FREE Planner for the 2015 TpT Vegas Conference

Hi Everyone!! I have a little free gift for all of you going to the TpT Vegas Conference this July...

I am making sure to get organized and ready for the TpT Vegas Conference coming up!! I created a planner for myself and then decided that I would share it with other presenters as well. After looking over it some more, I realized that this would be helpful to ANYONE planning to go to the conference!! Even though the title states that it's for presenters, I believe it will be useful for anyone going. 

I posted the planner for FREE and you can download it right now from my TpT shop!! Click the image above or the link below to grab the file. 

Enjoy and I hope to see you all there!!! Make sure to find me!!


  1. I LOVE the planner! Thanks for your hard work - and for sharing it with us! :)

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Thank you!! You are so very welcome!! I did have to correct a little something on the schedule page for Thursday, so make sure to download the file again to get the updated version. Sorry about that!!


  2. Such a great trip and fun pictures! Thanks for the memories!! :-)


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