I Just Joined a Collaborative Blog & I have a Gift for YOU!

Hi everyone!!  I just published my very first post with Upper Elementary Snapshots Collaborative Blog!!  I recently got the opportunity to join these amazingly talented ladies and I am hoping that being a part of the team will help me to blog more often and read more of your blog posts as well!! Click on the button below to head on over to check out my latest post and grab an awesome FREEBIE!!

Upper Elementary Snapshots

I hope you all have a great week and I can't wait to see you all in VEGAS!!! I will be at The Venetian on Tuesday!!  Please make sure to comment and let me know if you love the freebie!! I am debating whether to offer stock photos, so this will be my test run...

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  1. Hi Michelle! Leah Popinski here from Sum Math Fun. The photos are great. I can't think of an up coming project where I would need these particular ones, but I think the idea of your doing more stock photos would be great. I know their quality will be wonderful. I hope to meet you here in Vegas - maybe today.


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