha


  6. Your son is really good. I am sure he will be making some money soon with those graphics. Tammy does great work too. I would love a set of those mugs for myself.

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. Tammy is great & her art just keeps getting cuter!!
      Thank you for giving her love!!


  7. Kids are great at creating clipart. I did a lesson with our 5/6's making clipart in powerpoint and I was AHHHmazed at what they were producing. Great job Brody. Michelle I can't the pics either, just the pic of the mug.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Thanks Tania! Kids never cease to amaze me by their endless talents!! I have added the images directly from my external hard drive now....can you see them in the post now??

      Thank you,

  8. I think it is awesome when my kids are interested in art! I love the cake!

    Amber Key

  9. The mug looks fabulous!! Thanks for a great giveaway.


  10. I love your son's clipart - what a great job!

    And I love Tammy's clipart, so I can't resist entering!

    Stef @ Miss Galvin Learns

  11. Love the mug (could he give me some tips, please?!) and love Tammy! I connected early on with her clip art blog and she's great at sharing things and is making great strides with her creations! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Teacher's Toolkit

  12. Thanks for a great giveaway! How fun to have a son who takes after his momma, too!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Love your clip art and Dots of Fun too!

  15. I'm so thankful for all the sweet comments I'm getting over here!! Michelle- you are so sweet to invite me over!!! Thanks so much!! Lots and Lots of HUGS to you!!!!

  16. Great giveaway!
    I get an error when clicking on the mug!
    Sweet Times in First

  17. Brody's mug is cute, and I know what you mean about not having the internet. I have withdrawals as well!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  18. I love your all of your stories and fabulous clip art! Thanks for always sharing with a laugh and a smile.

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  19. I love that your son is dabbling in art. I am no pro at all, but I can hold my own with a few drawings and creativity. One of my nieces is picking up some skills and is doing a great job! I am playing Draw Something with her, and it's fun to see what she can produce! I'm sure he'll be happy to see all the praise he's getting from this adventure! And you can save it in his files to show him 20 years from now when he is famous!


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