Healthy is Definitely the New Sexy!!

Healthy is definitely the NEW sexy... just take a look at my latest custom blog design!!

Beth got a beautiful design with a hand-painted background I created!! It turned out amazing... There was so much coding involved with this design, but it was well worth the achy fingers and back...
I have been an online friend of Beth's for some time now, but I had no idea how truly amazing she is until I decided to take the plunge and join her fitness challenge group!!

I am truly excited!! I get my Shakeology package and PiYo Workout plan next week, but I have already begun the fitness and healthy eating this week!! I already feel better, but I won't lie.... it's tough!!

She created a private FB focus group page for those who joined the challenge and she has been just amazing. Everyday, I wake up to a new little challenge message, which keeps me going and motivated... not to mention... she has answered about a bazillion of my questions... haha

I definitely needed the accountability! Well, while chatting with her about my fitness goals, we somehow got on the topic of blog design... which lead to a very inspirational design!! I could not even stop once I got started on her design!!  I feel honored to have had the opportunity to create a custom design that will help her coach thousands of others looking for a long-term way to lose weight, be fit, and stay healthy!!

She doesn't make you do anything you don't want to and there is still time to join the Fitness Challenge Group!! 

Contact Beth via Facebook HERE
I would LOVE to have some more Blogger friends to get healthy with!!  

The Team Beachbody website is a bit overwhelming, so contacting her directly might be the best option if you are someone that needs a little nudging... I was.. haha

Click the image below to visit Beth's new blog and sign up to take the fitness challenge!! 
Just complete the Google Doc form and you will be in the same group as ME!!! 

Have a wonderful Thursday Evening and get ready for tomorrow's post!! I am planning to put together a few special treats for all of you for the 4th!!

If you would like to know more about my Custom Blog Designs, please take a visit to my website!!
Click HERE to visit my Website!!


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