Moody Monday's

     Well, I had looked forward to a productive day, but... I opened up my InDesign: Photoshop CS5 program only to find that all of my settings had been reverted and all of my presets I added yesterday (hours of work by the way) had disappeared! Holy-Moly, it's definitely a Moody Monday for me. I guess I will be organizing files and cleaning out my system today...BOO. At least I'll find things I haven't seen for a while. I don't know, maybe a fresh start is a good thing, plus, my program WAS refusing to cooperate last night. Well, my agenda for today...getting my hard-core graphics processor to run like a hard-core processor...Good Ol' HP'ness (I know that sounds raunchy...I a referring to HP as "your Highness"). it 2:00 in the afternoon I still wearing my VS, ASU themed sweats? YES...YES I am. I better get moving if I want to be somewhat productive today.

Here is a Freebie: I made it the other day while figuring out some blog theme ideas. The flowers and the cute cabinets were a couple of the freebies I scored from the lovely "scrappincop" blog I recently started stalking. Just right click and save: no copyright on this one...the placement and half the design is my own, but I have to give credit to whom credit is owed. I will be uploading my files onto the web pretty soon here, but I haven't decided if I want to use my "out of service" classroom website for downloads or if I should choose a cloud service. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good file-share service (preferably free)?

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