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Good afternoon bloggy friends!! I have become sooo behind on keeping myself in the midst of the  bloggy stuff going on!! I think I have finally figured out my computer problem and I am back...although, it may take me all day to catch up on the happenings (-;

#1: Pinterest

     Okay, well it is obvious that I lacked proper knowledge about Pinterest when I first signed up! I didn't have an organized plan and now that I am trying to sort through the mess and get things organized..I am soooo regretting not doing so from the beginning! For one, it takes forever to repin and edit the boards...I am thinking that I should just delete the boards and start over fresh...but YIKES!!! What to do...what to do...

On a Happier Note... I have had such a HUGE positive response to the graphics and all of you keep sharing all of the awesome resources and products you are creating with them! I just don't even know where to begin to even think of how to thank all of you. I had wanted to change my navigation bar and include a rewards page as well as a "Thank you" page to preview products using my graphics that everyone can see and be able to link to your stores or your blog to get your wonderful resources. I haven't found the code for a new navigation bar & ANY suggestions would be sooooo helpful! I keep trying to add the code to add more links to the new pages, but the code just won't work...I am not really sure why... so while I am trying to figure that out, I thought I would at least begin to say thank you to a few a day...

Special Thanks

#1 Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron

Jen has been a mad woman (in an awesomely inspirational way) and completely rolled out tons of Dr. Seuss themed units and activities for March. Here are a few of her products using my Seuss-inspired graphics...thanks Jen!!! And if you haven't already, you should visit her blog and look at her totally cute make-over...perfect for Spring!! Click HERE to visit her TPT store & HERE to visit her NEW Teacher's Notebook Store!!

Jen, You are AMAZINGLY talented and thank you for being my number UNO CHEERLEADER!!!

#2 Michelle over at "Our Sweet Success"

She is new to blogging and has a really cute site! She (along with so many other) left me a very sweet shout out on her blog with the new product she created. She has recently created a very cure Dr. Seuss Themed Unit with 58 pages of fun based on common core standards for K-2nd Grade for only $4.00. You should check out her blog and her store...

Here is one preview from her unit! Click on the preview to visit her TPT store!

Thank you for using my graphics Michelle and for sharing your products!! LOVE IT!!!

#3 Melissa @ DillyDabbles

She has been creating with my graphics & has almost reached 100 followers on her blog... You should check out her blog! She has tons of amazing products and resources on her Teacher's Notebook Store that you should def. check out!! Click HERE to visit her TN store.


I have soooooo many more that I would like to feature, but I don't want to overwhelm you all...hehehe!

It has been so much fun seeing my art everywhere!! I read the TPT newsletter and noticed that I was about 9th down on the list from the Seuss resource link on the newsletter!! So cool that I just had to count...totally giddy! My art was also featured in Deedee Wills Dr. Seuss Math Work Stations. You can click HERE to check out her products on TPT... Thank you DEEDEE!!

Deedee has a GINORMOUS following! Click HERE to visit her blog!

I was just given a Top 10 Blog award from Miss S. @

Just Teaching...Kindergarten

Top 10 TBA

I will be posting my Top 10 blog awards (I don't think 10 is even close to enough) in a separate post!!

Thank you SOOOOOO Much Miss S. You are incredibly marvelous!!!

Well, I think I have included as much as I can for now (probably not) & I will finish up my projects and update my navigation bar...wish me lots of luck!!

Thank you sooooooo much for following my blog! You are ALL so incredible!!


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  1. Thanks so much Michelle. I do LOVE your graphics.

  2. Aw!! Thanks girl!! YOU are all kinds of amazing too :)

  3. Love you and all of the blogs mentioned. You ladies rock! Congrats on your Top 10 Blog Award. That's marvelous!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  4. Your graphics are soooo amazing! I just purchased the time set, and I will send you a link to the packet when I am finished with it.

    The Daily Alphabet

  5. Well your graphics are amazing! I can't brag about your graphics enough! Hehe :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  6. Love all your graphics!! They are fantastic. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Dream

  7. Hi Michelle!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my freedom quilt!! I really appreciate it!! I love all your amazing graphics and can't wait to start learning the best way to create products using them! (So far I've just been using word and a little photoshop, but I'm curious as to what other people use when making their products!) Thanks so much for all the wonderful work YOU do! :)

    Lessons with Laughter


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