{TODAY is the Very Last Day} This Will NEVER be Offered in My Shop Again.... Ever

Happy Monday Everyone!!
My Monday message to all you you...

Image found on Pinterest and linked to NOWHERE...
It was just meant to be here...

I just wanted to let you all know that today is the VERY last day you will be able to purchase my NO-CREDIT license from my shop.....ever.....EVER.....EvEr.....eveR.. {BEHOLD! the bossy-r}
Without this license, you may NOT use my graphics to create stationary, pencil toppers, promotional Zazzle or Etsy products, posters, t-shirts, get the idea. Without my NO-CREDIT license, you are required to give credit in your product. You can not do this on a promotional item like a T-Shirt, coffee mug or other sellable goods where giving credit would be tacky to the design. I decided to offer a NO-CREDIT license for ONE month only. Only a handful of you will end up with the license, giving you the freedom to expand your digital profitability without there being too many others with the license who will compete with your products. 

Since TODAY is the very last day to purchase my NO-CREDIT license, I am marking it down from $250.00 to $199.00!! That is $51.00 OFF!! 

So for those of you who waited until the 11th hour... today is your day to get excited!! Click the image below to purchase my NO-CREDIT license before it's too late!! After today, this license will not be available and I will not offer this opportunity again...

If you do choose to purchase my NO-CREDIT license or you hae already purchased the license... THANK YOU & enjoy being FREELY creative!! 

For those of you who might be a little confused by the terms of use.. her is the note to buyers within the file... I kept the terms very simple because I do not want to place hindering restrictions on those choosing to purchase this license... 

Have a WONDERFUL week everyone!!!


  1. I love your designs! Are you a blog designer as well?

    Beyond The Gradebook

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah!! And yes, I do create custom blog designs for Blogger. Feel free to email me for more information or click on the third square (navigation menu at the top) to visit my website to get more information..




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