Winner, Winner & Charlie, the EATER!!

Well, HELL-OOO bloggers!! I can't believe that Halloween is already here...holy cow!!! This year is going by so fast!!
Before I get into anything, I have 2 winners to announce from my Bloggiversary fun last week!!
Winner #1

Ash from....
The Teacher Wife!!!
I am so excited because I am just now figuring out that the winner is one of my blogger does that happen??? Ash is fabulous!! I just got a gift from her in the mail 

She makes the cutest rings & I got mine in the mail today!! We did a little trade and Ash made my daughter and I rings!! I even got one personalized as a surprise!!! The pic is not that great, but here they are...
The rings are a bit too big, but I can adjust them to fit. My fingers are pretty tiny - I had my wedding ring re-sized twice & they still couldn't get it right...I can't wear my ring on a cold day because it falls off my finger....annoying actually. Aren't they the cutest??? 
Well Ash, you get to pick any one thing from my TPT store for free - congrats friend!!

Winner #2
Viki !!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in both giveaways last week!!

Now for the juicy part!!
Well, about midway through last week, I lost my internet connection completely  It had been going in and out and I ended up having to call out our Cox people...who replaced the main modem in our closet. Our internet is paid through our HOA, we have to call out a special Cox task force....bwahahahaha!! Anywho, I got my internet back up and running on Friday...WOO HOO!! Saturday, we went to the AZ state fair and had a blast!!!

Here are a few bad pics from my phone camera...sorry...
This is my daughter and my son having some fun...the delay on the camera phone did not help with the photo quality took me almost 10 tries just to get this one..hahaha
This was before the ride started.....there is nothing like some speed and belly jerks to force smiles out of your kids..hehehehe

It was a very nice day! Hot, but we were able to leave once the crowds began to hinder the fun..hahaha
Before I left to head out to the fair, I noticed that Linda Kamp over at Around the Kampfire, had posted on Frosty's blog!! I was so excited that I took a quick peek and decided that I would comment on it when I got home. 

When I got home....NO INTERNET AGAIN!! What the HAY BARREL!!
I played around with it, but decided I had had too much sun and was too tired to figure out the problem. Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk...just thinking about death (hahaha....JK....that is for the Harry Potter fans out there)...

But seriously, I could not figure out what was going on. THEN SUDDENLY, my little lovely puppy, Prince Charlie (panty snatcher), who was sitting behind my chair, made a little screech. I turned around to find that he had shocked himself!! I left an extra light I use for drawing plugged into the wall & he had bit through the chord a little and shocked himself!!! POOR PUPPY!!!
It suddenly dawned on me to check my router chords for Charlie tracks.......and guess what???
My router had been chewed by our one and only Charlie boy!! His name continues to grow as we learn his little quirks...he is now...

Prince Charlie Panty-Snatcher  Prancer-Dancer Big Grinner Captain-Tinkle Favorite Jessica Simpson Blue Heel Havoc Hero NET-DESTROYER

Phew!!! We want to encourage all of his strengths and build his autonomy, so his name has evolved over time...hahahaha

Oh, I think I forgot to add, the Messy Crafter to his name...
Here is the evidence:

He wouldn't even look at me - and he wasn't even in trouble...He was mad that I was laughing at him...bwahahahaha!!! I love this dog!!! He has so much character!!!

More evidence...although, I don't think he will ever chew a chord again after getting shocked..hahah...sometimes, we have to let him learn on his own..tehehehe...I am just glad that he wasn't really hurt!! He won't even sit next to the phone chord anymore...tehehehe...
I wouldn't be shocked if he never goes near a chord again...(no pun intended..hahahaha)

Dogs keep us is my son with both of our cute little puppies...

Well, onto other is my newest set!! It is the first part of my Silly World Holiday Collection & I am lovin the silliness already!! The remaining graphics are finished,  but I have to create previews and get hthem uploaded least favorite part of the process actually (-;

You can check out the new set HERE
I also want to thank all of you who are always pinning my previews and leaving such thoughtful comments after you purchase or download anything from my TPT store! I really appreciate it! 

Last, I will leave you with a few FREE backgrounds. I posted several new backgrounds on my shared Photobucket album for you to use in your holiday projects...enjoy!! 
Click the picture to get the images (-;

Thank you for stopping by!!
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  1. Thank you so much for the fun backgrounds! They will be put to good use!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Hi!
    My name is Joana, I am 24 years old and I am from Portugal (next to Spain).
    I am a primary school teacher in a private college and this is my third year of teaching. Since last year I discovered many blogs like yours through “Pinterest”.
    I implemented some of your ideas and I am fascinated by your creativity, cooperation in classroom, independence and autonomy that you give to the children.
    I’d tried to do many things similar to yours but they were not always well accepted by my director and coordinator, because innovation makes a difference, and in making a difference insecurity is more than often created!
    I wonder if there’s any possibility to do an internship in your school, to learn and see, in practice, what I visualize in your blogs.
    I’d love to get an international experience for about one or two years in your country.
    My partner, Tiago, is also a teacher. He teaches English to Kindergarten and primary school children. He wanted to go to China but for me, it’s too far, and then there is the difference in the culture and language which would cause other types of adaption, which I feel would impede my spontaneity. He would love to learn new approaches and different strategies in his field.
    My e-mail is:, and I trust that you will be able to assist me in improving my educational skills. If it is necessary to give my contact to another person, please feel free to do so.
    With my best regards,
    Joana Fernandes


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