Move Over Drab & Dreary : H-E-L-L-O Modern & Sleek!! My New Blog Design & some FREE STUFF!!

You will not find this sweet Fall leaf in any of my graphics sets, but you are more than welcome to grab it and make it famous in one of your resources! (refer to my TOU )

Hi Everyone!!  I finally put off all of my other projects and hunkered down to get my blog design finished. I still have to complete the website and several of the pages, but I am completely thrilled with the new design!! I am really excited that my new website will have a members only section, although I am still working out the kinks on that one.

If you take some time to check out my updated sidebar here on my blog, you will discover that I have added a few new sections at the top solely for daily deals. The daily deals will be posted several times a week and will include anything from discounts and flash freebies to pin it to win it challenges!! You can check out my blog daily for updates or follow my newest Pinterest Board... I will be pinning the deals onto this board so no one misses out (unless you are not following). Feel free to pin and share the daily deals on any of your social media accounts so your friends can grab the deals as well!!
Today's deal is posted on the new board!!
Below is a picture I received from a VERY sweet buyer who wanted to show me how her board turned out!! With all of the creativity out there, I would LOVE to see more pictures of this being used in the classroom!! 
If you have a picture you would like to share, just email me (3amteacher(at)gmail(dot)com)
There are so many ways to use the resources in this bulletin board set and I can't tell you how much I enjoy tracking the Iditarod. I got into it after watching a series on Netflix. I think it was a Discovery channel series, but I can't remember. After the second season, the series disappeared... or.. I am just oblivious. Watching the series is what inspired me to create this set for my own students one year! I have since added and improved to the set & I hope you all enjoy!!  The set can be modified to fit any grade level, but the few activities within the set are focused for grades K-3. I taught advanced Kindergarten and the resources I created for my students were quite advanced compared to most K classroom curriculum resources; however, anything is adaptable if you are creative!!  At 50% off, this is your chance to try integrating something new into the mix this winter. Who said Common Core can't be fun??!! Actually, this set does not include Common Core references... as it is an adaptable bulletin board set, but I can post some suggestions to cover if necessary. 

For the younger groups, you can incorporate your literacy lessons by focusing on the book Balto (there are quite a few versions of the book written by different authors) during the race. Lessons can include setting reading goals, vocabulary, social studies, animal adaptation, short story writing, math (sequencing, measurement and/or skip counting or counting by 2's) and much more!! I can think of so many fun things you can do with your kids!! There is also a movie version of Balto (that I never did watch), but would be a fun conclusion to any lessons themed around the Iditarod.

Last, but not least.... I REALLY wanted to have a mini giveaway with my blog design reveal, but I am waiting to team up with another blogger that I  recently completed a custom blog design  for..
Do any of you know Jeannie from  Kindergarten Lifestyle?? If you have not yet had the pleasure of visiting her blog, I HIGHLY suggest that you do!! She is working from home this year and doing TpT full time!! 

Continuing right along.... I recently created a custom blog design for Jeannie (with a cute fairy and all) and I will be teaming up with her to offer a HUGE surprise giveaway when she puts together her big reveal.... Click on her new button above to visit her blog. 

Aside from her blog design being TOTALLY awesome (with a little of my help, of course..tehehe), the content of her posts are well worth the visit.  One post you might want to read (one of my favorites from Jeannie) includes her thoughts and input about selling on TPT in response to a not-so-lovely post a little while back that got a few sellers a little rattled. Don't get me wrong... even I had my panties in a bit of a bunch over the criticism, but not enough to warrant a response. Jeannie's post, TpT-What it Means to Me is a  thoughtful post offering some insight into the mind of a seller and I really enjoyed reading through it. 

Keep your eyes open for her big blog reveal and my special giveaway that I will be offering for her celebration!! 

I certainly cannot end this post without giving you all something special, so here is a custom character I created a little while back....

YOU ALL ROCK!!! (Get it?? Rock?? Because it is a graphic of a rock that rocks??)

Here is another oldie, but goodie I created a while back. I created a set of custom classroom signs for an online buddy that I would love to share with you... Enjoy!!

As with any of my graphics, please make sure to check out my Terms if Use document that you can download for free before using them for personal and/or commercial use. All of my graphics can be used for personal and/or commercial use (with a credit) and you are not required to purchase an extra license (You're Welcome..LOL). Also, feel free to grab my new blog button!!

Have a GREAT Wednesday everyone!!! Here is a little bit of encouragement I found floating around on Facebook that made me giggle.... I hope it makes you giggle too!! I made it very large, so you can't leave this post without a smile on your face...

I love you all and I am so blessed by your friendships and your support that allows me to be creative every single day!! 


  1. Love the clean, minimalist blog design. Brilliant!

  2. Very nice! I just redid my blog too and I keep going back to it just to gawk. lol- My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it's SO exciting!! Yours looks beautiful!
    Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures

    1. Thank you so much!! I had to check yours out and I LOVE your header!! I would be staring at it too.. haha

  3. Wow! You are insanely talented! Love the smooth and sleek style!!! So pretty!

  4. Loving the new look! I always enjoyed reading your posts throughout the years!

    Cheers To School

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!!!! My blog designer is 'retiring', so if I decide to spruce up, I'll come to you!!

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

    1. YEAH!! Thank yous o much! I have been having so much fun coming up with custom designs for people!

  6. Michelle! Your bog looks awesome!!! I love it!
    Common to the Core

  7. Michelle, your blog looks just perfect. You must love it! And the Kindergarten Lifestyles fairy may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love your work.
    Have a great weekend! If I were you, I would just keep looking at this new blog land being SO happy!
    Kindergartern: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  8. Your website looks very neat because of your simple design, Michelle. It’s easy to read and navigate. This is actually the kind of page that can attract a viewer. Thanks for sharing!



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