Wow! I can't believe I have surpassed 200 followers....I promise, I am not ignoring anyone. On Friday (oh gosh, maybe it was Saturday - I never sleep so I keep losing track of time) I updated my design program. Well the "camera raw" within my program and every time I try to start something, the program freezes and crashes!!!! I have so many things to complete and I haven't even got to finish my surprise for everyone...BUMMER! I am going to spend a little while going through my computer and removing that update manually, then rebooting to see how it goes...and you know how computer fixes go...sometimes they will and most times, they just fight you to the death...LOL! That's okay, I am much smarter than my computer (hahahaha - yeah right). I will be back up and creating/posting ASAP! Wish me some luck and send me some magical powers to defeat the force of technology...

Last night I was working on a design (actually a few simultaneously) and my program just shut down...without even a warning or anything...and all was lost..well, not my memory anyway. Today has been rough all over! My hubs is being a poo, but every time I see all of your messages and complements, all I can do is smile (-; I can't believe how much everyone is creating and sharing and being so completely amazing!!!! 

I will be back  up and running...I am a fighter!!!! Nothing can stop me...well, I guess except...Microsoft WINDOWS!!!! I am rolling up my sleeves and ready to get down and dirty with HP and Windows...they are no match for this feisty Italian with Jerry curl...yeah, that's right!! Okay, it's as tight as a Jerry curl, but without the grease...that would be just gross...


Here is a freebie while you wait...

That's right people....BUTTER...because I will be slick!!! This is just a pre-celebration of my slickness....

UPDATE: Another round of Windows Updates & still going.....


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  1. Lol @ slick as butter :)

    I think we can all wait for new stuff because we love your stuff and freebies :)

    Congrats on over 200 followers!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. Lol!! you're awesome :) I wish you luck! I hate technology for this very reason....our internet is down for the day..for no reason. :P

  3. lol that is too funny! thanks for the freebie but I think I'd better leave this one cause butter always goes straight to my hips! btw say hi to Buckeye for me, I grew up in Tempe, but now live in Oklahoma..yep it was cultural shock!
    Thanks for all the cool stuff and all your hard work!

    1. are too funny! You really moved far from AZ...what brought about the change?


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  5. Just found your blog thanks to Tara's post and LOVE your stuff!! Thanks for sharing all the adorable clip art and freebies on your TpT store! The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom welcome bulletin board is my favorite! I had to put a link on my blog! Hope that's ok! I'm a new teacher blogger and only have two followers, but I still had to post because I think it's just adorable!! Fun in Fourth Grade

    1. Thank you soo much! I loved using my monkeys in the classroom! I got a lot of use out of them and I would often change their shirt or belly to a shape that matched the theme I was St. Patty's can place a clover where the shirt is supposed to be, add a hat and have students write about something they value...they turn out REALLY cute if you allow the kids to just look at the monkey, but encourage them to make one themselves...they end up with MUCH more character and personality...hehehe! Thank you for the sweetness! I needed it.


  6. Funny...butter! Congrats on 200!! Hope your computer issues get fixed in a hurry!
    First Grade Blue Skies


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