Gold is the NEW Black...

I don't know about all of you, but I am loving the color gold this year!! It always adds a little splash of goodness to any design and I love the way it pairs up nicely with bright or darker colors. 

After posting my Black and Gold Glitter and Glam Digital Papers set, I got many requests to create more color options. I decided to create a few more options and I am even offering a bundled set that includes all of the colors. When you purchase the bundle, you will save more than 50% or pick and choose your favorite one. I will provide the links to each set below:

Black and Gold Set
Both navy tones are included in one set... 

Or... get the entire bundle and save more than 50%!
I am not going to offer the bundled set on Etsy because the file size is too large.

I have been trying to post little peeks of my work each day on Instagram, so please feel free to take a peek at what I've been up to and see some of my sketches before they become design elements or digital clipart. It's been a lot of fun to share little bits and pieces every day with everyone. I also share other things, but I have been doing my best to share more and more of my work each day. 

Below is a quick snapshot I took of some sketches I finished today. I was getting some practice drawing facial expressions, so these images will never make it to any of my shops. I like to try to get a little sketching in everyday. Believe it or not, I often do not have time just to play around and enjoy sketching on paper. I spend the majority of my time sketching digitally. In facr, I often get annoyed if I have to erase anything when sketching on paper.. it is so much more work to do so.. haha. I am fairly new to Instagram, but I am enjoying it so far. 

You can follow me on Instagram @3amteacher or click the image below...


  1. Hi Michelle, I love your blog! I always see the amazing things you do for Farley's blog over at Oh Boy 4th Grade! I'm currently hosting a giveaway and was hoping you would be so kind to donate a product. It's a fundraiser for Autism that will take place from April 1 -30. Please hop on over to my blog for more info.
    Teacher’s Lounge

  2. Ummmmmm.....these are adorable! I am def. going to purchase!! Love them....especially the coral and gold----those are my favorite colors! :)

    Mind Sparks


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