Sweet, Simple, and Saucy on Saturday!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

I have so many things to share; however, I this will just be a short post today.

Over the next couple of days, you might see some drastic changes to my blog and design... don't worry though, this is all planned.. hahaha... I am not taking on custom orders this month so I can finish up a few of my own projects. It is nothing personal... okay, maybe it is.. hahaha.... I want to be finished with the design and launch everything on Monday, so we will see how that goes!!

I have been really struggling to decide on a design and I am hoping that today is my day... Here is what I mean...

I created this light bulb logo yesterday, but decided that I would have to create a very labor-intensive blog design in order to make this one work. I am still undecided as to what I will do...

Here are a couple other ideas I was contemplating.... These two are completely different from the one above, but are more the clean look I am going for. I just can't choose between classy and fun!!! I am both, so this has been a daunting task... hahaha I definitely want something I can keep for a while, which doesn't help make this process any easier... 

Here is the most recent blog design that I finished last month!! I think it turned out really clean and modern!!

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER photo of Subplanners!! Jean has some great resources for teachers & I would love for you to check her out and give her a little bloggy welcome!!



I have so much fun creating these designs. I will not have my custom blog design request form available until the new design is up and I will be booking custom orders for October through November.

I am not sure if you all read my last post, but Educents is a GREAT site to get bundled resources at amazing deals. There are still a few more days left to take advantage of their latest deal!! Feel free to pin the deal and help spread the savings!! In fact, please pin this - it is such a great deal and Educents has been quite wonderful to be a part of this round.

Over 1400 pages of activities for literacy, math, and even a little social studies!

 I know this post is super short, but I have a weekly deal and a freebie for all of you to cheer you up!!

Grab my ULTIMATE chalk frames bundle at 50% off this weekend!! That is 120 cute chalk frames for only $7.50!! Enjoy!!

Grab a FREE on TpT deal!!
Just click the image to visit my shop and download the set. Don't forget to leave some sugar in the feedback section & to follow my shop for updates!!

Hope you all have a very nice weekend!! I will be so happy when my blog design is finished and I can focus on some serious blogging!!


  1. I am just glad I do not design blogs because I would change mine all.the.time!

  2. Thanks for the darling freebie! I can't wait to see your new design completed.

    Granny Goes to School

    1. You are so very welcome!! Thank you! It will be so nice to get all caught up and organized...

  3. Why can't you do both classy and fun?! You could go bold with the design but keep it classy with the color scheme! I love the light bulb. It is very reminiscent of inventing, and since you "invent" graphics and blog designs that are quirky and fun, I completely understand how it fits your personality. Good luck and I can't wait to see your design! :)

    Tacky the Teacher

    1. Thank you Ashley! You are so sweet! The pressure is definitely on.. haha

  4. Love your newest bloggy makeover and all of your new logos, Michelle!
    And the thermometers? So stinkin' adorable!

    Thank you for making the doodle arrows....I can't seem to get enough doodles!
    Have a great week, friend!

  5. I can't wait to see the big reveal! Although I like the colorful 3AM logo best, I feel like the mint/gray one fits this blog better. Either way, you're amazing!:
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  6. Ooooolala! Can't wait to see your new design! Hopefully, next summer (when things calm down a lil haha) I will have time to organize things a little better on my blog. Thanks for your help tho; it has really enabled me to get my blog out there. :)

    Tales of a #teachernerd

  7. I love your old look, but your new designs are so sleak and stream lined. I;m like Rachel, if I designed I'd be changing mine all the time!


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