Friday FIVE: Freebie, Find, Funny, Frazzle, & Feature

Hey Everyone!!! HAPPY FRIDAY, Ya'll!!
 Before I start this FRIDAY FIVE, I would like to just give you a quick update on how my son's fundraiser is doing!! Although my little guy is home sick today with a puffy sore "froat", that has not deterred his excitement over his efforts. He wakes up every morning and looks at the tray in the printer..hahaha.. I have been leaving him a printed version of his chart & he loves waking up to see that you are all helping him get closer to reaching his goal. It is also so refreshing that we do not have to handle any money exchanges for this!! What a nice change compared to the chore of counting money.

Here is what I printed for him this morning... You can click on the image to link to his page to see where he is at!! 

With ALL of your help, we are now at $380 DOLLARS!!!!! I can't tell you how much all of your support and donations mean to us & I KNOW we can do even better! We have until February 10th to reach a goal of $1000.00 (a goal made by my son) & we are already almost half-way there!!! We need about 30 more of you to donate $20.00. It is not much to give and you will get to choose a free bundled clip art set! See the ORIGINAL, IT TAKES HEART TO BE A HERO, blog post for details. Together, we can make a huge difference in the lives of many children and adults with heart disorders! 
I have also REALLY been blessed to read a bunch of your stories from some who have made donations!! I can't tell you how much more motivating it is to hear your stories and know that this money will help people who are close to our hearts! I am going to do something extra special on Monday... as we get closer to the fundraiser closing date!! Please keep your donations coming and share your stories!! If you would like me to share your story next week, please let me know when you email me with your bundled choices!! Thank you so much for your help! I know we will ROCK this fundraiser and RAISE THE ROOF!! WOOP WOOP!! haha

Now on to my Friday FIVE... ENJOY!!

Today I am offering one of  my newest clipart sets for FREE!! If you teach the younger grades, then this little set will get you all excited!!! Next week, I will have something special just for the upper grade teachers!! There are 20 images altogether, including a bright blue one (that I forgot to add in the preview..oopsies). I am ONLY offering these for FREE on TPT. Please make sure you are following my BLOG, TpT Store, Pinterst, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated! Click the image below to download this FREEBIE from my store on Teachers Pay Teachers! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Here is A ROCKIN' Friday Funny I found this week. I am not really a fan of the Muppet Babies, and I never watched them when I was young...BUT....this video is too cute to pass up!!

This week, I took my daughter to see the movie, LES MISERABLES, at a dinky theater close to my house. I found that the a school night is the BEST time to go to the movies!!! Sorry for the next bug purchase will be a great new camera to take pretty photos for my blog posts. The Cintiq put quite a dent, so I will be waiting for a bit! How sweet is my ALMOST sweet 16 year old daughter??? 
I am not sure if you can see this next photo very well, but WE HAD THE ENTIRE THEATER TO OURSELVES FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!
It was a good this too, because we were both in tears at the end of the movie!! That was one of the BEST musicals I have ever seen!! I would LOVE to see this one live!! +Hugh Jackman was absolutely UH-MA-ZING!! I am so glad we went without my other half and my son! They would not have sat the entire 2 and a half hours through the movie! It was the perfect Mother-Daughter Movie Night!!

I am not frazzled a bit this week, but I have been working on a LOT of projects. I am working on creating 2 novel studies, and several graphics sets!! I would now like to introduce you to my NEWEST set...created just for all you CANADIANS out there...EY..( adopted mom is Canadian).
Here is a MONEY SET JUST FOR YOU!! I am really happy with the results! Drawing the images was so much fun with my NEW Cintiq!!! Getting the coins to look realistic was the real challenge. I ended up creating 200...YES I DID SAY, TWO HUNDRED, new CUSTOM STYLES in my Photoshop CS6 to get just the right look for the coins... I think I did pretty-darn-good, if I don't say so myself..hahaha You can click on the image below to check out my new set...

Reading Olympians is now featuring 3AM Graphics in all programs! Thanks for your patience as we update all of our products.This is one set that i...
I have been working with these two for almost a year now (WOW, time flies) and they are both incredibly amazing! The graphics/clip art used in their latest resources are from a collection I did for them recently. These Greek graphics will not be available as of yet..I will keep you updated.
Their roots program is beginning to turn heads all over the place!! They now have a complete K-8 Greek Root study program that many teachers are so excited about!! The girls just put up their revised sets and are always improving and moving forward to make the program better for teachers!! For some reason, Blogger is being goofy and won't let me add their button in pasted their HEADER..haha..Works for me...
Please click on the image to check out the GALS and get some great information about their program!
Reading Olympians

Please link up below if you would like to participate in Friday Five. There will be one ongoing link for each month to make finding the freebies a little easier for visitors.

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  1. I am SO jealous of your empty theater! I would have sang aloud....out loud!

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. My daughter did sing through it! hahaha! She had to sing some of those songs for Choir, so she knew a few of them....


  2. Love the finger space clipart! Thank you for offering as a freebie!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  3. Michelle,
    Thank you so much for the cute finger spacing clipart! I know a lot of kids in my class need those.

    On a totally off-topic note, I know you have fabulous techie posts that have helped me and I have a problem I hope you know how to fix. I was trying to save a PowerPoint document (after revising it) and save it as a pdf. But, I get an error that says there is a problem while PowerPoint was saving the file. Have you ever had that problem? I'm stumped.
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

    1. No problem! I have some questions for you, so it might be better for you to email me.. email me at

      Sometimes, the file will become corrupt and you will need to save as and re-name it before you can convert it..or you might have security settings enabled that prevents the file from converting to a PDF.

      Email me and I will try to help you figure that out.


  4. Thank you for the great finger space clip art!
    Crayons and Curls


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