Feelin' Crafty...

I really feel like crocheting. I have a blanket that I have been working on for about two years (maybe longer), I seem to always get side-tracked when I pick this one up. I have completed many of them and have never procrastinated so much as I have on this one...I think I get sick of looking at the same colors over and over again and this one is a really big blanket. The kids actually use it half completed when they're cold. I really don't like the colors, but a few years ago I was inspired by a blanket a friend was making and I had her show me the pattern...who knows, I think I just might finish it this year. I will post a picture of it and you might understand why I keep putting it off.

I can never just focus on one thing, my  mind is always multi-tasking - I guess so will my blog. I am thinking of placing tabs for areas I tend to focus on and posting resources separately...I'll dream about it, because my post is turning into a stream of consciousness and I am not really sure what might pop in my head next...scary indeed.


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