Linky Leap Year TPT SALE!!!! New Clip Art & FREEBIES!!!

Freebies at the end...the picture above is just a preview...YIPEE!

Pinterest... Bloggy Shout Outs..Award...OH YEAH...

Good afternoon bloggy friends!! I have become sooo behind on keeping myself in the midst of the  bloggy stuff going on!! I think I have finally figured out my computer problem and I am back...although, it may take me all day to catch up on the happenings (-;

FREEBIES...To Celebrate Patience

Well My Bloggity Marvelous Friends,

I was almost finished with my Soccer set...when low and behold, windows decides to give me a lovely little note (just because Win. knows that I can't retaliate... because I need my computer)...
This is what he said...(I will assume it's a explanation needed there)

To the lovely, wonderful, hard-working...Michelle... 

YOUR PROGRAM SEEMS TO HAVE STOPPED WORKING...& is going to force close...
We will let you know when "we" have found a solution ..

Oh has it windows pc (no caps because I am not feeling respectful at this moment...LOL). So lovely of you to let me know...I have a message for you as well...

Did ya get that??? Huh?? Did you get MY message???

Hahahaha!! Gotta love the good and the bad (except, I would rather have the good)

Here are some graphics I will give you to celebrate the good times I had today...As far as the bad...well, I didn't create anything during that time (right now)

Free for personal & commercial use...just give me some "street cred"...

For someone who can help: I have been looking for a gadget that I can use that will preview my best-selling items from TPT on my blog. I have looked and looked, but nothing yet. Please let me know if any of you have figured this one out...(-; This way, I don't have to remind new followers that I also have clip art sets on TPT.  Thanks a Bunch...


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Thank you's...Update...Freebies...YEAH!

Nice to be back! Thank you so very much for all the encouragement on my B-Day post. I didn't really do much, but I did get to watch Breaking Dawn...Part 1. I loved reading the books and so far, the movies have been great...but I was a little bummed that this one did not follow the book exactly )-; Oh Hollyweird!! I opened presents from my kids and husband and we ate treats and watched our movie. My sister called me at midnight, but I missed her call. It is a little tradition we have. Except this year when I called her, I forgot about the time difference and called her an hour's the little things that really count!!

It's My Birthday...I Can Blog if I Want To...

WARNING: This post contains information that some may find offensive for a blog. If you are someone that knows me or knows my parents, please know that this post is not to hurt anyone, but a way for me to have a voice...the only way to be heard. This is a short snip of my story...I will not carry the silent agony any longer. And if you have been a victim of a similar crime, please email me of you have questions or if you need help, or if you would just like to say thank you for being "your" voice. Sometimes knowing we are not the only ones who suffer or have suffered, makes a difference in how we see ourselves. 




TO CELEBRATE Jaana's (Miss S. over at Just Teaching Kindergarten) REACHING 50 FOLLOWERS...I have partnered up to celebrate the love!!

Me...of course, The 3AM Teacher

The 3AM Teacher

Jen @ The Teacher's Cauldron (totally amazing)

The Teachers' Cauldron

Guest starring...
The Picture Book Teacher Edition (ooh, haven't heard of this one before...)

AND NOW......Presenting.....the STAR......
MISS S. @ Just Teaching Kindergarten!!! Congrats on 50...we all know the thrill of watching our popularity rise...I mean...who doesn't want to be in the Bloggy "it-crowd"???
"I do...I do..." hahaha

Just Teaching...Kindergarten


I received an email this afternoon from Miss DeCarbo @ Second Grade Sugar & Spice, which has prompted me to make sure all of you who purchase the themed clip art from me or someone else, be informed of special precautions you need to take when posting these products for sale. She received an email from another artist from whom she bought Seussy themed clip art from and I will assume that they must have received a comment or maybe they read my previous posts about copyright & education. I am working on my computer as we speak, but I would like for you to visit this blog while I am unable to make a proper news bulletin at this moment. This will give you some insight and pre-cautions that you definitely don't want to ignore...

Second Grade Sugar and Spice

I will be creating a very clear and informative terms that will be included in the collections for you all to get and read & I will also include it on my blog...

Thank you & sorry for the quicky post interruption (-;

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Wow! I can't believe I have surpassed 200 followers....I promise, I am not ignoring anyone. On Friday (oh gosh, maybe it was Saturday - I never sleep so I keep losing track of time) I updated my design program. Well the "camera raw" within my program and every time I try to start something, the program freezes and crashes!!!! I have so many things to complete and I haven't even got to finish my surprise for everyone...BUMMER! I am going to spend a little while going through my computer and removing that update manually, then rebooting to see how it goes...and you know how computer fixes go...sometimes they will and most times, they just fight you to the death...LOL! That's okay, I am much smarter than my computer (hahahaha - yeah right). I will be back up and creating/posting ASAP! Wish me some luck and send me some magical powers to defeat the force of technology...

Last night I was working on a design (actually a few simultaneously) and my program just shut down...without even a warning or anything...and all was lost..well, not my memory anyway. Today has been rough all over! My hubs is being a poo, but every time I see all of your messages and complements, all I can do is smile (-; I can't believe how much everyone is creating and sharing and being so completely amazing!!!! 

I will be back  up and running...I am a fighter!!!! Nothing can stop me...well, I guess except...Microsoft WINDOWS!!!! I am rolling up my sleeves and ready to get down and dirty with HP and Windows...they are no match for this feisty Italian with Jerry curl...yeah, that's right!! Okay, it's as tight as a Jerry curl, but without the grease...that would be just gross...


Here is a freebie while you wait...

That's right people....BUTTER...because I will be slick!!! This is just a pre-celebration of my slickness....

UPDATE: Another round of Windows Updates & still going.....


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Last of the Math Collection & Some Freebies!

    First things First...I am done (for now) with the math clip art collection!!! YEAH!! I am amazed by the number of you who have been so supportive and encouraging! Thank you soooo very much! I can't believe I am almost at 200 followers!!!! Holy Cow! No worries, I have something special for everyone when I hit that number's gonna be delicious!! I better get it done...yikes!

New Stuff...Free Stuff...and some Holy Cows!!

Guess What???

By the way...these two crazies were created for fun...because I am a dork!!
My first Math Graphics are HERE!!! The theme: Telling time!
I decided to break the math into themes because there would be NO WAY to all of the graphics I have created into one file. The set includes both color and black and white png image files. 

MAYDAY....Trouble sending PNG's Update...

I have not been able to send out the png requests to several of you using your districts email server...the firewalls are tough and they often tag large files as  a virus or spam...

For this reason...I have uploaded the zipped png files for the puppy ten frame pieces as well as the free frames and borders onto my classroom website (that I no longer use). While teaching Kinder at a private school when we first moved to Arizona, the school was not tech savvy to say the least (don't get me wrong...this was an awesome workplace...loved it). I decided to pay for and create my own classroom website for parents and students. You are more than welcome to browse. 

Totally LOVING This.....

Hey Bloggers! (well, hi...hey is a bit just seemed to fit the mood...hehehe)

I have been obsessive about several blogs...there are so many awesome blogs out there...How will I ever have the time...LOL

Well, I found this blog the other day  - I think I linked onto her site from Barbara @ GRADE ONEderful who basically put me on the map...Barabara...if you are truly ARE WONDERFUL...

AnyWHO, I found this REALLY great blog and I am loving the humor and sarcasm in her writing!! She has this "Mustache You"  themed stamp for when students need to make corrections on their work...I didn't really get it...BUT WHAT an AWESOME way to get students to correct their work...much better than the RED INK method. While putting together the Freebie to celebrate 100 followers, I got side-tracked for a moment and decided to draw a mustache in honor of her  wonderfully enlightening quirkiness!!!

Here is her link, which most of you probably already have but I will post it anyway & I have also included a funny mustache for you to grab...hahaha   LOL1
Not sure what you can do with a mustache, but it's good fun anyway (-;

Here's to FARLEY & her "MUSTACHE" ...hehehe & her awesome blog!

Just in case you are not really into mustache's (I was not sure where to place the apostrophe on that word for some reason...just doesn't seem right) I have included some scissors I created for a lesson a little while ago (-;

All graphics are free for personal AND commercial use with mention of my work and blog... Have a LOVELY Friday!!

Thank You for Following!

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A Gift to CELEBRATE 100 Followers...(Well, Almost)

Good Morning, afternoon and/or goodnight 
(wherever you may be)...

click to see a larger image to was too large to fit on my blog page properly & I have OCD...LOL

I have put together a special gift to celebrate reaching my first 100 follower mark!! Okay, well...not technically, but 2 away is close enough for me!!! I am keeping the purple because the birthstone for February is purple Amethyst...the color of royalty...and grapes, plums..oh and now chips..Go ahead and read my letter to you below and then click the link to get your gift...SOOO CUTE! I wasn't happy with my drawings today, but my puppy turned out cuter than expected! The link will take you to TPT where you can download the file (-;

(Please Enter My Cutsie House Below to get a special gift!)

Click my picture to see a preview...

             Please Enter My Cutsie House to get a special gift!

                   Thank you for Visiting...You are Lovely!

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Dead Fingers & FREEBIES!!!

I have been on my Wacom tablet for two days straight...NONE stop...creating math and "Seussy" clip art (-; (The kite above is part of my "Seuss-Themed" clip-art. You can right click and save, but please link back to my blog when using my graphics in the products you sell).

     I used to sketch out my drawings, scan them, and then perfect them in Adobe Photoshop CS5, but as I have become accustomed to the stylus, I just freehand all of my ideas right into my program - LOVE IT! By the end of last night, my hands were getting shaky and my  digital eraser became my very bestest friend. I will add more to the Dr. Seuss collection at a later time, but for now - I have two novel study units to finish (-;

Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback and shout outs! You are all so very awesome!

Here is a little peek at my Dr. Seuss Themed Clip art collection. I included a variety of graphics from a large collection of Dr. Seuss books. The only graphic I am not happy with is Horton )-; My hands are too sore to try to improve him - but he will work for now.

Enjoy the FREEBIES! I will upload the remainder of the collection onto TPT within a couple of hours.

I was just goofing around with this one. I made a frame out of several of the trees and bushes I created...

Thank You for following!!
I will be posting more this evening...

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The Newbie Lou...This one's 4 You (-;...(& Freebies 4 Everyone 2)

I found this on Pinterest a while back & while letting my kids pick out a V-Day craft to make for their friends I saw this and thought of Newbie Lou (-;

The actual site is in Chinese or Japanese I think, but this totally reminded me of the lacey lamp you just made...I thought that a cute little accent dish in your master bedroom would add to the romance ambiance look you were going for...PLUS...if you make it first (hint, hint) then I might be able to attempt it as well....hahaha..

YEAH!!!!! Literacy Freebie Ends at 8pm AZ Time...

Enlarge this one to see a preview or download the preview on TPT

   My Alphabet Literacy Fun Unit is completed!!! Yeah!!! I am offering this unit for FREE until 8pm AZ time. I would really appreciate feedback and more ratings on TPT.  This unit includes 120 pages full of customizable resources that can be used in a variety of ways! Be creative! I would love to see how some of you use this in your classrooms!

I am working on a billion things today...& I haven't even showered...YIKES! I really hope you enjoy the resources I have in this unit. After 8pm, this unit will be offered on TPT for $8.00. 

Thank you for following my blog and for being completely lovely to chat with!!

Upon some requests, I will be completing some great clip art: Math clip art, more Dr. Seuss, & to finish up the 50 states - be on the lookout!

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