Well, it is taking a bit longer than I thought to design tabs, partly because I found a blog called, The Scrapping Cop, and I was in Photoshop CS5 heaven today. So much so, I even wore out my computer enough for it fall asleep on me...not kidding. I think it was telling me, "Take a Break Already!" I feel so worn down and tired today...lazy day.

Things have been tough at home and with the business...hope things start looking up soon. I feel like we are barely hanging in there and then I realize that we aren't even hanging....God is just gently pulling us. It has been a tough year, in fact. I no longer have a vehicle; which feels like death, but we are making it each month and the next few weeks look promising. This is the first time my two children have had to feel the pressure of a very cinched budget and it breaks my heart that we have had to pull them from a couple f activities this year. I really pray we can get back on our feet. I am really beginning to miss being in the classroom, but...things always seem to work out - just not at the exact moment that I need them to (-; The stress had run me ragged, but tomorrow is a new day! Happy Monday...even if I have to fake it.

Have a lovely night and calm Monday morning...Looking forward to finishing some projects to post (-:


P.S. Here is the link to that blog, you have to check it out. To get to the freebies, scroll down and look to the right for the "key word" sidebar and click the link labeled, scrapping! Make sure you have a day to waste! If you do not have a graphic design problem, just use the png images that are high resolution a great quality

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