Funny Story and a FLASH FREEBIE - Now until Midnight tonight (Arizona time)...

Alright!! You don't have to tell me twice that I have been slacking!! I am a little late for a Friday post, but I was determined to connect with all of you!!

In my last post, I talked about insecurity and how it can hinder our lives; however, I never really mentioned anything in terms of the insecurities of men. I think I tend to believe that women have far more to deal with in this area, but I was just proven wrong!!!

Insecurity can make us do weird, embarrassing, and stupid thing sometimes ( can I get an AMEN...hahaha)...  It can even make men do weird things... take my husband, for instance...

My husband has had gray hair for some time now. He started going gray when he was about 28-ish.. or close to that age.  Although I like his gray hair, he is always saying how it bothers him. Yesterday, we ended up having to re-schedule an install, so he was home all day. Mix in some frustration, some boredom, a little insecurity, and a not-so-great day....AND you get... a man that will do crazy things I tell ya!!..haha

Yesterday, while I was working, he peeked into my office and asked, "What would you say if I tell you I want to dye my hair?"

ME: Why do you want to dye your hair??

Husband: It's so gray and I don't want to cut it.

ME: Why not just leave it gray? I like the gray...

Husband: Slowly moving his hand from behind his back, revealing an old box of hair dye... but not just any hair dye... the bleach blonde...WHAT-WAS-I-THINKING...type of hair dye...

What about this??

ME: BWAHAHAHA!! Are you serious??!! You want to go bleach, beach blonde??? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! That is going to look ridiculous!! BLONDE??? REALLY??? BWAHAHAA!!!

I don't think my laughter was amusing him...  he just stood there waiting for a real answer. Can you imagine if he had done that to me if I asked for his opinion when I was feeling insecure about something?? Now to think of it... I was not very encouraging at all.... Mind you..... this hair dye was something that I bought a couple of years ago while going through a storm of insecurities. Luckily, I tucked that one away and opted to keep my natural hair color, but the box still sat in the cabinet... waiting for the next person who might be feeling insecure...

Anyway, after getting tired of trying to convince him to NOT dye his hair....something a little evil snuck in my head and I began to encourage him... just for the laugh!!! After 13 years of marriage, I still LOVE a good belly laugh!!! In fact, I couldn't even contain my giggles while I was helping him apply the toxic mix...

Now to think of it...

I wonder if there is an expiration date for hair dye?? That stuff was more toxic than bleach in an UN-ventilated room...AND he had to leave it on for 60 minutes!!!

When all was said and done... I got my laugh!! Bwahahahaha!!! He will opt to cut his hair after today. Part of my "deal" in agreeing to support this decision was that he had to keep the look for one day.. no matter the outcome. It was actually what motivated my giggles....

Without further adieu... Here is it friends!!! It is actually not THAT bad, but I miss the gray!! Doesn't he look happy?? bwahahaha.... Charlie (the dog) is very in-tune to feelings and was quite comforting!! More so that I was....OBVIOUSLY, I was enjoying this a bit too much!!

Although it is done.. and the hair will be gone by this evening, something hit me when I was reading this morning. Men have insecurities too and I should be just as supportive. I am not sure he would have been able to sleep in the house if he acted the same as I did to him!! Shame on me!!! Either way, it was still funny and I am sure we will laugh about this for a long time.... 

Don't start thinking too poorly of me just yet... he was right beside me laughing as well.... I think he enjoyed the humor in it just as much as I did...

One thing I have to realize today is that men really do struggle with appearance issues more now than ever!! The media is quite brutal on men in many ways... for one, if you have caught a few "family" commercials, there will always be the over-worked and "annoyed" mother, the kids using electronics, and the husband is always depicted doing something completely idiotic... sending the message that men are stupid. Not a good message for our kids today... 

Anyway, if an insecurity of yours has made you do something silly, I would love to hear about it!! If we can't reach perfection, at least we can laugh about our  imperfections!!! It helps us know that we are human... and that is all that should really matter... (YEAH right)...

Well, before I let you go, I have a few things to share with you!! Here are a few of my latest and greatest... I LOVED drawing these flamingos and I am working on adding quite a few more...They turned out so silly and fun... just my style...

This set has not been a real big hit at my shop, but I still LOVE them... One must have a certain quality within their personality that would draw them to these..hahaha - and for those of you who are drawn to these fabulous flamingos.... I MUST know you!! hahaha

I also created some matching papers to go along with these. you can click on the images to check them out on TpT. 

I uploaded the following sets just last night!! After working on a blog design, I was completely inspired to create these. In fact, I  just couldn't seem to stop myself... I created 10 Chalky Themed Text Frame Styles!! I just loved how they were looking!!! Each style includes 12 images with different colored dashed borders above the chalkboard layer. The images below link to my TpT store where you can check them out... 

This morning, I decided to put one of the new sets up as a FLASH FREEBIE!!! I took a vote on FB, but no one could choose just one..hahaha... I am working on getting these to fit within one downloadable bundle, but until then, I have decided to offer set #10 for today's FLASH FREEBIE!!! Scroll to the end for more info...

Chalky Frame Set #10 will be FREE... that's right, FREE until Midnight tonight Arizona (MTN) time... You can grab this set by clicking the image. Thank you so much for your support!! I really do appreciate all of your shout outs and your encouraging feedback - it keeps me going!!! Don't forget to grab the other "forever" freebie below as well!!

I uploaded a lot of new sets last night, as well as a new mini freebie!! Just click the image to download this freebie as well!!

Calling all Pinterest Hoarders!!! You know who you are..hahaha... I love you and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the pins!! Your obsession to pin helps me to support my family, so pin away!!! hahaha...


  1. Thank you!!!! Just love these and your others are going on my wish list!!

  2. AMEN! Funny how we forget that our men can be insecure...I guess it's because of how wacky they get! :) Thanks for the awesome freebies.

  3. True story. Men are very insecure. I am so insecure about my bothers me so much. BUT I too went bleach blonde in college! And it's true...blondes do have more fun!!

    Thanks for the freebie! I love every set of the frames! Will you be bundling them?

    And girl, those flamingos are awesome!!!!!!!! You know I love those guys!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Men are so funny!
    Love your frames!
    Adorable! Thank you so much! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  5. Men are insecure. I always tease my husband for taking way more time than me, I call it his "princess time" bwahaha. Bleach got "da debil in ya"! Can't wait to read about the payback, hehe. I love your flamingos and those adorable papers! Thanks for the freebies and the laughs, you brighten my day!


  6. I am only answering as I love these threaded comments! Well, not really, your post is so interesting as we have paradigm shifts and new perspectives, we may as well laugh! Thanks so much for a thought provoking post.

  7. Michelle you have once again brought a laugh into my day! I think hubs needs a bright pink stripe down his goatee. I love it! I appreciate all your insight about the insecurities of women AND men. It is a joy to have you in my life and look forward to our friendship growing--hopefully as quickly as your hubs hair will need to grow back...

  8. Oh my!! I was dying as I was reading your story. What a hoot:) Love the flamingos too!!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  9. Myn husband is going to be 57 and the only gray he has is at the temples. He is the only male in the family with hair at all, and his is full! My mom made a comment about the gray on Father's Day. He went for a haircut and had them dye his temples. He looks great either way to me.
    Thanks for the freebie!

  10. OMG those flamingos were made for ME! I mean seriously... Check out the name of my blog...
    ❤ Karen
    Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

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