Best Week Ever - NOT! & a Free Cozy Fire Graphic

Hi Everyone!!

First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in my very first Pin It to Win It and to congratulate the winner!! Congratulations to Teresa W. from...

I get so excited when someone I know wins something..haha.. the small joys of feeling connected to others!!
Now that I have announced the winner, let me tell you a little bit about how my week has been....

Where do I even begin...

This morning I took a cold shower...and not by choice might I add. I apparently forgot to pay my gas bill because we never received our bill and we has our gas shut off on Tuesday... YES... TUESDAY... and it is still not on.

The doorbell rang on Tuesday at about 10am and I was a little puzzled because I was not expecting anyone. Luckily, I had already taken a nice warm shower because the visitor at our door was the evil gas man in a cape singing...


Okay, well he wasn't really wearing a cape, but maybe he should have...a black one...and carrying a death sword... you know... the one that the grim reaper carries. I have no idea what that thing is called, but it is just as scary as having someone show up to your door to leave a notice that the gas is being turned off. 

However, that is not even the worst of it. We quickly called the number to pay the bill - thinking that the guy is still close and would be able to turn it back on right away... NOPE....

When we finally got a hold of someone, we found out that the guy who is licensed to turn off the gas is not licensed to turn it back on. So I ask when they could send someone out and they told me that Monday would be the soonest!! 5 days without gas.

So, what is a girl to do....
BEG, of course...

I pleaded and begged, but the guy licensed to answer the phone told me that they had a "high" volume of calls in our area.... There was nothing I could do, so I pathetically said thank you... when really I wanted to say another salutation that does not begin with the word, "thank" and still ends with the word, "you". 

After I hung up the phone, I started thinking about the last thing the guy said.... "a high volume of calls" in your area. 

It's a conspiracy!! Maybe they purposely did not send out bills to one area. This way,  they could get the extra money from each customer forced to pay an extra fee to get the gas turned back on. Maybe they PLANNED this!!

Either way, I will be so thankful to have hot water again on Monday!! I am naturally always cold, so 60 degrees might as well be a blizzard. 

A friend of ours gave us an extra space heater to use and I will be scavenging my closet for winter clothes tonight.. 
My daughter, on the other hand, is smart, and is staying at a friend's house for the weekend. Even though I feel like a complete failure as a parent, at least my daughter will get a hot shower at her friend's house. 

Here is a little graphic to remind you all to have a warm and toasty weekend!!! I started signing the images I post for free on my blog or FB fan page, but you can get this fire without a signature in my "Cozy by the Fire" Clipart set. Enjoy & have a wonderful evening!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear of your frosty shower! That stinks when companies can't give you the benefit of the doubt and a teensy bit of courtesy. Thanks for the great fire graphic. I'm sure I'll find a use for it soon!

    Tammy aka Madame Aiello @ Teaching FSL

  2. OH NO my love!!!!! Do you have a gas stove and oven!?!? Is it time for me to send pizza again???

    1. Haha!! You are so sweet, but we are good. Our outdoor grill actually has a stove on it, so we are good. It hasn't actually been that bad..aside fro the cold showers...

  3. Did the same only with the water bill. Water was shut off the day of my daughter s graduation

    1. Oh No!!! Those little blessings always seem to happen when we need them the least, don't they? I hope you had yours turned back on the same day....

      My husband even asked if we could cut the lock, since we paid the bill.. but they said that it would be a Federal offense and he could possibly get prison time.... I guess it is just as bad as cutting the tag off of a mattress..tehehe...

  4. Did the same only with the water bill. Water was shut off the day of my daughter s graduation

  5. Oh how frustrating!!!! I hate situations like this that you can't control!!!! Hoping Monday gets here fast for you guys!!!

    1. I can't wait until Monday!! It will feel like Christmas morning after 5 days without hot water...hahaha!!

  6. BRRRR!!! I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but we've been below zero with windchill since Wednesday here in SD. While I still have heat, I do NOT like stepping outside at the moment!

    1. OMG!!!! Now I feel like a complete wimp...haha! It has been in the low 50's at night and mid 60's during the day -it might as well be summer time where I am to you...haha

      I could not do anything in the negative... I think my family would starve to death, because there would be no way I would run to the store if it were below zero out here....


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