Teaming Up With Educents for Kindergarten Teachers!!

Kindergarten teachers... are you tired?  {Silly question right!}  

Well... we know this time of year can be exhausting and yet you still need great resources to keep your students engaged in learning and so I am very excited to share this amazing opportunity for you to stock up with Educents!

Over 1400 pages of activities for literacy, math, and even a little social studies!

 From my store you will get my ABC Literacy Fun Unit . I know you will love it! The unit is filled with fun alphabet activities and resources. The Alphabet Doodle book pages can be differentiated for students at any level. Students can choose to simply trace the letter, create a doodle image using the traced letter, and write a story or practice writing the letter on the lines provided. You can also incorporate your classroom word wall and allow students to write words from the list that begin with focused letter you are teaching. There are practice writing sheets, printable tracing mats, house pieces for matching upper and lower case letters and much more!!

But that's just one product.  With this bundle you get 24 products from some other amazing sellers as well!  So we have linked up blog hop style for you to see what's included in this great bundle from Educents!  So hop on to the next blog to see what else is included!

If you love what you see as much as I do, go ahead and head on over to Educents to stock up!   


  1. Michelle-
    I love all of your products. Your blog is also fabulous. I wrote about you on my blog today. Go check it out.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

  2. Michelle, I can't wait to see what you choose for your design! You are SO clever. It will be awesome! Love your ideas!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

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