When C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y Calls! Free Halloween Kitty Graphic

When Creativity Calls...
Well, I didn't get inspired in my dreams, but I did get some inspiration while in the shower...bwahahaha!! And that is not even the funny part…

While in the shower, I was thinking about Laura Candler- -Okay folks...get your minds back in heaven - I was thinking about her because I am a
SERIAL multi-tasker - 
I can't help soon as I am "aware" of my awakeness (I just made that up...I'm a writer, so I'm allowed to do that) brain starts multi-tasking...hahaha

Well, while thinking about Laura I was telling her that I am trying to get a free (YES, FREE) clip art set out by Friday, I was going through my to-do list and....
she just happened to be first on my list (well, after Krista Miller......of whom I have become a stalker of....not sure that she knows please keep this intel on the DL..haha)....
And I created a set of (well, it is a secret.....) "WATERMELONS" (not really...)...and a children's story popped in my head - JUST LIKE THAT!!!
I was so excited that I yelled for hubs (who has selective hearing...and couldn't hear my voice)...he wouldn't budge and I had creativity that NEEDED to be written down or recorded's a girl to do???

Run out of the shower in the nude...searching for write down the creative juices that I do not want to forget...the first thing I spot.....MY CELL PHONE!!

I grabbed the cell phone....searched for my awesome "voice recorder" app and got back in the shower..cell phone in hand!  I have a really big shower...called a "snail" - it is great for when I want to have shower parties...hahaha..just is breezy and huge and not great for when I am cold...but, I had my cell phone and I was ready to record...I pressed the record button and professed my new children's book (the entire thing) -

The reason I am telling you this......well, I have decided that this one will be my first FREE Children's e-book that includes a set of FREE clip art images to use in your resources!!!! I have three children's books completely finished, but the one that I am most excited about...I have not had the time to finish the art for.....I am going to have to take...possibly January to myself, to get my own illustrations finished...

 When my creativity is flowing....there is nothing I can do about it-  except to just go with whatever is in my head..
I will be posting this fabulous Holiday-themed (Woo HOO), story and clip art set by Friday or Saturday.....) The new book will be dedicated to Laura Candler...hahaha....

Oh- the things my brain is capable of never ceases to UH-MAZE me!

I would love to know what inspires all of you & what do you get inspired to do???

The remainder of the day was fairly productive...My lack of time is beginning to feel like having an expensive car, but never  quite enough money to make the monthly payments! I have so many things to do, but never enough time!! I really need to have a super-power...
I need to be able to freeze time at will...


possess the ability to complete tasks faster than the speed of light!! I keep asking God for just one of these gifts; however, I keep waking up exactly the same! 

I SUH-POSE that I could spend less time pondering the thought of possessing a super power and more time on the tasks at hand.....BUT my brain does what it wants....

I think RIGHT and write LEFT

hahaha..who's scratching their head??? 

I went to the post office this morning to mail out Frosty and I had a blast!! I asked if I could get Frosty's picture with the employees, and one out of two volunteered....the second girl was a bit of a party pooper!! She was NOT having any of it...even when every single customer in the store asked about Frosty and took mental notes of his blog...hahaha...

Oh well, ya can't win them all. At least I snapped the most awesome picture of Frosty with a vibrant postal worker named, Katherine.....WHAT A DOLL SHE WAS!!
She even posed....I couldn't have been more happy - I think I thanked her a million times. I told her that she could become famous from the snapshot one day when Frosty reaches celebrity status...I tried sounding convincing enough by raising my voice...AND my eyebrows at that other gal, but she wasn't interested a BIT!! She avoided having any eye contact with me! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!! hahaha
This one's for you Katherine - the best postal employee in AZ  - as far as I am concerned!!
I am also very happy because I found some cute black and white contact paper - FINALLY!! I am going to beautify my Blah, Blah, filing cabinet in my office...I will let you know how it goes & keep you updated on my progress....once I get some time to spare...hahahaha!!

Before I let you go, I will present you with a little gift....
Enjoy the Halloween Kitty!! Who said black cats have to be scary??..hahaha

Please read my Terms of Use before using this image - thank you for respecting & protecting my work (-;
P.S. Update: I have 9 new followers this week thus far...that is $9 towards beast cancer awareness - thank you for following!!

Have a Happy Tuesday!!
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  1. OH My LoRd! I was in fits reading your post! So funny, I think there are many teacher/bloggers/creators that can relate to your shower escapades!
    So kind of that lady to pose with Frosty! I would have loved to have been on Frosty's mailing list but I don't know if I will have a class next 2013, so fingers crossed for his next intrepid adventure. Hope he doesn't get travel sick!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Hahaha...thank you so much!! I posted this pretty late (...actually...I guess I would have to say early), so I wasn't sure if anyone would catch it on their feed. I am so glad I made one other person laugh...aside from myself..bwahahaha...

      I am really excited for Frosty's adventures and Linda Kamp from Around the Kampfire should be getting him today (-; I met her this past year when we did an Arizona blog meet up and she is amazingly talented and the sweetest gal ever!!

      Will you be out of a teaching job by choice or from other circumstances??? Either way, I hope things work out well for you - there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss teaching!! Hence - my new found obsession with blogging, Top Teachers, FB, and...did I say blogging?? hahaha... I have actually posted more on my FB fan page than my blog is hard to pry myself away from instant conversations with whomever is around..hahaha...

      I hope you have a great rest of the week!!

      The 3AM Teacher

  2. I can't wait to read your children's book. I love that you are going to provide graphics to use with the books...super exciting! I am also excited that Frosty will be stopping by my class during his travels. Thank you for the cute kitty!

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. I love your ideas and your materials so I really hope you don't mind... but I boo-ed your blog. Come on over and check out all about the spooky Halloween BOO! Don't forget to link up too!

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  4. Your post was SO funny, you sound JUST like me! lol! I get really excited and talk this same way, and when I think of an idea I HAVE to write it down! Taking my cell in the shower is totally something I would do lol.

    Love your post!
    Just Diving In

  5. HILARIOUS!!! I'm still giggling! I have to have a pen / paper beside my bed as I often think of things in the middle of the night... but then I try to write it all down in the dark (I've tried going to the bathroom and turning on the light.. but it's too bright and I can't get back to sleep) Soooo then... in the morning I have stare at the scrawled note on the paper and hope that I can make some sense of it!!

    Love the cute patoot kitty kat too! Thanks!


  6. Love the postal story! Some people just can't seem to find the fun in the day! Thanks for the cute graphic! It's adorable. I'm an old follower so I can't help contribute to a great cause. But, it's Go PINK week at my school and I am contributing towards that. I would love for you though, to stop by my blog and become a new follower.

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  7. Michelle,
    this blog post was pretty funny...I could totally picture it...not that I want to picture you in the shower, but I'm just sayin...hahaha LOL...ANY WAY..thanks for grabbing my button. I am a newbie when it comes to blogging and would love love love your help! I have been trying to figure things out on my own, but sometimes it's just so time consuming and with two little life is a bit INSANE at times..So I can relate to your multitasking super powers..The long and short of it....yes I would love for you to help me with my blog in anyway you can!


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