It's a Mega Bundle... Just Sayin'

Hi Everyone!! I have a super short post today....
I took my kiddos to Target and spent a ton of money, but seemed to have come home with practically nothing...

Seemed like a lot when we were piling it up in the cart...

seemed like a lot when I was watching the totals add up...

but when all is said and done....

it feels more like being robbed..hahaha

Oh Goodness!!!

Well, my chalk frames seem to be a huge hit!!! Thank you everyone for the tremendous support!
I had many of you ask me if I would put all of the frames in one mega bundle... and ... I listened!!

I condensed the files as much as humanly possible without compromising resolution and I was able to BARELY make the cut!!

 I also am giving you all a 50% savings when you purchase the Mega Bundle!! Each set is priced at $3 bucks, but you will only pay $1.50 per set when you opt to get the mega bundle...

Where to find the bundle...

Etsy Lovers click HERE
TpT Lovers Click HERE
TN Lovers Click Here

ME Lovers Click the Paypal Button Below
Not much to be said today... 
Thank you for stopping by!!!


  1. Thanks so much, I am happy I got this deal. First the power was off all day and now a thunderstorm, so I will download these soon. Thanks so much!

  2. I know what you mean about shopping, spending money and coming home with what seems like nothing - that happens to me all the time! Love this Mega Bundle, I can't get enough of the chalkboard look!

    Love to Learn

  3. Hi Michelle!

    Love the chalk frames! I sent an inquiry about a custom blog design about a week ago. Just wanted to make sure you received it! I haven't heard anything back so I was just wondering. :) Thank you!

    Amanda Martin

    1. Hi Amanda!!

      Thank you so much!! I am loving the chalk look lately. I did not receive anything from you about a custom blog design... Did you complete the form or send me an email??

      My email is Please send me an email and we can chat. If you already did, I will check my spam box to see if it ended up there...


    2. Nevermind, Amanda!!!

      I just checked my Wufoo account and see that you did complete a form on June 22nd.. I am so sorry that I missed that. I will email you this evening (-;

  4. Hi Michelle!

    No problem! :) I wasn;t sure if I did everything correctly so I just wanted to check. Thanks so much!! :D

  5. LOVE These chalky frames!! Such a cute look for classroom or anywhere! Thanks for sharing I will definitely be checking it out!!


    Style Closet to Classroom


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