NEW: Pre-Made Custom Blog Designs Now Available to Purchase!!! Meet Strawberry Bliss & Deliciously Red!!!


I am getting ready to launch my website over the holidays, but in the meantime, I have a pre-made custom blog design available to order right now!!! I am so excited to show you the first one!!!

My Pre-made designs are PACKED with goodies you won't find any where else. You also have the assurance that every element and graphic is created my {ME} and you will not be required to purchase additional licences for the use of the elements in each design!!

I will only be selling 20 versions of each design to keep the design unique!

Get $50 off for a limited time! Purchase the available pre-made design(s) at a discounted rate of $125.00!!! That is a lot of bang for your buck!! Regular pricing will be $175 per design. Whether you plan to start an online business or a blog for personal use, these designs include everything you need to get started in style!! Custom color, font and style options are available for each pre-made design.

Check out my very first Pre-Made Designer Blog: Strawberry Bliss!! Click the image to see a LIVE preview!!

 photo 3am_SB2_zps0566e6bb.png

Pre-Made Custom Design #2: Meet Deliciously Red!! Click the image to see a LIVE preview!!!

 photo 3am_dr_pricing_zps80cde13b.png

 Click the image below to find out more about my Pre-Made Custom Blog Designs!!!

Thank you so much for visiting & here's to a Christmas Miracle!!


  1. Michelle you are so talented! These are both beyond cute!

  2. Michelle, I love the Deliciously Red blog design! So Cute!!!

  3. I LOVE your designs and I cannot wait to see more! I am working up the courage to start a blog and your blogs are eye catching, organized, and at the top of my list!!!


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