12 Days of Christmas Freebies: Free Holiday Clipart Day #10

SURPRISE!!!  Make sure to download these today because they will NOT be available tomorrow, once the new freebie set is revealed!! Click the image below to download your 10th gift!!

Happy Holidays and please make sure to remember to leave feedback if you LOVE your gift!!

I also uploaded a few new clipart sets to all of my shops!! I received so many requests to create more doodle photo frames, so I came up with a few themes I thought would be fun for you all to use and they are priced  low for life!!

AND... a couple of very inexpensive sets PERFECT for New Year's Creativity!!

Thank you!!


  1. are so talented!!! Glitter Glam is on my wish list :) Thank you for all of your wonderful generous!!
    The Techie Teacher

  2. These are awesome. . . I can see some Valentine's ideas swirling around inside my head now. . thank you!

  3. Thanks! I love the colors you used. Have a Merry Christmas!
    First Grade Found Me


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