Autism Awareness Graphics/Clipart & TWO Fun Friday FREEBIES!!

 My Autism Awareness sets include over 70 graphics at only $4.00 per set!!! The puzzle pieces that the kids are using can be used as a text frame in your resources or crafts!!

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My Autism Awareness Month Set #2 also includes over 70 graphics in the set for just $4.00!!!

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Marked down to $2.00....
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Autism Awareness Ribbons!!

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Grab a FREEBIE only at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop!!
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Grab my FREE Autism Awareness Background/Border!! Just right click & save the image!!
Please read my Terms of Use before using any of my free or paid graphics...

In case you want a set of  bright puzzle backgrounds, click the image below...

Please make sure to leave me some happy notes in the feedback section at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop any time you purchase a set or download a FREEBIE!!! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!


  1. Hi There,
    I love your autism set!! I am wondering if the the puzzle alphabet set is available for sale...
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

    1. Thank you so much!! I never created a full alphabet set, but that is definitely a great idea!!



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