A Thank You to My Amazing Clients!!

I feel a little embarrassed to admit how long it has taken me to actually sit down and write a post! I had so many great topics planned for the summer, but blogging often gets placed on the back burner when my schedule gets over-loaded.  The picture above is one I took last month and I thought I would share it with all of you because puffy clouds make me smile.

The past few months have been crazy and I got super backed up on custom blog designs during the last few weeks in May when we were planning my daughter's high school graduation and other end of the year stuff. I also hadn't realized how much time I would be putting into my presentation for the TpT Conference!!! I was trying to juggle it all at once and I felt that I was doing a lot, but never completing any one thing.

Once night I finally sat down to put together a schedule to figure out how to manage the custom blog design work in progress and complete everything I needed to for the conference. As I looked down at the work load, I felt quite overwhelmed, but confident that I could manage to get it all completed.... HOWEVER... I had not really considered how difficult it would be to work the extra long hours needed with everyone home in the house for the summer.. oops!!

Two weeks into my plan, I felt like I was letting my clients down. When I work on too many custom designs at once, my creative bursts tend to be more like creative plunks. The designs weren't looking the way I wanted them to. My clients were loving the designs, but I knew I could do better and I knew they all deserved better.  I was getting behind on emails and unable to get to smaller custom requests that are a vital part of keeping relationships and my sales consistent. At this point, nothing was consistent and I knew I was letting everyone down.  I had not posted anything new in my shops for weeks and I had not offered anything free or fun in over a month.

Yet another evening I sat down and came to the realization that I could not do it all and I had to figure out a way to figure something out or I would not be ready for the conference. I decided that my only option was to email the clients I was currently working with and the ones I had scheduled to begin before the conference and ask them if they would allow me to push their designs out until after the conference. Writing the email to each client was, BY FAR, the most difficult thing I have had to do as a business owner. I felt terribly embarrassed and unprofessional in every way. I thought for sure they would all want to cyber punch me and never work with me again.

Within a few minutes the email responses were already beginning to show up. I looked at each one and could literally feel my heart drop out of my chest as I hesitated to open the first one. I truly could not believe how understanding, loving, and patient EVERY SINGLE client was in response!! I literally started tearing up and felt so beyond thankful that I work with the most caring men and women on the planet!! Teacher bloggers are truly the best kind of peeps!

Without the extra time, I would have not been able to get ready for my session in Vegas and I wanted to make sure they knew just how much I appreciated their willingness to wait on their designs and how much I love them!!

I am really close to having everything ready and I will be posting more in depth about my session, From Sketch to Digital Masterpiece, later this week.

Sometimes, we really can't do it all and we have to be willing to just ask for help when we need it. I am so thankful I asked for the extra time when I did and even more thankful that I work with so many incredible people!!

I can't wait to see as many of you as I can when I am in Vegas!!! I will be arriving on Tuesday, July 7th with my Arizona blogger buddy, Teresa Wilson from Confessions of a Teaching Junkie! I have my room to myself, so please make sure to find me... I'll be the short one with curly hair who might appear lost. I have the worse sense of direction, so anyone who wants to be my guide is welcome to the task..haha!!

I also opened up the month of October for new custom blog design orders!! I just know I am going to be so pumped, inspired, and ready to get some new designs up after spending time with all of you in Vegas!!  Visit my WEBSITE and click the ORDER NOW button to be the first to reserve a spot in October to get a complete make-over for your blog!! 

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