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Foxwell Forest

I have decided to link up with  Mrs. Foxwell's RACK (which I keep unconsciously keep referring to as RAFT..LOL) Linky, because I can't pass up an opportunity to reflect on blogging and bless a couple of blogger friends who have shined a little light on my life...

Blogging has made such a positive impact on my life. Blogging helped me while I as teaching, connected me to the world while I was starting a business, and it allows me to continue teaching and learning no matter where I am in life. I am so thankful for my online blogging community!

I can only choose two blogs, one oldie and one baby bloomer, for this linky. Please do not feel bad if I did not feature your blog because this was such a difficult decision! I new EXACTLY who would be my oldie, but choosing a baby bloomer proved to be quite difficult. When I say baby bloomer, I am referring to a new blog I found and not necessarily a new blogger... haha

I can't do this post without honoring a blogger that I connected with in the VERY beginning. This blogger amazing woman helped to shape and change my business focus by asking me to create a set of graphics for her. I was not selling graphics at that time and had not planned to. I was creating graphics for my own lessons and posting some of them as freebies on my blog. Truth be told, I continued posting the freebies because I gained about 200 followers on my blog after I posted my very first free graphic. It was truly exciting and I realized that there was a need for commercial use graphics in the world of teaching... who knew? ha!! I always created my own or bought the expensive CD's or books of graphics.

In fact, I cleaned out my office this week and spotted something I did not even know I still had - one of the very first clip art books I bought while teaching.. take a look...(sorry for the poor resolution on the images)

What IS this, you ask? This is a clip art book by Carson Dellosa that I purchased at a teaching shop. In order to use the images, I would have to find the picture I wanted, cut it out, place it on the printed newsletter I wanted to add it to (because I did not have a scanner), and make copies... I rarely used the images, but when I was in a crunch and did not have time to draw my own, these came in handy. I am amazed that I still have this..haha!!

Let me now  introduce you to the blogger who blessed me with my very first clip art request and changed the direction of my business entirely...
Meet Jen Ross from
You may choose any one item from my online shops as my RACK to you!! Thank you for being completely awesome!!!

Next.... My Baby Bloomer...
Most of the new blogs I follow are blogs that I am contracted to design for, which I know is not as cute of a story as the first, but it is just as meaningful. I just started working on a custom blog design for the lovely, Emily from

Her blog design is scheduled to go live some time next week, but that is not even what makes her so special to me....
She is a fellow Arizona blogger!!! Small world to connect with someone who teaches, blogs, creates, and learns right here in the sunny state of Arizona.!! AND... I get to create a custom blog design for her..!!
I missed the last Arizona blog meet up, but I hope I can attend the next one & a chance to meet face to face.
Emily, you may choose any one thing from any of my online shops as my RACK gift to you as well!!

I will send both of you lovely ladies a FB message!!

Thank you B. Foxwell for hosting such a fun linky!! If any of you bloggers would like to link up, just click on the image at the beginning of this post and write your own RACK post to honor a couple of bloggers you love!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

P.S. I took a warm shower yesterday using our camping shower!!! My husband warmed water on the outdoor stove (with propane) and filled our portable solar water camping shower with warm water, so that we could each take a nice shower..... what a hunk!!
Looking forward to Monday and HOT water!!!


  1. LOVE both of those bloggers as well!! I know it is only hard to pick 2 isn't it!! Thank you so much for linking up Michelle!! I think you are a gift to our bloggy community too and as well!! :)

    Becca :)
    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

    1. Thank you Becca!!! I couldn't resist such a happy linky!!!

  2. What a happy linky...and you are right. It is so hard to choose. But what fun to think about.


  3. I would love to get some info on your blog designing. I am in the market! :)

    Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are so kind to your fellow bloggers- love that!


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